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    Checkpoint Sniper

    Well aye duh, not exactly a high bar to beat there
  2. Shnitz

    Checkpoint Sniper

    From the album: Shnitz's travel pictures

    It was nice feeling cool for like a second
  3. Shnitz

    Shnitz's travel pictures

    Some good screens I made while wandering around. Have fun!
  4. Shnitz

    Closeup of the toys and toymasters.jpg

    You have missed out on god knows how much my good sir holy hell
  5. Shnitz

    Schnitzler's list: Everything you'd ever want regarding character pages

    @Lemons Why the fuck is your dude the knockoff version of Shia Lebouf?
  6. Shnitz

    Schnitzler's list: Everything you'd ever want regarding character pages

    He does give off a pretty Boris Johnson vibe, wouldn't you agree @Crim? I present to you: Murdock Johnson
  7. Shnitz

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Certainly, I'm looking forward to it. In our infiite wisdom and boldness we've already decided to get on over to you boys and set up shop there so don't be weirded out if you see stuff in and around the red house
  8. Shnitz

    Schnitzler's list: Everything you'd ever want regarding character pages

    @Bobby Lee I'm sorry but @Crim told me to do it. I think I did a pretty good job though. Coming out this November
  9. Shnitz

    Just chatting...

    From the album: Shnitz's travel pictures

    Had a seat and a chat with a random recipient on the other end of the waves.
  10. Shnitz

    Safe passage

    ÖBB = Österreichischer Bund (zur) Bahn Oh no wait that's what the fuck you meant omg no stop not okay Galland pls
  11. Shnitz

    Safe passage

    From the album: Shnitz's travel pictures

    Tracks > Roads
  12. Shnitz

    Going Crazy

    This is literally one of those shitty Tumblr posts where you see someone's Converse with an edgy quote over it but only in DayZ Never thought I'd live to see that day holy shit
  13. Shnitz


    Honestly, gotta complain a little here because the version of the good ol Coyote backpack actually looks really nice.


    Rather compact, good size, solid choice. But I think we all know what it looks like ingame rn. Sort of a smol sad when you consider it. Maybe we can get it in the Campfire collection.

  14. Shnitz

    Another flare picture

    From the album: Shnitz's travel pictures

    Last one was pretty, so is this one.
  15. Shnitz


    Alright so since my last not at all appriciated feedback for the Pamyati, @Pontiff wanted me to go on here and do one for you lot. Without further ado, let's take it from the top and get started. Song's alright. Not my style personally but I can get behind it. I don't know if it goes well with the style of the group tho. Then again, who the hecc am I to critisize someone's bloody music selection. Pretty nitpicky tbh. All the graphics look really neat, loving the style personally and it goes well with the group I think. Now let's dive into the story. All in all I think you did a good job. It's nothing exactly extraordinary if I do say so but it's solid nevertheless. Just some peeps who want to do good but in the face of danger rather don't wanna risk loosing their head over. Standard survivor group to be fair. Not saying it's bad stuff though. I understand that making a survivor group unique is a very challenging task. The writing overall though I found to be nice to read. However, it does get a little long in the end of sections to be fair so I found myself just automatically skipping some of it. With the lore behind us, let's check out the goals. Now it's always good to have changing and constantly updated goals. As well as that, not being focused on one style of RP can be good but it boils down to how well your members can handle rolling with the flow. But it usually creates an interesting dynamic. Now just like with the last thing, I'll be going over every goal and commenting on it. However, I won't be commenting on "Mini goals" so to speak which are more focused on helping individual character out as there I think are in most cases pretty nice to have. Maybe in a seperated section from the main goals but definetely good to have. "Protect our family from harm and secure a future for ourselves." - Pretty obvious that. Fair enough. "Take care of traitors, nuisances and people who wrong us in any creative way we seem fit." - It's good to see for once that a group doesn't just go on this "Kill everyone that opposes us" freakshow run. Torture them, warn them, scorn them. Whatever. Again though, down to the individual handling of the situation if this is a good or a bad thing. Because you can say that all you like but if you actually just kill everyone regardless, doesn't make it fun for anyone really. "Maintain decent relationships with allied or befriended groups." - Also again, a no brainer to be fair. Keep your friends close, all that stuff. Again, fair enough. "Collect vital information and whereabouts on all current associations and groups in the region." - Information seems to be the interest of every group nowadays. Can't scorn you for it but I can't say it's great either. "Research anything possible about the new type of flu epidemic and find definitive treatment." - Nice to see a group take a lowkey ingame meme and turn it into a goal. Good banter lads. +1 "Befriend other survivors that we can benefit from." - Include the whitenames. Nah, jokes aside, including the bois and gorls without a group into this, like myself, is neato. Good one. "Gather Intel on the Chernarussian Nationlists that captured us and tortured Hayden." - Smh just check the logs and see who stabbed the knife into her leg like wtf. Nah, but good example of a dynamic goal. Nice one. Now onto the OOC goals. "Bring an immersive style of RP to the servers that will create many lasting memories." - Fairsies. Always improtant to try your best. "Focus on different varieties of rp (friendly or hostile depending on your relationship with us)." - Already touched on this. Can end good or badly really. "Take new roleplayers under our wings and guide them along their way." - Nice to shift the focus teaching new guys how to RP properly. Even if you are a weird bunch ICly and maybe a little offputting and overwhelming for a newbie perhaps, I'm sure that a survivor group who wants to get new people into RP properly is the best kinda group to be doing it. Neutral introduction is an important thing. "Create and maintain lasting friendships with eachother ICly as well as OOCly." - Njaw, big cute. Fair enough, nice goal. Wholesome. And yeah, that about sums it up. Overall, nice group. I already had the pleasure of running into you lot here and there and I gotta say you're all making stuff fairly interesting most times I come around. Regardless though, I only got one thing left to say. Kenneth, you're an absolute melt but also and absolute legend. Love you. Peace!
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    "I'm the hero Chernarus needs..."

