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  1. ...i didn't have enough time to play lately...so i am not sure if one of the recommendations works for me. However, I really appreciate the help. If it bothers you, I can check-mark the answer from Elmo. Thanks again for all your answers.
  2. Hallo, I've got the following odd problem: When I talk ingame, for the first time of a new gaming session, everything works fine. However, after some time, people can't hear me anymore. It's a little bit odd, because my microphone works in any other programm (skype etc.). It's not that my voice is not loud enought. It seems people can't hear me at all, even when we stand 1 meter appart. I can only fix the problem, by restarting the game. Is this a common problem in 0.61, a quick google search didn't give me a satisfying answer. Hope you guys can help me out. For me, it takes a lot away from the rp experience.
  3. I know what you mean. I like to play a civilian by myself. I was hoping one of the big groups is going to establish a camp where a normal civ can find shelter . Perhaps this will change when one can build camps. When you try to establish a civilian camp by yourself, and haven't powerfull military friends, you don't last long. Just look at the radio chatter. Whenever somebody tries to start something, the second or third post is always hostile (but getting in contact with people is kind of the thing on a rp server, isn't it). When you stay at your place, these people will come sooner or later and tell you to leave. Normaly they don't even give a reason, or give you any opportunity. Just "When we see you again here, you will be sorry". That's why most civ groups end up with military guns and mutate into a super soldier when a gunfight starts.
  4. *The Radio clicks on* "To be honest, most of what I hear here is true. Settlements do attract people, and often a lot of bad ones too. However, people need each other. Humanity is what defines us, without humanity there's nothing left. Nevertheless, I only want to let you know, that there are still some people out there with the same mindset." Ben lowers his voice "The times are hard nowadays." *The Radio clicks off*
  5. *The Radio clicks on* "I am near the location, however there seems to be nobody. I will be around for some time, the weather is shit anyway." *The Radio clicks off*
  6. Ben Becker

  7. *The Radio clicks on* "How did you get into this situation? You are still trapped there? Becker out." *The Radio clicks off*