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  1. TEazy97


  2. There was ever only one Teazy! ?
  3. Like wise, you must have changed your name because i don't recall @ExoticRainbow ?
  4. Damn. Its been a while...I went missing, I have been back, then I went missing again. Guess what, I think I am back again. Finished University, and now in the pursuit of a career, however, I miss my time here too, although I honestly don't know how the community has changed. Hey, what happened to my name?! Can someone please change it back to TZY;') I would appreciate that! Anyway, with this new standalone update coming back in as well as the revival of DayzMod and the Arma 3 server I would like to see a warm welcome here and the revival of some good times which I shared in this community which I have never forgot-never will- and to create some more. Roll Safe, boyz. -TZY
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    [GAME] Rate the person above's Forum Title

    Noice 7/10
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