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  1. Growing up with 6 siblings who are all older than you isn't easy. You have to deal with their bullying, teasing and sibling rivalry. At least until you all grow up. By the time I was grown and old enough to move out, the majority of my brothers and sisters had families and houses of their own. Which wasn't bad, considering I had my parents to myself until I got my own place. I started touring after saving up enough money working with my friend in home decor. I went to all kinds of places. Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Mexico, Australia, you name it. Never would I have thought I'd have to leave my family behind to get trapped in a place unknown to me.
  2. I don't remember the last time I was together with my family, the last time I had eaten a meal in peace, or the last time I had felt true comfort from another being. I grew up in Wollongong, a town with a large population in Australia. I had a loving family with a little sister, and I wouldn't change anything for the world. I went to school with my younger sister, who was two years younger, so we went to highschool together. We had the same friends and would always spend time together at lunch, and even after I graduated things didn't change much. I'd visit my old friends with my current ones who had graduated with me, and we'd bring my sister lunch or take her and our friends out to eat until it was time for them to go back to school. We would always eat dinner with my family, my sister and I. Ellie was her name, mine Evelyn. My parents took pride in naming us with the same first letter, for whatever reason, but it was fine. I loved them and my sister to no end. We would always go to family events together, like a small, happy family who had no worries in the world. I always took my sister to the beach, it was one of our favorite things to do with our friends, or just us or with our parents. Things were less complicated back then, everything was perfect two years ago, if it's been that long. Being kept in the dark disorients you to a point you lose track of time easily. I decided to walk the beach by myself one day after sunset, to clear my head over a fight with a friend. I liked taking walks after dark on the beach, it was soothing and relaxing. It normally cleared my head, and I always came home afterwards to my family and they'd be waiting for me at the door, making sure I came right back through that door and was safe. Not this time. I walked underneath the pier, and my entire life changed in an instant. I never walked through the door to my house that day back to my parents, instead I was thrown into the back of a van, and I never saw my family again.
  3. BlazerPazer72

    A call to friends. (Ender's Private frequency)

    *Listening to Ender speak, Ally sighs as she presses the PTT* "Trust me, I haven't seen my merry band of shits in a while." *She looks at her map, using her finger to pinpoint the location* "The barn will be fine. And yeah, I know the drill. Now all we need is a when. I can try and get ahold of Jimmy in the meantime." *She releases the PTT*
  4. BlazerPazer72

    A call to friends. (Ender's Private frequency)

    *Ally frowns a little hearing his response as she presses the PTT, a slight buzz coming from the radio as she does so* "You want me to tell you why? Fine." *She would sound slightly irritated as she continues talking* "Tell me. Out of everything that's happened, everything. Have I done anything to hurt you? To hurt anyone remotely close to you? I may have been around people who did, but that doesn't mean I myself had any part in it. If I have, please, enlighten me. You and I once called each other family. I used to call all of you family. You think because I waltzed off with Glenn, that I stopped caring about you? About everyone we used to be around?" *She exhales loudly as she speaks again, her voice calming down* "All I'm asking is that you give me a chance to speak with you privately. Fuck knows where Austin is anyway." *She releases the PTT*
  5. BlazerPazer72

    A call to friends. (Ender's Private frequency)

    *Hearing the call from Ender days ago, Ally grabs her radio from her belt, looking at it in her hand as she releases a sigh, tuning the frequency and bringing it up to her mouth. She hesitates, before pressing the PTT* "Ender.." *She pauses, exhaling through her nose before she speaks again* "I know it's been a while since we last spoke.. but.. I figured I have some explaining to do.." *She runs a hand through her hair as she glances around the empty cabin* "Can we meet somewhere? I-I know you may not.. trust me now, but we can meet alone. You have my word. And if it's not ah, too much trouble, I'd like to speak with Jimmy as well.. if you're okay with him showing up too.." *She sits for a few moments in silence, before releasing the PTT, leaning back as she rubs her forehead, waiting for a response*
  6. BlazerPazer72