    All I'm seeing is some twat with a headtorch
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    Don't think so

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    wedidit.png.677f612f78b4b47430292d30cf4412dc.png We did it, Reddit

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    My man, you want me to do one of those feedback things for Vox? Tomorrow tho if at all, I'm tired af

    1. Pontiff


      Hey son, if you feel like it we'd be delighted to have some feedback. If not, no hard feelings either way. Take care !

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    Big Game Hunt

    Myshkino tents, everyone
  21. Shnitz

    Operatsiya Avrora (PAMYATI)

    So, since you guys didn't like my last bit of feedback (which let's be fair, can't exactly be definted as "feedback" 100%), I'll give my best to be constructive here and give some valid feedback. Now I know that having a quite lore-influencial group like yours is demanding and certainly not easy to pull off perfectly but I think some suggestions could maybe help in the longrun. So here goes, taking it from the top and starting with the introduction video: Perhaps having a PVP and hostage taking montage might turn people away at first glance and give a bad first impression to some others who just want to see what the group is about (myself included). It makes it seem like the group is hardly about anything but that. Now I'm not saying that you should remove the video as whole or spend more time making a new one. After all, what you do is up to you. Having scenes in where you can hear one of your men say things along the lines of, and I quote in order of appearance: "There's only one of you or none of you walking out of here alive today, do you understand me?" "I'm pretty sure that both of you are nationalists and frankly I don't care if I'm wrong." "There is two ways that this ends, right? The first way... is with the Chernaruski scum in there dead. The second way is with the Chernaruski scum and the UN scum dead." Now I'm well aware of the fact that this was all IC scare tactics and wouldn't actually be acted on since it would conflict with the rules as we all know. After all, the first two quotes were from a hostage situation where the two hostages in question complied (at least from what was shown in the part in question) and the last one was taken from more or less peaceful negotiations with a UN squad. Regardless, even if you'd never do something as said, it still gives people a very bad first impression and idea on what the group is about. The focus is on preparing a Russian takeover of the country, not killing and torturing nationalists, locals and UN staff, even if that may be inevitable in the process of doing so. However, you're in the video you're turning the spotlight on exactly those things which can lead to some basic misunderstandings of what the group does from day to day. And a last little nitpicky thing I'd like to mention is the inclusion of the clip after the logo appears in the end. It shows that you guys are laid back OOCly and that's a good thing but maybe let people see that for themselves once they join the group. Sure, it might be a big plus to have that as a promotional thing but it does seem a little unprofessional amidts this video with a rather serious undertone. If it was made to break up that monotony though, all power to you. As for the lore I can only congratulate you folks. Thouroughly structured, neat graphics, quite in depth but not unnecesarilly long and boring. One thing you could improve might be the formating itself which, for such a long wall of text, might be not ideal to be using centered text. The eye can have a bad time going back to find the right part in the text where it should continue. But obviously I get that it looks prettier so whichever you think is the better option. When we come to the goals section, I find it interesting that you split things up into 3 sections. Not something you see every day but certainly not bad. It gives a bigger structure to things. Thumbs up from me. As for the goals themselves though, and we both know this is what I "critisised" last time, it really does make it seem like what you showed in the video is actually what one will be doing most of the time should they decide to join. So let's go through of them step by step. "Successfully infiltrate South Zagoria and make contact with local SVR