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    Don't even come here anymore but Matthew wont leave me alone till I post this for some reason.

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  2. @Frisks For Radio Forgot this earlier.
  3. Hah, Frisks fault he didnt correct me.
  4. Bartlomiej Kostelnik was born in Central Kopec close to the Russian-Chernarussian border. He is of Polish and Chernarussian decent, Polish on his mothers side and Chernarussian on his fathers side. Since a young age his family has had their concerns about his mental health but could never afford proper care and whatever it may be has never afflicted him in a seriously negative fashion. Following the civil war in 2009 Bartlomiej found himself working in South Zagoria picking up odd jobs helping rebuild.
  5. If capitalism was an animal @ThePoshFart


  6. If communism was an animal @APTerminator


  7. Cpl. Geoffrey Odde was born in Sandwich Massachusetts in an area of the state called Cape Cod. At the age of 5 Odde lost both of his parents and was taken in by his only living relative, David Odde, his uncle. From a young age it was apparent to Odde that his uncle wasn't cut out for being a guardian he wasn't neglectful or malicious towards him but the man simply had no notion of how to raise a child and certainly wasn't the best guardian on more than one occasion; because of this Odde decided to move out come his 18th birthday to give his uncle some much needed relife. Early during his child hood Odde's teacher noticed that his mind wandered easily and that he was having trouble keeping up in class because of this. During a parent teacher meeting with his uncle one teacher raised the topic that he might have ADHD but his uncle argued that the young Odde was just lazy so he was never officially diagnosed with ADHD. For most of his life Odde felt like he was in free fall and after 2 and a half years of not being able to land a solid job to support himself and move out of his Uncle's house Odde enlisted with the USMC roughly 4 years prior to the summer of 2017, seeking some structure for the first time in his otherwise chaotic life. In the waning months of 2016 Odde put in a request to be a UN peacekeeping soldier and in early 2017 the request was accepted. He wasn't sure how different it would be from the marines but he was confident he could handle anything being a peacekeeper could through at him. Odde's first deployment with the United Nations' Peacekeeping Forces was in the summer of 2017 to the small country of Chernarus.
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      Top (But mine is better)

  9. MLG at PUBG TBH

  10. So if we die on S3 do we die in real life?
  11. Small and simple font. Would be pretty creeped out to find this written on a paper somewhere IC though 7/10.
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