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  1. ChilliconCarne


    because of admins:

    i have something about a group in my mind but i need 5 or more Germans for this, write me a PM if you have some questions or ask me here. ONLY GERMANS. its a military thing but no supersoldiers allowed. 

    1. Malet


      Increase your chances by maybe also including switzerland and austria 😉 Sometimes they also speak german I was told.

    2. Charlie


      Was hast du den vor?

      (What are you up to?)

    3. FalkRP


      All German military. Reminds me of something

    4. Son of Odin

      Son of Odin

      Was schwebt in deinem kopf ? Message me on Steam or here me and Sarilla interestet

    5. ChilliconCarne


      austria and switzerland are also ok

    6. ChilliconCarne


      i will send you all a pm with more informations on Friday or Saturday, the group will start as a "normal" military group and it will change after a plot twist. a second plot twist is possible. new chars needed, ingame radios are the main thing we use for communications and we only speak english if we are speaking to others.

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