cells." - There is nothing to say about this, this seems to just be your kickoff goal and give a start to it all. "Stash a stockpile of firearms/rations/ammunition/supplies for the battles to come." - This is one of the points I have most problems with. Sure, I understand that realistically as a paramilitary group working for the Russian Federation, you need weapons and supplies. However, to have that as a fixed goal might lead people to believe you're all about loot and not the RP (again, myself included). Furthermore, the ending with "[...] for the battles to come." strongly suggests that there will be a lot of PVP if that goal was only part of phase 1 of 3, spanning over 100 days. Now since this goal had already been marked as completed, I suppose it was supposed to be taken more as an event where the entire group went out to look for supplies that one day. However, even if, it still gives people a bad impression. "Gather preliminary intelligence on local groups and persons of interest." - Having locals and anyone living in the area you'll be operating in for the next third of a year is crutial. Good goal. If it were me, I'd leave it as an indefinite goal almost. "Form the PAMYATI Remembrance Brigade as a front for SVR operations in South Zagoria." - Working in secrecy behind a different organisation. Good goal, very clever. "Recruit at least a dozen local Russians and foreign mercenaries to serve in the Brigade." - Recruiting more men through already existing local militia. Smart move and a good way of ICly explaining the further recuritment. Also good goal. "Successfully align PAMYATI to an existing faction and use it to further our own goals." - I suppose this one is about making allies I assume? If so, standard goal. Nothing to say here, much like the kickoff goal. "Assist the French Foreign Legion in establishing peace in the North." - Allied operations and a cross-group long term RP goal seems very interesting. Would have loved to see how that went. It does leave a lot of room for interesting encounters along the way, that's for sure. "Rally citizens to the cause by pushing an agenda of Peace and Prosperity for all." - So now this expands the recruitment process which also lets in people who originally weren't already Russian supporting militia and locals. Again, clever way of expanding the ranks. "Destroy any major holdout states not aligned to our goals, and assassinate HVTs opposing our plans." - Again, we come to a point which I have a problem with. Since this is in the last phase of the group goals, it seems that for the rest of this group being alive, this is what the agenda seems to be. Seek out people who are agains the cause and kill them. At least that's what I'm gathering from this, especially first time looking at this. "Declare South Zagorian independence, and assist the subsequent Russian takeover of the new republic." - The ending lore goal, essentially. Very nice. If followed through with, I'm sure things would be very different ICly. Or maybe even the end of the current lore... Regardless, very interesting. I'd love to see how it'll end up. "Further the Russian Federation's interests in South Zagoria through covert and even direct action." - And a conclusive goal to end it on to continue working for the Russian government to make the group stay up when all goals are essentially finished. I'd suggest, if it comes to it, making a new section on the page with some actively updated short term goals to let people know what's up. And yeah, that concludes basically everything. I'm sure no one actually sat through everything I wrote because that would be pretty wild but on the offchance you did, thank you first off all and I hope this might help at all. I'm well aware that not everything can just be done from one day to the other but if at least it serves as a kind of inital improvement thoughts kickoff, then I'm glad regardless. Peace!
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      lol exactly

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    A picture of me heading to the fridge at 3 AM.

    That's a fuckin mood if I've ever seen one
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    Maybe not the hero we deserved but certainly the hero we needed @Stannis


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    I'm about to say it

    In Bloom > Come As You Are

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