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  1. The thread looks great, man. Love the idea. This may bring me out of 'retirement' haha. I'm already having ideas for a character.
  2. Nominee: Roach Reason: As many have said, Roach has been featured on the DayZ Dev spotlight not once, but TWICE now. Roach has garnered a lot of attention to DayZRP through his dedication to this community via his Quinn Bauer and Eddy Beck Youtube series. What's more? Roach is continuing with his dedication by bringing us all yet another series, Tony Moretti's Story! While there are many on the list that are all well deserving, I believe none can compare to the quality of content he brings to this community. Evidence: Roach's YouTube Channel
  3. You chose wisely then, friend. I came to RP for pretty much the same reasons. It's hard to go back to public now days. It just seems pointless. Enjoy!
  4. As usual, amazing job, man. This finale was just perfect. Extremely tense from beginning to end. It was an absolute HONOR to be a part of the Quinn and Eddy series. This was the most fun I have ever had gaming. Thanks for having me, seriously. It was a blast. And a big thank YOU, Roach, for putting forth so much effort into the Quinn and Eddy series. It has truly been inspiring. Also, I can't stress it enough to those that are looking for a great video series based in the realm of DayZRP. You have GOT to check out Roach's Quinn and Eddy series, in that order.
  5. Eric is already claiming victims in Chernarus. (Radio Chatter)
  6. *Darkness rests on Chernarus as a young woman runs through the cold night air from a man she thought that she could trust; a man that seemed to be very passionate and caring, and had a mind to listen, and a heart to help. She runs barely clothed, and barefoot on cool, wet grass and soil, through brush and dense forest, before finding a small shed to hide in. She was sure that she had lost the man, so she tried to calm herself and remain quiet. In her last effort to call for help, she quickly pulls out her radio, removes a hair band from her small wrist, and ties it around the receiver... but it was too late. Footsteps came running into the shed the moment she started transmitting out to open frequencies* [mp3]http://puu.sh/ktaXu/d0f9850777.mp3[/mp3]
  7. What a fucking fantastic cliffhanger. Can NOT wait for the next episode, brother.
  8. Hey thanks man. I appreciate it. I put a lot of effort into it. Eric would probably really enjoy that. Play with meh then! I miss you I'm sure Eric would love to meet Jena.
  9. I forgot to mention to you how genius I thought it was that you decided to include my radio chatter in the episode. I was wondering if that's what you were going to do. Still an awesome episode. Definitely can't wait for the next one.
  10. The best RP series. Another great episode in, so much more character progression, then another gut punch right to the feels. Loved it, man. Glad I could be a part of it.
  11. Hey thanks man. I appreciate it. I put a lot of effort into it. Eric would probably really enjoy that.
  12. Short and sweet. I really enjoyed it. Thanks for all the hard work you put into the series for all of us to enjoy, man.
  13. Such a shame that I got DayZed man. Those guys were really going to let me go, but who knows for how long. Might have had some fun with Eva's body. I like this better haha
  14. I was waiting for this. Totally Eric Sand. He loves the ladies.