    RDM Vybor Ind Server time: 2017-06-21, 23:08

    Ally Racine POV: Logged in with Austin aka Undead and started heading towards Jim to meet him in Kab, and I notice someone in a UN helmet following us a ways behind so we ignore it. Once getting there, Jim gives me some shotgun ammo, I go into my inventory and pick it up to be greeted by Alice Garcia. The three of us were standing there, at which no point we flipped them off and she proceeded to say in text chat "Fuck you prick" so Austin immediately chases them and initiates Jim shoots in Alice's direction and misses (our mistake), and I tell him he's not in voip range. We decide to leave it alone and we go pick up West in Novy, then Chief and make our way to Vybor. I fall behind a little bit and they say they're talking to people at industrial so I go up there and stand around listening in. I noticed Alice was there, we would have recognized their voice and we were planning on initating originally but we decide to start leaving instead as they were being shady. They start talking to us again, Pepe starts the racist talk to Chief somewhere along the lines. I'm standing there with West and Pepe infront of me talking about a stop sign and other nonsense when Boris initiates from a building, I start running and a few seconds later Jim says in ts that he got shot. I circle around quickly back to West and Chief where I saw the initiator. I panicked (cause im bad at pvp) and re-initiated on him to give him a potential second chance and he raises his gun at me again to which I pump a shotgun round into him and he falls unconscious, and I follow suit shortly after, then was killed. I have nothing against the opposing side, though I do think their rp could have been better and less memey, especially with what happened beforehand with Alice saying "Fuck you prick" to us, though I have video of the initiation, I don't have video of the first encounter. http://plays.tv/video/594b0fd2eb6deab177/-tooballsy?from=user
  7. I'm very bad at PVP my friend, I'm surprised I even hit you. I forgot I had to press R and pump my shotgun afterwards and panicked lmfao
  8. *Ally unclips her radio from her belt and presses down the PTT* "You're shit out of luck man. Last trading post or area was at Green Mountain, and that's been dead for a few months now I think. You wanna find and trade with people? Just explore towns and follow the roads. Best way to meet people, though be careful. Some of us aren't so friendly, so tread carefully, trader." *She releases the PTT, clipping her radio back to her belt as she continues walking*
  9. BlazerPazer72

    Looking for

    *Ally unclips her radio from her belt, hearing the broadcast as she brings it up to her lips, pressing the PTT* "To be honest, your friend or whoever this is, is most likely dead. Who knows though, someone might find him and turn him in to you. Things don't always go as planned though. It's roughly a 50-50 chance, so good luck. Tread lightly." *She releases the PTT, rubbing her nose to get rid of an itch as she clips her radio back to her belt*
  10. BlazerPazer72

    Bounty Listing

    *Ally would drag her feet as she walked down the dirt road, before spotting one of the many posters on a lamp post, falling slightly and being blown in the wind. She moves closer to it, inspecting it as her eyes land on Buddy, then Sam, as she frowns slightly, her eyes wandering to Austins name. She lets out a loud sigh to herself as she rubs her forehead, running a hand through her orange hair before she glances around. She sighs again, running a hand down her face, debating on whether to hang the poster back up again, mumbling to herself quietly in her aussie accent* "Fucking hell.. how the fuck did I end up here.. with fucking Austin Maverick of all people." *She chuckles to herself* "Guess I never had high standards, seeing as I was with Steven and.. Glenn.." *She stops herself, frowning as she quickly snatches the poster, crumpling it into a ball as she shoves it into her backpack, beginning to walk at a brisk pace along the road*
  11. *Continuing to walk down the hill, Ally unclips her radio from her belt and presses down the PTT* "Where the fuck have you been, in a hole? Or did you go to that shithole of a place called Russia? There's quite alot of people alive here, for how long its been, you'd be surprised. Just don't run into the wrong people." *She releases the PTT, clipping her radio back to her belt as she breaks into a jog*
  12. BlazerPazer72

    Heroic Return

    *Looking at the empty field in front of her, Ally picks up her radio and presses down the PTT, her Aussie accent coming through with a little static* "Few of us are still up and about. You were friends with Austin, yeah? I'm sure you can contact him, he's around somewhere." *She releases the PTT, setting her radio down as she continues to look at the empty field for a few seconds, before she begins walking again*
  13. BlazerPazer72

    108.7 MHz (Open Frequency)

    *Sitting on the cliffs near Sinistok, Ally pulls out her radio after a long while and glances at the view before her. Pressing the PTT, there's a short buzz from the radio before she speaks, sounding much better than she had the previous month.* "Hey.. I hope it's not too late to come and say hi to you all.." *She sighs, running her hand through her hair* "If it's okay with you Chief, that is. Just ah.. contact me on my private frequency. Ask Jimmy if you don't know it." *She releases the PTT, standing up from her spot, careful not to slip and slide down the cliff as she begins to make her way down safely*
  14. BlazerPazer72

    108.7 MHz (Open Frequency)

    *Unclipping her radio from her belt, Ally presses the PTT, and speaks after the short buzz, ignoring the unknown man* "Thank you Ender, but I'll probably stay here for a few days.. I can't leave quite yet.." *She glances at the grave before walking away a little* "Just ah.. let me know I guess Logan. I'll be here." *She releases the PTT*
  15. BlazerPazer72

    108.7 MHz (Open Frequency)

    *Ally nods to herself as she rubs her forehead, pressing down the PTT as she does so* "He's ah.. buried sorta near Sinistok. I have Charles and Steven with me.. we've stuck together since Russia.. but ah, the three of us are a little injured." *She glances at Charles, as he nods at her, giving a soft smile as he leans against the house next to Steven, favoring his arm. She rubs her eyes as she speaks again* "Thank you Ender.. Jimmy.. Chief.. it means alot to me. And ah.. whatever it takes to prove that you all can trust me.. I'll do it. Because I can't fucking keep going like this. I've had too many close calls and now this.. If you want I can come alone, Chief, if it would make you feel better.." *She sighs, and after a few moments she releases the PTT*
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