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  1. So I made a ticket, got help (it all went really quick, so creds to them for that) but still same thing. So I still have the same problem. I've written a new ticket tho, so time will tell.
  2. Ok, so I think I have meat in my cooking pot. Jesus.
  3. Talked to some friendly helpers and GM on TS. Tried verifying game cache and reinstalling the game, didn't work. So, right now I'm all out of ideas. Hopefully someone from staff has more knowledge!
  4. I think I have to speak to some helper on TS, because I asked a friend to be on the server I joined, and he said it crashed when I joined. Tried a few times, same thing happened. Seems really weird.
  5. Ok, I've been playing on and off the whole day. But when I tried joining for the last hour the servers crash everytime I try to join, when I began to suspect it was me I only tried joining S4, because that has the lowest number of players online at the moment. Am I just paranoid or what? This is kinda freaking me out a bit, I need my RP, maaan. The only thing I see on my screen is waiting for host, then server has been lost. Tried joining other hives and public servers, worked fine.
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    Looks real nice! Looking forward to it!
  7. Played my first session tonight, met a fella named Zach in Chernogorsk who teamed up with me and took me to Green Mountain. Really nice introduction, and really nice fella! Good luck and stay alive tonight, Zach! ^^
  8. murarmicke

    Need a GUID or SteamID reset? Post here!

    Oh sorry, I need to change my GUID aswell, my bad.. ^^ But the ID is right now atleast, thanks! // Thumper GUID Reset
  9. murarmicke

    Need a GUID or SteamID reset? Post here!

    Hello, I would like to reset my steamID, thank you! // Lunabug: steam ID Reset
  10. Thank you all! Just finished with my application, took a while, but got really into it! Thank you guys for the guide, actually forgot to read it before I sent in my application. But I'm quite satisfied nonetheless. Interesting reading tho! I'm most definitely a Survivor! ^^
  11. Hey there ladies and gents! My names Mike and I'm hoping to get the chance to apply for the whitelist soon! (Made a donation to speed up the process a bit) I've got a character idea of a former freelance journalist with some twists to make it interesting. Maybe I'll show up when you least expect it in Chernarus. IRL I'm a funny and laidback dude from southern Sweden, working as a youth recreational leader. I love both "table" roleplay (Call of Cthulhu mostly) and LARPing, so hopefully I'll fit right in.! And ofcourse I really enjoy Dayz Standalone, even tho the bugs can be a bit annoying from time to time. But, the teams doing a great job. The latest update before x-mas was one of the better x-mas presents I got! Take care everyone!