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  1. With people using light sources it can be even more likely to find other players during the night. With changes like "bright nights" or the "stronger infected" a lot of items seem to get useless for me on dayzrp (like certain guns, light sources). In my opinion a lot of immersion gets lost by doing that.
  2. Thank you both for your answers. Seems I have to find another weapon... don't like running around all day or being afraid to shoot a bullet because it is too rare
  3. When I heard the Devs are bringing back the repeater, I was pretty happy. It was one of my favorite guns. However... it seems to me, the ammunition is pretty hard to find. I put a some hours into the game the last 2 days, searching all over the map and only found one box. The gun itself seems to be as common as the others civil weapons, which is fine to me. The repeater wasn't/ isn't (?) a very strong weapon. So my Question: Is the ammo scarcity really meant to be ? Or is it only my bad luck?
  4. ...not really sure about that.... Because of the much higher health if the infected (compared to vanilla) a lot of civil guns seem to be useless nowadays. I made a comment in another Thread a few days ago:
  5. It's not only the handguns or the smgs. Also a lot of bolt action rifles and meele weapons seem to be useless now. I really liked playing with guns like the CR-527 or the upcomming repeater. However, when 3 or 4 Infected are running towards you, these guns seem to be useless now. In practice the stronger Infected also don't create tenser situations, because people are just getting on higher ground and shoot them one by one without any danger. Standing on a hay bale surrounded by Infected and being immortal looks ridiculous. Same goes with meelee weapons. Because of the stunning effect, the most effective way to fight an infected is with your fists. I get what you tried to achieve with the stronger infected. At first it even worked for me, but when you get behind the tactics and see how other people handle the situations they are as easy to handle as before. What remains however, is that a lot if items are not as great fun to use anymore. My request: Keep the higher damage of the Infected, but drop the health back to vanilla.
  6. *click* Hallo.... I really appreciate what you guys are doing. Your radio show brings back some normality in these chaotic days. I am not sure if I am any kind of help to you guys. Nevertheless it would be an honor too meet up with you and get a look behind the turntable. *click*
  7. My name is Peter. Peter Schmidt. In the old days, I used to be a teacher. I studied the subjects mathematics and physics. I came to this country as part of an exchange programm. The offer came from a private school in Chernarus. I was hired to teach german speaking students. My plan was doing this for two or three years and than see how it goes. I told myself „this could be fun“, getting to know a different country, like a little adventure. Now I have my adventure… however not what I wanted. I had to learn to survive the hard way. Never shoot a gun before. However, a man is capable to learn a lot under pressure. All in all I think I am lucky that I am still alive. Trying to make it from day to day.
  8. With the amount of food you get from hunting and farming (perhaps fishing and snaring in the future) there is no need to search for food all the time. And like I said before, you can always trade for it. Shooting a deer/ getting a harvet done will feel much more rewarding. Canned food should be much harder to find. At the moment, searching or earning your food takes 0% of your time. Perhaps we can meet somewhere in the middle.
  9. Food is way too easy to find. Every time I come across a random Survivor and ask for food, I get dropped more than I wanted. Food doesn't have any value. In a survival game, food should be your main concern. There is no need to hunt, you don't have to gather mushrooms or do any farming. Some people in this thread argue that they rather like to roleplay, than searching for food. However, in my opinion, the abundance of food somehow restricts your roleplay. The need to scavenge a town for food in a group, visiting a settlement where you can find a farmer, trader or hunter are only some examples for missed RP opportunities. On the other side, there is no need to play a farmer or hunter. But of course, this is only my opinion.
  10. My name is Maximilian (Max) Schulz. I come from Germany. I am 36 years old. Before the outbreak my life wasn't that exciting. I was a simple line worker. I had no wife or kids. I had the feeling that something in my life have to change. That's why I came to this country in the first place. I had nothing to lose, my life could only get better. Oh, I was so wrong! To be honest, I didn‘t really prepare myself much for this trip. My plan was finding some simple work, and than let‘s see. When everything went down, I really wished my old „boring“ life back. Now I am here in this world, trying my best to survive the next day.
  11. ...i didn't have enough time to play lately...so i am not sure if one of the recommendations works for me. However, I really appreciate the help. If it bothers you, I can check-mark the answer from Elmo. Thanks again for all your answers.
  12. Hallo, I've got the following odd problem: When I talk ingame, for the first time of a new gaming session, everything works fine. However, after some time, people can't hear me anymore. It's a little bit odd, because my microphone works in any other programm (skype etc.). It's not that my voice is not loud enought. It seems people can't hear me at all, even when we stand 1 meter appart. I can only fix the problem, by restarting the game. Is this a common problem in 0.61, a quick google search didn't give me a satisfying answer. Hope you guys can help me out. For me, it takes a lot away from the rp experience.
  13. I know what you mean. I like to play a civilian by myself. I was hoping one of the big groups is going to establish a camp where a normal civ can find shelter . Perhaps this will change when one can build camps. When you try to establish a civilian camp by yourself, and haven't powerfull military friends, you don't last long. Just look at the radio chatter. Whenever somebody tries to start something, the second or third post is always hostile (but getting in contact with people is kind of the thing on a rp server, isn't it). When you stay at your place, these people will come sooner or later and tell you to leave. Normaly they don't even give a reason, or give you any opportunity. Just "When we see you again here, you will be sorry". That's why most civ groups end up with military guns and mutate into a super soldier when a gunfight starts.
  14. *The Radio clicks on* "To be honest, most of what I hear here is true. Settlements do attract people, and often a lot of bad ones too. However, people need each other. Humanity is what defines us, without humanity there's nothing left. Nevertheless, I only want to let you know, that there are still some people out there with the same mindset." Ben lowers his voice "The times are hard nowadays." *The Radio clicks off*
  15. *The Radio clicks on* "I am near the location, however there seems to be nobody. I will be around for some time, the weather is shit anyway." *The Radio clicks off*
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