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  1. Skinner

    *sees name*

    No.... no.... not again....

    the return of the weebing?!

  2. Character Pages

    Good question. As @Vytis posted above, that is the rule we have regarding this topic. If your character background doesn't conflict with the official lore or any events which have unfolded in-game then it should be fine. However, if you make a character page for a character who is (for the sake of picking an extreme example) a kind old man who tries to help people however he can, and then every RP encounter with that character ends up with them memeing, talking shit, and torturing/cannibalizing people then we would step in and demand that the character page be updated to accurately portray the character being played.
  3. Forum Warning Points: An Alternative

    Why not both? Points and posting privilege revoke, both depending on the severity. I mean, we're still playing dayz after all and hoping for updates, clearly we enjoy punishment to some degree amirite?
  4. Evil Group idea

    I mean, I'm glad you're enthusiastic about it and all, but the ideas layed out here are just cringy and unoriginal. This group would not be feared, it would be laughed at. The background for the group and this Cyrus character with no last name literally looks like it was written by a 13 year old, there is nothing interesting or original or legitimately scary about it. This group is like shopping for your wardrobe at Hot Topic and hoping people will think you're super edgy and unique. I'd say scrap the idea and start from the ground up, stay away from cheesy horror tropes that have been overplayed to death and instead find something new and terrifying.
  5. Factions

    As mentioned above, you are referring to two factions from the old lore. Those lores no longer exist in the new story as the outbreak only started a few months ago. Factions have been completely removed from our rules since then. Make sure you read up on the new lore here.
  6. What If i fail the 6th attempt?

    Right, you can join the waiting for staff help channel. Not sure what you're having trouble with but maybe you can ask some questions about the rules or the lore and make sure you have a solid grasp of both before giving it your final attempt. However, you need to be aware the staff cannot and will not answer any of the questions you may be asked on the whitelist and we can't review your background to make sure it fits with our lore, so if you mess it up then it's over. Good luck.
  7. Real life picture Thread

    #NorwegianHeartThrob #TheMajorOfMyHeart #UN4EVER
  8. Kicked by admin (Not active character)

    Here ya go buddy:
  9. Stuff

    WOOAAHHH that's badass!
  10. Whitelist

    As Buddy has answered your question, this is/solved. In the future, please read the FAQ's and read through previously asked questions before asking stuff like this. Welcome to the community, good luck.
  11. Yes, you can do that sort of thing in the Stories and Journals section, or if you are afraid of people metagaming the note you can PM it to them
  12. Glad it's fixed /Solved
  13. I'm glad you enjoyed it and were entertained by it! At the time, I was putting WAY too much time into dayzrp to make sure that the UN members had orders and leadership to follow. I was feeling like no matter how much time or effort I put into the UN people were just going to say we weren't doing enough so it was pretty discouraging. I got a lot of positive feedback on the group page and the event page, but there were quite a few people who had nothing to say except they wouldn't attend the boring event. However, I had tons of fun doing it and I absolutely enjoyed every minute, the time I spent with the men and women who made the group work and who constantly helped move the RP forward is something I'll always cherish. That event wouldn't have been possible without @Dino and several other key UN members (like @Malet @Shanoby @Lemons @Mademoiselle and several others) an AMAZING portrayal of the "bad guys" by psychopathic former UN Sergeant Stephen Brackett played by @Galaxy as well as an amazing plot twist carried out by @Undead and @Dusty and the rest of the VDV remnants. To answer your question, after the UN Peacekeepers and WHO doctors were released, A Russian VDV Officer named Kabanov smuggled the radioactive samples to UN Colonel Ripley and Major Holmen, who brought it to the airfield for extraction. Ripley returned to the UN Command base in Miroslavl with the samples and just a few peacekeepers, while Holmen and the rest of the UN volunteered to stay behind to fight to protect the remaining civilians. For sneaking the samples out, Fedorov was executed by his friends. All in all, I don't have an answer for you as far as when the next time will be there will be an event quite like this. What I can tell you is that since them we have added several amazingly talented and dedicated LoreMasters who are always putting together events and announcing them. Some of them are tense like mine, some of them are volatile and designed to lead to gunfire and bloodshed, some of them are simply a good laugh and a good time over a bare fisted brawl and some drinks, songs, and jokes. Keep an eye on the events calendar and pay attention to what the LoreMasters are posting and you can definitely participate in future events! Here is the event from my point of view:
  14. Titan

    Archived Sorry it didn't last, I'd hoped for the best for this group but I'll hold my tongue and simply say that if you wish for Titan to be brought back you need only PM a moderator.
  15. Yup, I know it sucks when that happens Erik but as far as the rules are concerned I agree with Buddy and Mexi, there's really nothing we can do rule-wise to remove the "protection" of fleeing other than allowing those who flee to be gunned down even if they weren't validly initiated on. All that would do is open up a whole new can of worms and a wave of reports where people were gunned down while running to meet their friends and never noticed guy running behind them in the woods. I hate to say it, but this might just be one of those things that sucks but we have to tolerate it.