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  1. Why can't people hear me?

    ...i didn't have enough time to play lately...so i am not sure if one of the recommendations works for me. However, I really appreciate the help. If it bothers you, I can check-mark the answer from Elmo. Thanks again for all your answers.
  2. Why can't people hear me?

    Hallo, I've got the following odd problem: When I talk ingame, for the first time of a new gaming session, everything works fine. However, after some time, people can't hear me anymore. It's a little bit odd, because my microphone works in any other programm (skype etc.). It's not that my voice is not loud enought. It seems people can't hear me at all, even when we stand 1 meter appart. I can only fix the problem, by restarting the game. Is this a common problem in 0.61, a quick google search didn't give me a satisfying answer. Hope you guys can help me out. For me, it takes a lot away from the rp experience.