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  1. Important security announcement!

    Logged onto my facebook to see all my most private of dick pics posted all over my wall. My eBay was hacked and I'm currently disputing over $3000 in purchases of 'irregular christmas lights' and a bulk purchase of 200 display Nike freeruns (only left footed). Thanks Rolle.
  2. Most intimidating/interesting accent?

    My Vietnamese accent, people would line up in droves to donate M4s whenever they would hear it.
  3. lack of general humor within the community.

    I don't want excessive moderation in any capacity but donations and premium subscriptions don't (and shouldn't) afford you any extra leniency with staff. It's a token of appreciation for the servers and staff - not a VIP pass. I think shit posting and jokes will always be here in the community - I wish the meme thread was back because all the filth was kept to one thread. The problem is members try too hard to be funny and edgy.
  4. In one ear and out the other?

    How do you not understand that via reclaiming the word they turn it from a white word of hate to term of comraderie amongst themselves? They claim it proudly, because them and only them have that agency due to their shared history of slavery and oppression. It's not like they reclaimed the word toast so now you can't discuss breakfast properly. It's a slang noun which could be used interchangably with 'dude'.
  5. Looking For Digital Artist

    We can chat over Steam/Skype - My skype is phhhammmm however it's better to msg me on steam prior - I don't use Skype often. My steam profile is here : http://steamcommunity.com/id/darkaddress/ Look forward to hearing from you - not sure where you're based but I'm in Sydney, Australia - it is currently 8PM here.
  6. Looking For Digital Artist

    Sounds totally fine, I'll do it for $45. Edit: That's $45 AUD which is like $30 - $35 in US.
  7. Looking For Digital Artist

    Weird - just email them to me or post them in here [email protected]
  8. Looking For Digital Artist

    Just PM me some links or images.
  9. Looking For Digital Artist

    I can draw an avatar for you if you want. Is it a portrait of your character? Or are you looking more towards a graphic/logo design? If it's a portrait / drawing of a character / person / thing; Full colour or Black and White? Full body, from the bust upwards or portrait? Here's an example of a full colour digital illustration I did awhile back.
  10. Favourite Zombie Scene

  11. Community Drama Stream

    When your name is 'GirlGamer' , your avatar is a Japanese cartoon girl and you're creating a podcast called 'Community Drama' - people are going to assume you're going to meme it up - because at a glance all signs point to memes. Rebrand, make some quality content, save the rebellion, save the dream. Don't spoil opportunities for a cheap joke.
  12. Possibly the worst luck ive ever had

    Ringing in the New Year with some gear hoarding and server swapping. Pure class.
  13. Drawings - a can of BeanS

    Gonna say the pepsi can - shadow looks fake. Can't see the grain and texture of the paper. On top of that it's probably the easiest object to fake a shadow for since a can is basically a 3D rectangle. His illustration work and realism is on point, incredible ability.
  14. DayZ wayyyy too easy.

    Don't rush them.
  15. [SPOILERS] Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Discussion thread

    Why did Forest Whittaker just give up? Why did the film immediately start with her Dad getting kidnapped? The fuck was that? Oh because this movie was rewritten, recut and reshot multiple times. Why did the music feel off? Oh because they fired and hired a new composer a month prior to release. Why was there almost no character development between the Rogue crew? Oh because they needed to release this film in time for Star Wars so kids buy Rogue Ones toys. I want to love this film, I do - the darker take had some very visually impressive scenes. But the whole time I felt like I was faking it. I wanted 12 Assassins in Star Wars - but I got ripped off. Kids were in the theatre I saw this in and they were fucking bored. Up until the last scene with Darth Vader, then the movie ended and everybody collectively sighed with relief. Fun fact: They did a 20 minute test screening to family-oriented bloggers and hardcore Star Wars fanblogs. You know why it was 20 minutes? Because that was all that was comprehensible while they were butchering the shit out of this to keep it safe.