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  1. You're probably my favorite person here

    Keep up the good stuff man

  2. *Skinner is taking a boot off a corpse as he hears the broadcast. Dropping the boot, he picks up his radio to reply* You fucked 'em up? Nice. What are you and your boys doing now, swimming around in their vaults full of treasure, Scrooge McDuck style? Good shit Louie. *Skinner puts his radio back down and finishes stealing the boots off the corpse.*
  3. @King, that is really rich coming from you. Chastising @Genji for not seeming modest enough for you? Aren't you the guy who bragged about having a bunch of kills and spare SVD's and challenging the community to come kill you, only to have a staff member pull the logs and call you out for lying about it? That was like, the undisputed heavyweight champion of personal bragging. People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, my man. I don't think the text breakers would be a good addition as it is currently proposed. I think it is a good suggestion and I like to see new ideas like this being put forth from the community. However, in this case I think as others have said you can just open up the RP with something like "//Please be patient, I'm a slow typer" or just text RP as you normally would and don't worry about "awkward silence".
  4. It's an interesting idea, it would definitely clarify to people that you are in the process of typing. However, it would almost certainly clutter the chat logs.
  5. Making demands of the hostage: The demands were not met. Had a pretty fun time tonight.
  6. Those are incredible! That third one is really really impressive, nice job!
  7. No. The CDC is an American organization, it has no business in Chernarus. Alternatively, I would suggest roleplaying as a WHO (World Health Organization) field researcher/doctor who would much more likely be on the front lines and would definitely be sent to the source of the outbreak. As an added bonus, as the WHO is a branch of the United Nations, they are often sent with a UN guard detail from the UN DPKO (Department of PeaceKeeping Operations) if the area they are investigating is war-torn or dangerous. As Chernarus has recently been involved in a bloody civil war for years, I would expect any WHO medical staff who were sent into Chernarus would have been assigned guards for their own safety.
  8. That makes perfect sense. I was initially under the impression that this was a massive force (like a single battalion or something) of US military all deployed to South Zegoria together which makes little to no sense, but the fact that it is more like a hodge-podge of mixed units and individuals from various branches of the military all here for different lengths of time and different reasons makes for a really interesting and unique faction. I definitely look forward to the internal banter between the leathernecks (marines) and jarheads (army) and fly boys.
  9. The United Nations Icelandic Expeditionary Force contained a fairly large number of US military personnel. I currently own the group, but unfortunately as you can tell by the roster we have a little bit of a "we're virtually all permabanned" problem. Still, it was probably the most fun I've ever had in any group, second only to The Savages. My UN Character, Jack Ripley, was recalled to Iceland after the conclusion of the UN's activities within South Zegoria (gathering samples for scientists in Iceland, resupplying doctors and UN Personnel still operating in the region, etc.) However the plan was always to return, although that plan was ruined by a chicken tender with an unfortunate shape. I don't mean to sound argumentative or put you on the defensive at all, I'm just curious what the US Military would be doing in the region at this time? Have they been there all along or do you have a plan to explain their current arrival? Were they acting under UN authority or strictly under American command? The current DayZRP lore specifically mentions the military activity in the region and the United States was not directly involved as a peacekeeping force, so their military presence within South Zegoria would likely have been extremely minimal I would think, probably just a few dozen at most, maybe defending the US embassy in Chernarus or something like that. I would seek input from the LoreMasters before getting too involved with lore that might conflict with our overall lore. If you'd like some input, I have an entire alternate UNDPKO (United Nations Department of PeaceKeeping Operations) lore that I wrote when the UN was first formed. Alternatively, I'd be happy to share some tips and advice that I gathered during my time in the UN on this server, common mistakes, things to avoid, ways to promote RP and make things interesting. Hands down my favorite post I've ever made on DayZRP has been my "UN Public Service Announcement" (UN Propaganda) so have some fun with it!
  10. Good shit, man! Nice read.
  11. Big thank you to @Lyca for saving me from boredom and for the stellar (as always) RP!
  12. "Motherfucka" -Local man seconds before being shot to death. More at 11.
  13. Can a mod please move this to \Questions? You can read a little bit of them or you can use them to "tear out page" and get a few blank pieces of paper. You used to be able to combine a pen with paper and write a note for other players to find, like for example leaving a note that says "Stay out of Kamyshovo, it's our town" or "Beware of sniper on top of tower ahead" or "The girl in the red dress lies, beware!" but this no longer functions for several reasons. First of all, the dev's broke the ability to write anything in notes, it currently just doesn't work. Secondly, even if you could write a note and leave it somewhere, they changed it so notes despawn after like 15 minutes so the odds of anyone actually reading your note is next to zero. The only way to get someone to read your note would be to hand it to them or stick it in a persistent container like a tent or barrel, but more often than not you will return to simply find the barrel gone and the note despawned because even on our server most people value a barrel more than an RP element/prop like a note. So pretty much all books are good for right now is tearing out pages of paper which you can use as kindling to start a fire.
  14. Serious question: Do we as a community feel that "apple spamming" is an "Abuse" of game mechanics? I mean, I personally view it as a "use" of game mechanics rather than an abuse because if you've ever actually been apple picking you can snatch as many as you want. You don't have to painstakingly "search" for apples. Same goes for drinking quickly from a well. Many people (myself included) spam the "Drink from well" button to hydrate quickly. Similar to apple picking, I see this as a "use" of game mechanics rather than an abuse. If I am thirsty, I'll pump from a well and stick my damn mouth under it and drink until I'm not thirsty anymore. The absurdly slow animation combined with the fact that you basically only get a mouthful or two of water is just dumb to me. There are many game mechanics that are used and sometimes even abused, I just want to know if we are taking a 100% hard-line stance or if there is room for discretion. I know in other instances there are people who hold S+D while in 3rd person view in combat in order to eliminate weapon sway, people who climb through ladders that are on the other side of a wall to clip through a building and save them some time, killing glitched/frozen deer for some easy steaks/pelts, etc. My point is that there is a wide range of game mechanics that can be... bent. Sometimes it is unfair and used to gain an advantage in PvP. Other times it is more mundane and a "quality of life" type of shortcut. I want to make sure I'm clear where we stand and what the staff feels in regards to AOGM in a general sense.