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  1. I did aim down my sights because I was changing the reticle on the sight on my gun. I did not mean to be threatening in any way. I had no clue you were there.
  2. I have just looked at the discord to see if there was a possible event going on and I did not know that the current event was a PVP event, I may have accidentally been in the PVP area but I do not know.
  3. Server and location: Server 1 (Chernarus) in Novaya Petrovka (exact grid: 3345.70 13144.86) Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 00:44, 19 January 2021 Your in game name: Darren Monday Names of allies involved: N/A Name of suspect/s: Unknown Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): None to provide. Detailed description of the events: I had just spawned in on the server, in the bar beside of the police station, in Novaya Petrovka. I looted through the police station and decided to head north to Tisy Military Base, I was walking up the street when I heard a zombie start to agro so I stopped and crouched down in the street to make sure I was not getting attacked. Approximately 10 seconds after I crouched down I heard a shot right next to me, I turned to look and saw a player wearing a poncho (unknown color) with a gun (unknown type), I started to move to cover when the player fired again and I was killed. I did know know the individual shooting and had not interacted with anyone since I had spawned in just 10 minutes prior. I was not recording due to the fact that I had neither seen nor heard anyone to interact with. Thank you.
  4. Darren was born in a small town in Connecticut. He and his twin brother Danny were very close growing up, they had the typical American upbringing; the one that anyone can expect in middle-class America. Through their school years Darren and Danny were inseparable, so much so that they would sometimes switch places and play one another to see if anyone would notice. After they graduated school however, they went on separate paths Danny set out in the world to be an international photographer while Darren stayed home and joined the state police force. After a few years Darren joined the state bomb squad, where he went to school for training to disarm IEDs. Danny however was in an entirely different situation, he had decided that he was going to hike across Europe and into Asian Russia. Darren told Danny that this was a ridiculous and dangerous goal, but Danny refused to be swayed. So Danny sat off for Europe to begin his hike and Darren continued his daily routine as normal. 8 months into Danny's hike he finally reached Russia, just as the news reports were starting to come in about the major Frenzied Flu outbreaks around the world. Darren warn Danny about is saying that he should come home, that he had made it far enough, but Danny refused because he was in still in Europe. A week later Darren got a call from a man in saying that Danny had stepped on a soviet landmine while hiking and he was in critical condition in a local hospital; they needed to transfer him to a hospital in Sochi for surgery. As soon he was off the phone he was on the way to the airport in to meet his brother in Sochi. Darren arrived in Sochi 42 hours later only to be told that he was not allowed in the hospital due to the high amount of Frenzied Flu cases in the area, but he stay in the city and they would keep him updated on his brothers condition. After another week in Sochi the front desk in the hotel called his room saying that they were closing all the airports in Sochi and he was not allowed to leave without first a negative test and a week long quarantine. 20 minutes later the Hospital called and said that Danny had tested negative for the Frenzied Flu and they were going to move him to an Island just off the coast called Namalsk. Darren would be allowed to meet his brother there provided he had a negative test as well. He immediately went to the nearest testing center and was tested. The testing center was buzzing with activity, doctors and nurses running everywhere, patients crowded into small tents, and Russian military directing people into the tents. After 4 hours Darren received his test and was told to go quarantine until the results came in. Darren did as he was told, his only thought was getting to the island with his brother so they could then find a way to get home. 2 days later he received a negative test result and was cleared to got to Namalsk. When he arrived in the docks of the island it was almost chaos. People running everywhere with military and Russian officials trying in vain to direct people. It took Darren 5 hours to find a representative of the hospital his brother was in. He then learned that his brother had not been transferred to the island but instead moved via an emergency transport back to America. The hospital had failed to notify him in the confusion. Darren then panicked, what would he do, how was he going to get home? Darren was told that he had to go to the US consulate in Sochi for find a way home, but when he tried to leave the island he was stopped by the Russian Military. He was not allowed to return to Sochi because the infection rates were too high in the city. Darren now trapped on the island was clueless as to what to do. He could not get ahold of any one to help him and did not even speak the same language. He was totally lost. Darren found his way to a small over-flow camp for those that would not fit in apartments on the island. Darren kept to himself, unable to understand anyone, he stayed in his tent in an attempt to keep away from everyone in case someone was sick, which he had saw was starting to happen in the apartments. After 4 days he had finally got in to contact with someone from the US Embassy in Moscow who arranged him a way off the island and trip back home. The next day he woke up early only to find that the Military had pulled out in the night stranding everyone on the Island with no way off. It did not take long for him to realize that they had pulled out because they were losing control of the outbreak on the island. Knowing that his best chance was to get away from everyone and survive until he could find a way off the island. He gathered as much as he could and tried to put as much distance between himself and the nearest person. Darren had hope for a long time that someone would return to rescue those that have survived but after months of waiting, he lost all hope of rescue. Darren now keeps on the move around the island doing anything he can to survive; waiting and hoping for an end to the nightmare he now finds himself in.
  5. Hey everyone, A long while ago I was on DayZRP pretty much 24/7, then life happened and well...2 years later I'm back and excited as ever to RP with all of you again! -Monday
  6. *Danny smacks the side of his radio a few times then keys the mic* Sometimes the only way to stop men that are violent is with men that are better at being violent. *He pauses for a moment* We're coming *The radio falls silent*
  7. Mayweather definitely won that fight although I was really hoping for a Pacman victory but it is what it is. And I do have to say that Mayweathers demeanor through and leading up to the fight was certainly different than what we are used to seeing. I like him a lot more when he isn't so cocky even though he can back it up, I still don't like his giant Ego he usually has $15,000,000 a round i heard they split 138,000 dollars a second for going the distance in the fight
  8. Is there a reason as to why server two is locked out...just wondering
  9. there was no RP when my brother and I were KOS I didn't even see my killers My POV wasn't between you, and your brother. I was gone at that point. I was near the pond with Jimmy. I cannot help with the KOSing of you and your brother, but can identify the BadRP that happened at the start of doom. Hey, anything you can do to help clear up this situation is fine with me.
  10. there was no RP when my brother and I were KOS I didn't even see my killers
  11. This was exactly where we were KOS, right around the water hole.
  12. Yes I do believe it was bad RP my friends are new to the server and I had never robbed anyone before, I did not know that the situation was going to take place and I had to play along. I was trying to tell them what little bit I knew about holding someone up and I was trying to keep him alive but I did fail in doing so. I would like to apologize to zoyo for the experience and will take full responsibility for my actions and the actions of my group.
  13. Ok Thank you It fixed the problem thank for all the help
  14. His Dayzrp account name is Davious Maximous
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