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  1. There is a stickied thread in the questions topic that says READ BEFORE ASKING A QUESTION you probably should read that before asking questions. If you did read it, you might have missed this part: Do not post the rules, or anything specific to your passphrase in the questions or any other forum. I hope this helps you:
  2. *A child's voice could be heard* "Mr. Skinner? did you miss me? Did you miss your blood red rose?"

    1. Malet


      *peaks in when he hears the voice* o.O

    2. Dino


      *peaks in behind Malet* 

    3. Skinner


      *Is just about to untie a man in a ditch when he hears her voice. The man is shaking and just gave Skinner the location he'd been searching for*

      What was that Sara? Don't trust him?

      "He's lying to you, Mr. Skinner. He wants to hurt you. He wants to hurt us. Hurt the bad man, Mr. Skinner"

      *tosses the sobbing man back into the mud and pulls his meat hook out of his backpack*

      N-No. No wait, hey I told you what you wanted to know. You said you'd let me go. Please don't - please stop - please NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooo-

      More food for Sara's garden.

    4. MissChalice


      *smiling* "Thank you Mr. Skinner! his blood will help my flowers grow!" *giggles* "Now come Mr. Skinner!"

    5. Ender



  3. I'll fuck his ass UP in some minigolf. @Jamie, you can bring all the tryhard shit in the world to my front door, you won't ever beat me in minigolf muhfuckaaaa. You two are the cutest dorks, you really are. XO
  4. First you need to make a character page and then set it to active. Here is a detailed guide if you need any help.
  5. Skinner

    VAC Ban

    You can join the community and participate on the forums, but no you will not be able to actually play in game until 365 days have passed since your VAC ban. You can post an appeal at that time and the staff team will evaluate your appeal for honesty and go from there.
  6. Skinner


    Personally I'd consider that BadRP. If there is some effort put into it but they just suck at it, or if they keep emoting that they are speaking with the correct accent, I'd say that would be acceptable. Putting no effort whatsoever into your RP (a Russian, born and raised in Russia who has never been to America yet speaks with a 100% American accent without a hint of Russian to be heard for example) would be asking for a report and would eventually probably be rewarded with "Winner" points (as Olive calls them).
  7. Skinner


    You mean like a cowboy with a Russian accent or a CDF soldier with a Yorkshire accent? Or do you mean someone who is attempting to roleplay the appropriate accent for their character but they're just really bad at it?
  8. /unarchived per OP's request
  9. Good luck with this. Just listen to anything @Dino has to say and you'll be fine.
  10. Welcome to DayZRP. Here is a guide that explains how you can resolve this issue, as it is a common problem for newcomers.
  11. That is a shame, sorry you feel that way. I agree that PVP can be fun when there is an interesting story that motivates the action, but it's also really up to us as players to have fun with a scenario whether we're getting robbed and beat up, killed by wolves, caving some zombies heads in with a shovel, or cooking fish with some strangers around a fire in a moonlit city. If you're not having fun with it, then taking a step back maybe for the best. Hope to see you around again when beta comes out (SoonTM)
  12. Can't RP without that dank assault rifle eh? I know that feel. I hate when scumbag hostile roleplayers steal my personal RP items such as SVD or M4. Best of luck.
  13. Yeah I ordered it closed because we didn't have the resources to dedicate to it and we had much MUCH higher priorities to focus on, however I think some investigation was still done anyway. After that, the PLA showed up and threatened to kill everyone in the camp so I made it clear that I had no interest in the case and we would not be investigating it any further.
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