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  1. Hey everyone, A long while ago I was on DayZRP pretty much 24/7, then life happened and well...2 years later I'm back and excited as ever to RP with all of you again! -Monday
  2. Danny Monday was born in a small town in Connecticut USA, where he had a fairly normal suburban childhood. It was a good childhood, barbecues and baseball games in the summer and hot coco and sledding down hills in the winter, but at an early age he found that he wasn't quite content with this life. Danny wanted to see the world and do something that actually made a difference so at the age of 19 he left home and went to Europe. His curious soul and gypsy heart pulled him farther and farther from home. He never stayed in one place too long, but as time went by he found a few companions along the way, a girl named Svenja who had beautiful red hair, she was just like him, nomads at heart. Then there was John, he was a failed business man that was trying to find himself by walking around the world, and finally there was Hectar, he didn't talk about himself even though he never stopped talking. Hectar always talked about hiking through the small country of Chernarus. Finally they gave in to Hectar's wish and went to Chernarus. They hadn't been in the small country for very long when they heard about a castle in the northern part of the country and decided to hike there. They had been hiking for 3 days when they realized that they had gotten lost. After 2 days of trying to find a town they came across an old farm with no trespassing signs all around the property. After some deliberation they decided to cross the fence and find the owner of the farm and ask for help. Hectar was the first to cross the fence, then John, then as Svenja was crossing she got caught up on a piece of barbed wire. As the three others went to help her there was a loud boom, John had just stepped on a landmine blowing his leg off at the knee and sending dirt into Hectar's eyes. Shocked by the incident Danny leaped the fence to help just as Hectar tripped and landed just at Svenja's feet setting off another landmine killing Hectar instantly and sending molten hot shards of metal all up the left side of Danny's body and knocking him unconscious. Danny woke 2 weeks later in a hospital to find the entire country in chaos. He couldn't find any of his friends and nobody could help him. He eventually escaped the burning town and hid in the woods until it fell quiet. Now he is wandering Chernarus trying to find any sign of his friends.
  3. *Danny smacks the side of his radio a few times then keys the mic* Sometimes the only way to stop men that are violent is with men that are better at being violent. *He pauses for a moment* We're coming *The radio falls silent*
  4. Mayweather definitely won that fight although I was really hoping for a Pacman victory but it is what it is. And I do have to say that Mayweathers demeanor through and leading up to the fight was certainly different than what we are used to seeing. I like him a lot more when he isn't so cocky even though he can back it up, I still don't like his giant Ego he usually has $15,000,000 a round i heard they split 138,000 dollars a second for going the distance in the fight
  5. Is there a reason as to why server two is locked out...just wondering
  6. there was no RP when my brother and I were KOS I didn't even see my killers My POV wasn't between you, and your brother. I was gone at that point. I was near the pond with Jimmy. I cannot help with the KOSing of you and your brother, but can identify the BadRP that happened at the start of doom. Hey, anything you can do to help clear up this situation is fine with me.
  7. there was no RP when my brother and I were KOS I didn't even see my killers
  8. This was exactly where we were KOS, right around the water hole.
  9. Yes I do believe it was bad RP my friends are new to the server and I had never robbed anyone before, I did not know that the situation was going to take place and I had to play along. I was trying to tell them what little bit I knew about holding someone up and I was trying to keep him alive but I did fail in doing so. I would like to apologize to zoyo for the experience and will take full responsibility for my actions and the actions of my group.
  10. Ok Thank you It fixed the problem thank for all the help
  11. His Dayzrp account name is Davious Maximous
  12. Which account name do you need? His steam or Dayzrp name
  13. Yes, I don't know what else it could be, but we have been able to play together before in the past. That's why I'm confused about it
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