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  1. VDV Contact Frequency (73.7)

    *Ripley jolts awake from his sleep as his room shakes and his water bottle falls over and crashes to the floor. Lurching toward the window, he sees a large mushroom cloud engulfing the horizon as his men scramble for cover outside, desperately tearing through their gear to fasten their gas masks. Summoning his radio operator, he looks through the radio traffic logs and transmits to 76.2* Kapitan Kircohv, this is Colonel Jack Ripley, United Nations Department of Peacekeeping Operations. We... we need to talk. I'll need some time to mobilize my men, please secure a location and relay the coordinates to me on this frequency or 96.6. *Handing the transmitter back to PFC Letter, he walks towards the door to assess the situation.*
  2. Survivors of the Southern Moana (W.I.P)

    I'm extremely impressed by the time and effort put into the graphics, displaying the lore and characters are part of the ship's manifest is an excellent idea. Very well done!
  3. [VDV] - Vozdushno-Desantnye Voyska Media Thread

    What goes around, stays out of the kitchen. Words I think we can all live by.
  4. Dino's media thread

    Finding that bus was awesome! Made quick work of that patrol!
  5. Jack Ripley

    Forty-eight hours ago, the Secretary General of the United Nations briefed me on the situation on the ground in Chernarus. What we know so far is extremely limited. There was an armed conflict at Kamensk military base in South Zagoria. We don't know what events unfolded which lead to this violence between the Russian military and the Chernarussian Defense Force, but we do know that once the smoke cleared a strange illness swept over the local population. We're unsure if it's the effects of a chemical weapon, some kind of psychotic drug, a viral outbreak, perhaps even a fungal infection. What we do know is that the effects are unlike anything we've ever encountered. The victims have lost their minds, widespread violence has engulfed the country and all semblance of law and ordered, anything close to a civilizes society has collapsed. We will need to investigate further to understand what happened. The Russian presence has complicated matters. I have the USMC 8th Regiment at my disposal, but I can't simply march them into the region because of concerns that we will appear to be serving Western interests. The appearance of impartiality is vital to the UN mission, and so I have been given a once in a lifetime opportunity. I will lead a first-of-its-kind UN Multinational Joint Task Force to enter Chernarus, secure a forward operating base in South Zagoria, and pursue UN objectives in the region. First and foremost, we will need to provide a safe and secure location for the World Health Organization to conduct their investigation. They won't be able to unlock this mystery if they are afraid for their lives, so we will need assign a security detail to safeguard them. Secondly, we will need to act as a buffer between the infected local population and those who are still uninfected, many of whom are in hiding or spend their days running for their lives in search of basic medical care, food, and supplies. We will provide safety and whatever care we can provide them with. Lastly, we will reinforce and assist the local Chernarussian Defense Force with whatever they need. The stability of the Chernarussian government hinges on the strength of the CDF. If the CDF falls, everything descends into chaos. Our mission is to ensure the rule of law and to do that we need to ensure the stability of the remnants of the Chernarussian government. We will make every effort to avoid armed confrontation with armed groups. This includes groups of armed rebels, the Russian Federation who are actively attempting to secure their own borders as well as making patrols further and further south, as well as NATO forces who have been spotted operating in the region. The mission I have been tasked with is the single most difficult challenge I have ever faced in my life. I'm flying into a country I've never been to, with a Peacekeeping force that is unlike any that has been deployed in the history of the UN, while an illness that is unlike anything mankind has dealt with tears my AO apart. I have no idea how I'm going to pull this off, but I know we're going to beat this thing. I have to be strong, for my remaining Peacekeepers, for the people of Chernarus, and for myself.
  6. [VDV] - Vozdushno-Desantnye Voyska Rossii

    Good lore, good goals, great graphics and an amazing roster. I've learned a LOT from several members of this group, really looking forward to seeing you folks in action and seeing what direction the story goes. I'm sure you'll make Mr. Putin proud.
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    *mercilessly steals your idea*


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  8. Where will the safe zone be?

    The UN and CDF will not be afforded any special rule protection.
  9. Grown-ass man and I'm sitting here in the dentist's chair shaking like a leaf. No idea why the smell of this place and the sound of the drills freaks me out so bad. Can't wait for this shit to be over. Fuuuuuuuuck

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      <3 hang in there, let the dentist know you have panic attacks and how to alert them if you're starting to panic. they're usually really good about it <3

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      Thanks Solace, I'm home now. I just put some headphones in and closed my eyes and blasted my music until it was over. Next appointment is end of August so I have a couple of terror-free weeks lol.

  10. A big thank you to everyone who has expressed interest in the UN Peacekeepers. I've been absolutely blown away by the enthusiasm of the folks who have joined already and I look forward to bringing the highest level of milsim RP to the community. With that being said, recruitment is now closed/restricted. Unless someone who is already in the group can vouch for you, I'm sorry to say you probably aren't getting in. After the lorewipe I will announce any openings due to attrition or inactivity. If you would still like to be a member of the UN, you can talk to @Mercy about joining the World Health Organization. Alternatively, if you would like to be a soldier you should contact @Static who is organizing the NATO forces, more details can be found here.
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  11. Big respect for the permadeath stipulation, as one of the people who gets way too attached to their character I have to give props to people who are willing to join a group where they know they could have their story ended at any time. That's awesome. So I'm curious why the cruise ship was sunk? The wording makes it look intentional and carried out by a military naval vessel of some kind, but it makes no mention of who sunk them or why. Is this something that will be expanded upon when the official lore is released?
  12. PR Team?

    I can't speak for anyone else besides myself, but I have barely been in game the past week or two because I've been fleshing out my post lore-wipe character and going crazy planning my group. I've got approximately 30 people who are just as hyped as I am and will be active in game quite a lot as soon as that day comes. I know it doesn't answer your PR question, but I hope that at least somewhat alleviates the low numbers in the summer concern. I'm sure my group isn't the only one in this sort of holding pattern. All the PR in the world probably isn't going to help motivate people to get in game so push the story for a character who will be gone in a week. That sense of permanency is critical to a lot of people. The only real motivation for me to get in game at this point is to RP out an end that is suitable to Doctor West.
  13. Chernarus Radio

    I absolutely love this idea @CrazyShootin! The quality and effort you put into the broadcast made it VERY entertaining to listen to. Do you plan on broadcasting via in-game walkie talkies after the lore wipe? I suggest picking a musical genre (oldies, pop, whatever) and playing songs from that genre over the radio to fill time while you prepare between broadcasts! Fair warning though, you'll need plenty of batteries!
  14. That's a great suggestion @Western. It's still early and I don't want to guarantee anything, but we are working on a communication process in the group that will allow each squad leader to have access to a separate frequency on the IG radios. This would allow our squads to communicate amongst themselves without interrupting each other, as well as allowing our Radio Operator/Communications Specialist (@Malet) to relate messages to and from each squad. The idea would also be that Malet would be monitoring a public frequency in order to speak to civilians in need, friendly foreign officers, local government transmissions, etc. Once the plan is finalized we will be posting more about that on our official group page (once that is created) more details to come!