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  2. would be nice to see more as only 1 savezone and then they all can fall one after the other in some nice events. i see 3 possible savezones, UN somewhere on the coast, russian army in the north east and CDF somewhere in the west.
  3. ChilliMcNugget

    and another one, RIP jackfish

  4. ChilliMcNugget

    RIP Stitches

    1. ToeZ



    2. Voodoo





  5. 95
  6. depends on the character, with my active char he would die pretty fast and with another character he maybe survive without getting hurt.
  7. easy answer, remove this bullshitrule
  8. ChilliMcNugget

    cant wait for this


  9. 80
  10. everyone needs the knowledge what this "new" sign means, and we all know that the most people would not read this, and making a new rule for this?! um no thanks. good idea but i think typing fast and how short as possible is the best option in some situations like hostile situations.
  11. ChilliMcNugget



  12. cows party, chickens are not allowed more cows are going to the party yummy yummy, nice cow party what these guys are doing?
  13. ChilliMcNugget

    quote from a report

    We did not initiate on them and simply strong armed them about taxes and things like that, they had no reason to kill us if it was them.


    to strong armed someone is no reason to kill someone, you are wrong with this mister :)

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    2. ExoticRainbow


      If ya don't care then why not leave and not shit post?

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    4. TheProxJack
  14. ChilliMcNugget

    oh, dr. fisher is banned, so it was useless to stay around stary today, thanks for this you fucking ....

    1. Kevin

      lmao he shouldn't have broken the rules then

    2. ChilliMcNugget


      i know he did a stupid move, but i can understand why, so because of the rules he is guilty, but for the realism he did what every guy would do in a situation like this, but whatever, it is like it is.