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    I can fill any any rule you need me to
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    You son of a bitch, I’m in
  3. he growing up in south philadelphia, at the docks is where i spent most of my days. During high school he was a part of a gang called D-Block where he learn some street smarts and how to use a gun, by senior year of high school he got out of the gang to graduate high school and to go straight. After high school I worked at the Aker Philadelphia Shipyard and load crates onto and off ships. Then one ship came in and the crew said they were going to europe and they said they needed a extra crew member, so he thought why not and join their crew. he worked as a mechanic for the ship's engine. during a storm the ship crashed and he was able to get into a life raft before the ship was shipwrecked.
  4. marrysum289

    Ideas for standalone?

    1. I would like to see the mine near Kamensk to be open again. It would be good if it opened again because I think that would be a good spot to role play in and, I would like to mine stone in there. 2. I want to see to make stone bricks and, to make walls with the stone bricks.
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