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"87.8, checking in. Anyone on the waves? Over."

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  1. shnitzel



    39yXA3 (1).gif

    1. Shnitz



  2. Shnitz

    Checkpoint Sniper

    Well aye duh, not exactly a high bar to beat there ?
  3. Shnitz

    Shnitz's travel pictures

    Some good screens I made while wandering around. Have fun!
  4. You have missed out on god knows how much my good sir holy hell
  5. @Lemons Why the fuck is your dude the knockoff version of Shia Lebouf?
  6. He does give off a pretty Boris Johnson vibe, wouldn't you agree @Crim? I present to you: Murdock Johnson
  7. Certainly, I'm looking forward to it. In our infiite wisdom and boldness we've already decided to get on over to you boys and set up shop there so don't be weirded out if you see stuff in and around the red house ?
  8. @Bobby Lee I'm sorry but @Crim told me to do it. I think I did a pretty good job though. Coming out this November
  9. Shnitz

    Safe passage

    ÖBB = Österreichischer Bund (zur) Bahn Oh no wait that's what the fuck you meant omg no stop not okay Galland pls
  10. Shnitz

    Going Crazy

    This is literally one of those shitty Tumblr posts where you see someone's Converse with an edgy quote over it but only in DayZ Never thought I'd live to see that day holy shit
  11. Honestly, gotta complain a little here because the version of the good ol Coyote backpack actually looks really nice.


    Rather compact, good size, solid choice. But I think we all know what it looks like ingame rn. Sort of a smol sad when you consider it. Maybe we can get it in the Campfire collection.

  12. Shnitz


    Alright so since my last not at all appriciated feedback for the Pamyati, @Pontiff wanted me to go on here and do one for you lot. Without further ado, let's take it from the top and get started. Song's alright. Not my style personally but I can get behind it. I don't know if it goes well with the style of the group tho. Then again, who the hecc am I to critisize someone's bloody music selection. Pretty nitpicky tbh. All the graphics look really neat, loving the style personally and it goes well with the group I think. Now let's dive into the story. All in all I think you did a good
  13. All I'm seeing is some twat with a headtorch
  14. 8654765347657653865376534.png.994887778f11eeca7a7c1556be1395eb.png


    Don't think so

  15. wedidit.png.677f612f78b4b47430292d30cf4412dc.png We did it, Reddit

    1. Pontiff



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