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  1. Weeb sounds

    Hello Jaime, Please close all other tabs besides DayZRP. If the issue persists, please take note of which weeb's profile you are viewing, and they will be brought to justice.
  2. I recorded my POV of the whole thing. I'm thinking I should edit it down though since it's 2.5 hours long. I'll post the edited version as soon as it's finished and uploaded in HD.
  3. Character deaths

    You're right, there doesn't seem to be a way to edit your character to change their status to Alive, Missing, or Dead like there used to be. This system may have been removed in favor of the new character damage system that has been implemented. Perhaps @Rolle can elaborate further.
  4. The UN Evacuation Event was everything I'd expected to be plus a whole lot I was not expecting. There were ups and downs, technical difficulties and disappointments, and loads of people stepping up and adding really interesting plot twists and betrayals. The event concluded (as intended) with the archival of the UN/WHO South Zagorian 1st Response, so it was bittersweet for me, but I am extremely happy with the way things went and how they ended. First and foremost, I'd like to thank the UN for all the time, effort, and passion they've put into the RP and the portrayal of the UN as I had envisioned it. For the last 6-7 weeks you have all done an incredible job, the fact that we were able to accomplish what we did as a bunch of strangers who really didn't know each other at first OOC and we were forced to spend the first few weeks of the lorewipe just learning who each other were and what we were like, is incredible. I would specifically like to thank @Mercy and @Lemons because the time they put into the IC reports on our private forums, and their effort into documenting the "zombie lore" has been above and beyond what could have been expected. However, the daily commitment to the portrayal of the UN as a professional and realistic military element that is bound by UN guidelines and international law would not have been possible without @Shanoby @Malet @Red @Lankin @Razareth and the many other UN PeaceKeepers and WHO staffers (past and present) who gave such a tremendous effort and contributed to the RP. Most of all, I'd like to call out and thank @DinoCasino without your countless hours of leadership when I was on vacation or busy, as well as your constant assistance, advice, and opinions I quite frankly would not have been able to lead this group effectively. I was in WAY over my head and I drastically underestimated the amount of time and effort it would take to lead a group of this size, and even when I know for a fact that you either felt ill, felt burned out, or would have rather been doing other things you were ALWAYS there when I needed you. I can't thank you enough. As for the event, I definitely don't deserve the thanks for it, this was a community-wide effort and tons of people made it awesome. Most of all I thank @Chief and @Major for their constant input and guidance in terms of the lore. Even though I was initially skeptical of their role in the event, I'd like to thank @Darion and @Galaxy and your people for the your role in the event. The whole element that you added into the plot really caught me and Dino by surprise and it ended up adding so much tension and suspense, really well done!! Huge thanks to @Dusty and @Undead and @Jamie and @Sleepyhead and the rest of Raspad Vosstaniye for playing the role of "Bad Guys" in this event and doing a tremendous job of keeping folks afraid and entertained. Finally I'd like to thank all of the rest of the people who took the time to participate in this event. I know it wasn't perfect, but despite all its imperfections you all showed up and RP'd your guts out and made it amazing and memorable. There are way way too many people to thank individually and in fact I wasn't even able to get any 1-on-1 RP time with most of you, but the fact that you were there means so much to me. Thank you all, can't wait to see what amazing stuff you all come up with next!
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  5. Warning points

    I think an Admin can help you with that. Hang on.
  6. Ban Appeal

    Hello @DyLB, You will need to create a ban appeal in order to be considered to be unbanned. You can create a ban appeal here. However, please read all of the rules here and make sure your appeal uses the correct appeal template, including the title. Good luck!
  7. Time of the event has officially been updated to 21:30 server time. Date and location remain unchanged. I've added the event to the community calendar, please use this link to RSVP if you plan to attend! I'm sure plenty of people will attend without bothering to RSVP, but it will still help me get a general picture of event attendance.
  8. UN Evacuation Zone Event

    The UN has completed as many objectives as they could with the resources at their disposal. Now they have orders to leave, but they won't leave without taking as many civilians who show up. All civilians should make their way to the rendezvous location. Date: Friday 9/15 Time: 21:30 Server time Location: Meeting up in Stary Sobor at the military camp on the north side of town Requirements: Civilians will need to disarm themselves to participate in this event, so throw your rifles on the pile when you arrive or simply leave them in your tent before you come! Click here for more details! Disclaimer: You are expected to follow all of the community rules while attending this event.
  9. UN Evacuation Public Broadcast (Open)

