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  1. Opinions?

    Logic came and visited my school to do an inspirational talk and show off some raps but once he started all the kids in the younger grades just started crying. One of them was so traumatised they shit themself while wailing 'His rhyme scheme is so awful!' - I can't listen to Logic without being reminded of that terrible smell of shit and grief that filled the gym hall that day.
  2. Real life picture Thread

    What happened after the first photograph that bummed you guys out so much?
  3. Important security announcement!

    Logged onto my facebook to see all my most private of dick pics posted all over my wall. My eBay was hacked and I'm currently disputing over $3000 in purchases of 'irregular christmas lights' and a bulk purchase of 200 display Nike freeruns (only left footed). Thanks Rolle.
  4. Most intimidating/interesting accent?

    My Vietnamese accent, people would line up in droves to donate M4s whenever they would hear it.
  5. lack of general humor within the community.

    I don't want excessive moderation in any capacity but donations and premium subscriptions don't (and shouldn't) afford you any extra leniency with staff. It's a token of appreciation for the servers and staff - not a VIP pass. I think shit posting and jokes will always be here in the community - I wish the meme thread was back because all the filth was kept to one thread. The problem is members try too hard to be funny and edgy.
  6. In one ear and out the other?

    How do you not understand that via reclaiming the word they turn it from a white word of hate to term of comraderie amongst themselves? They claim it proudly, because them and only them have that agency due to their shared history of slavery and oppression. It's not like they reclaimed the word toast so now you can't discuss breakfast properly. It's a slang noun which could be used interchangably with 'dude'.
  7. Bringin' back the good old 'danky meme page.

    In an ideal world...
  8. Favorite Hip Hop Artists

    We all know Tupac is timeless. That's my point. It's the same old 'da classicz' echo chamber. Let's discover some new shit. And if you think Lil Yachty is the only new kid out - you're cooked as. Big baby DRAM made Broccoli, and it's tight as fuck. That whole album is like butter.
  9. Favorite Hip Hop Artists

    How about we just stop including old school hall of famers? Whenever somebody discusses hip hop artists - someone always has to mention the same old; Biggy, 2pac, NAS, Wu-Tang etc. etc. - Yeah they're all great, we've all known they're great. Let's move on and discuss shit that's being made and put out there. Not the same old classics that are constantly mentioned - and if not mentioned then somebody comes up and says "Oh how you gonna include X but not include Y, Y made as much impact as X did!" Wu-Tang are near retiring age, NWA has a biopic about them - the shit is done, let's move on.
  10. Rising Storm 2 Vietnam beta code

    Holy fuck somebody actually made a Vietnam war game (again), fucking finally. I'll throw my hat in the ring, much appreciado.
  11. Favorite Hip Hop Artists

    Antwon Lil Ugly Mane (RIP) Divine Council
  12. Please Read.

    Wow, what an epic tale. Legends truly are born in the greatest of moments, tempered by human strength and perseverance. I'm speechless.
  13. Please Read.

    Will buy a majority of DayZRP in order to lift the Beanz tariff placed on this poor boy for some context on this situation.*
  14. Please Read.

    Will give the boy beanz for some context on this situation.
  15. Meeting Community Members IRL.

    I met Hebee at a gloryhole once - it was a bit awkward considering I'd already finished by the time we recognised eachother. Still though, was neat to meet someone from DayZRP.