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  1. You would think that ones mind would endure everything, so did Nine-Toes as he took a firm bite from the squealing rat's head. Yum. It's been some time sense he tested a proper hunk of meat, but this counts. Hunger is a funny concept, his memories flashes into past times when such thing wouldn't bother him. But this days he can feel it everywhere .The very basic feeling, the endless search for food. He doesn't blame the undead for their crave for flesh as he also bear this feeling. The hunger starts slowly, grows within ones stomach and makes his way with gentle steps towards ones mind, "chrrrik" goes the skull as Nine-Toes gnaws upon the motionless rodent. One the hunger settles in, and class the mind his new home you're gone for good. Nothing else matter, civilization rise and fall, but you... you're still hungry. "Ahhhhhh" Nine-Toes releases a satisfied groan, this scratches the spot. His thoughts runs forward and backwards leaping between times where he was a man. But no longer, he is something else. Some define this as the apocalypse but the hunger drove him forward. He has evolved into something much better. "Slurp" he licks his lips, this was a good one. He used to be the prey, the very bottom of society, but at this times he shines. He is equal to everyone else and in his mind he is now.... the predator. God bless the apocalypse. With twitchy eyes, he stares from the window of his room - looking for another prey.
  2. Well, I was part of CLF a group that ran together for a solid year and a half? Maybe two? We're still playing together, but just not Dayz anymore. I think that what made this group stick together was the core members, friendly, humour and fun to be with
  3. Anything but traders... the whole point is to find stuff yourself. Having traders loses the value of vehicels, weapons and so on. My hopes is that this mod will bring the DayzRP mod old feeling, that the SA just doesn't have.
  4. *Sheds a tear* Finally, we're going back home.
  5. As Tomeran said, there is something about the website colors that looks odd to me. It's kinda difficult to explain.
  6. Thanks for the quick reply. Is there an option to remove the "in-game name" requirement while whitelisting? The ingame name isn't used for whitelist but just for tracking peoples characters. Oh well... I tried to help Currently I can't join the server as well.
  7. Hi Rolle, I've taken a look at other RoK "Whitelist" communities and they are using the system Bisil mentioned above: Stead 64 ID in order to whitelist people. The current whitelist system doesn't work. Yes, you are being whitelisted with Steam64. Thanks for the quick reply. Is there an option to remove the "in-game name" requirement while whitelisting?
  8. Hi Rolle, I've taken a look at other RoK "Whitelist" communities and they are using the system Bisil mentioned above: Stead 64 ID in order to whitelist people. The current whitelist system doesn't work.
  9. Thanks for all the valid points and strong arguments. We're trying to have here a serious discussion but all you do is keep posting this pointless comments that doesn't add anything to the topic. You don't like DayzRP mod? Great, explain why. Writing: "It's dead, R.I.P" won't prove anything. I guess you stick by your title. I think this thread is not progressing any where... Another answer from the Admin team would be nice.
  10. That's the whole point of rp is to be emersive. This is a serious rp community. im shocked to hear this from you because you have always been a phenomenal rper from the times I've met you in game. Which perhaps indicates something? Perhaps it means that even people who apparently are phenomenal RPers simply prefer the mod over SA because the dislike SA or like the mod more? Why does EVERYONE haves to like what you like? Why does EVERYONE needs to have the same opinion about it as the SA-lovers? Immersion is a pretty funny and vague term. Only because something makes RP more immersive for you, it does not mean it does that for everyone or adds to the joy people experience during the game. Some people f.e. say that forced 1st Person makes stuff more immersive. More realistic? Sure. More immersive? Not for me, for me it simply makes everything annoying and restricted and i can have the 3rd person view on the events my character experiences. There are many people and all define "Immersion" different. And for me, immersion mainly consists out of excellent character/role play. And that is was the point of RP is in my opinion. To play your role, you character. I do not need an super realistic environment for that. I remember situations where i stood on Altar for a whole Ingame night, just talking and discussing, all with excellent Roleplayers. And it was more immersive than anything i have seen in SA so far, despite all the nice realistic features (I still wonder why people both, in the mod and SA need to eat like 200 cans of pasta per day...) As Zhunk said, realism does not mean good RP or fun. It is not real life, characters don't exist 24/7, if we talk about realism then everything in the game makes no sense at all. It will never be "realistic", and it doesn't needs to be for good Roleplay. Maybe the mod was less realistic than SA, yet i the best RP experiences i had came from there. As i mentioned so often before: There is nothing wrong with people playing SA, a lot of people LOVE it and don't want anything else. That does not mean that its perfect and everyone loves it... All my thoughts are summed up in this excellent comment, well done Anacalgon! I think everyone should read this.
  11. I don't think that the whole "This server is extreme/light RP" argument matters... What I do think would be great is a reply from Rolle. If I'll have to I'll use the old summoning words to get him!
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