    *Ripley rolls his eyes and lets out an annoyed groan, then stands up and picks the radio up off his desk. He clears his throat and broadcasts* Would you incredibly bad-ass individuals please stay off this frequency? I need this frequency clear for emergency communication and coordination of the evacuation, and I currently can't touch my radio without cutting my fingers due to all your edginess. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. To those of you who have expressed interest in attending the evacuation or even offered your assistance, your help is greatly appreciated and instructions will be provided at the meeting location. We're going to need to work together to succeed, I know things seem dire and many have already lost hope as well as their humanity, but you must believe me when I say that if enough of us stand together and help their fellow man then we can salvage this world, we can turn this around and we can beat this thing. I'm putting my faith in the survivors of South Zagoria, faith that your sense of humanity will shine through despite all the reasons you've had to abandon it, all the reasons you have to mistrust the UN and to hate the world. I'm asking you to return that faith, we can evacuate those who need it the most. If you turn your back on your own humanity, you've given up already and you're really no better than the infected. *Ripley pauses, hearing the familiar voice of a young woman expressing her own doubts* Taryn? Look, I know that many people have their own opinions about the rules of engagement I've put my peacekeepers under. Please know that I am taking no chances with this evacuation, I am not going to gamble with your lives or the lives of my peacekeepers. We will engage any threat to the safety of the evacuation, and we will use lethal force if necessary. We have enough peacekeepers and enough firepower to keep the runways clear of infected or hostile parties during the short time that civilians are being loaded on the aircraft. The plan is to have the wheels on the ground for no longer than 10 minutes, so speed and firepower will be our primary defensive advantages. If you wish to stay behind, that is your choice. We are not going to make you, we are not going to try to debate with you or change your mind, and I certainly don't need everybody to chime in on this frequency to let me know they're not leaving. All I want is you to think long and hard about this decision, because once we take off, you're here for good. Do not make this decision lightly. *Ripley places his radio back on the charging station and leans back in his chair, closing his eyes as he feels a headache coming on*
  10. *As his senior officers standby in the command tent in Bravo Hotel and his peacekeepers hurry to pack up boxes of food and supplies in the courtyard of the hospital, Ripley stands and clears his throat before broadcasting to the public, his voice is proud, confident, and bold.* This is an emergency broadcast to all the survivors that can hear my voice. This is Colonel Ripley of the United Nations Peacekeeping mission here in South Zagoria. I've received orders to relocate as many people as possible to the safe-zone in Miroslavl. I'd like every man, woman, and child who is able to travel to please meet up at the military compound on the north end of Stary Sobor on Friday, September 15th, no later than 21:30. We will be evacuation women and children first, as well as the elderly. Any adult males will evacuate next, along with WHO staff and UN administrative staffers. Our peacekeepers will board last. This will likely be a large scale operation, I expect there to be dozens if not hundreds of individuals requiring extraction, so we are likely talking about multiple evac missions running one after the other until everyone is safe on the ground in Miroslavl. *Ripley pauses as Major Holmen whispers to him* Let me be clear, nobody is being abandoned, nobody is being left behind to die. Every single one of you is welcome and in fact urged to come, but we will not force anyone to evacuate who does not wish to go. I understand that some of you have grown accustomed to this new way of life, and while I caution you that another opportunity to relocate to safety is extremely unlikely, your desire to stay behind will be respected. I suggest you all think long and hard before making such a decision. Security for this evacuation will be handled by United Nations Peacekeepers and their trusted allies. You will not need your firearms on the plan and therefore you will be asked to disarm yourselves at the meeting location in Stary Sobor if you plan to evacuate. So please, either don't bring your firearms at all, or don't become irate or combative when you are asked to disarm yourself while we prepare to move out. I understand that there have been many bad experiences with military organizations demanding the disarmament of civilians, I've seen the casualties that have resulted from it, all I can say is that this is for the safety of my peacekeepers and the security of the evacuation in a calm and orderly fashion. You will not need your firearms on the plan, you will not need your firearms in the safe zone, so there is no need to bring your firearms to the evacuation at all. You will be asked to throw them onto the pile or you will be asked to remain behind while the rest are evacuated, simple as that. Space on the aircraft will be extremely limited, so please do not burden yourself with non-essential equipment, so no knick-knacks, souvenirs, books, knives, cosmetic items, or other items which will add unnecessary weight to the aircraft. We will need canned food, clothing, blankets, clean water bottles, medicine, and radio equipment, if you happen to find any while you are making your way towards the extraction zone, please bring it with you. Please spread the word of this evacuation to any survivors you come across, as they may not have access to a radio and we want to make sure everyone is aware that this is going on. If you or someone you know is incapable of making it to the evacuation zone by Friday evening due to injury, physical disability, or are simply trapped then please respond to this broadcast with their location so that UN Peacekeepers or other nearby survivors can assist them. Several final helicopter passes will be made in an attempt to locate any remaining stragglers who may have attempted to evacuate but had become stuck in a house surrounded by Greys, or were too injured to make it, or simply became lost. It is highly recommended that survivors wear brightly colored clothes so that they can easily be spotted from the air if they are unable to make it to the evacuation zone in time. Signal fires, flashlights, and radios would be your last resort and could be the difference between being left behind or getting spotted if you miss the evacuation. *Ripley turns the radio off and hands it to Corporal Letter, then calls all Peacekeepers to the courtyard to fall into formation*
  11. I'm getting some feedback that 23:00 server time might be a bit too late for some of our european playerbase. I'm going to ask all the key players if we can bump the event up to 21:30 instead to see if we can accommodate more players. If everyone is cool with it, I'll ask Chief to update this thread with the new time. If anyone has any additional advice, comments, suggestions, please feel free to post them here as they'll be a hell of a lot more productive than snide remarks (Alternatively you can PM me)
  12. You have no idea how bad I wish we had choppers for this event. To answer your question, nobody who is participating in this event is required to leave, you can RP that you are there to leave but you will all be given a choice to stay when the moment comes. So don't feel like "I want to participate in the event, but I like my character and I'm not ready to say goodbye yet" by all means, you can absolutely still attend and participate and even RP that you want to leave, after the event concludes you have the option of staying. Plenty of my peacekeepers will be staying, even though they are participating in the event.
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  14. Ban Question

    Hello @striX, You will need to create a ban appeal in order to be considered to be unbanned. You can create a ban appeal here. However, please read all of the rules here and make sure your appeal uses the correct appeal template, including the title. Good luck!