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  1. URS Radio

    *As he attempts to drain the oil from a wrecked military truck, Vinny hears the commotion on the radio. He recognizes the voice of the man as he just met him a few days earlier, so he decides to respond.* Oh yeah, no shit? I met you the other day in Severograd with that Japanese guy. It's Vinny. Heyyy you didn't tell me you was no Grand Visor or nothin, what is that like royalty or sumthin? Was I supposed to bow or sumthin? I aint buyin' into no grand new society or nuthin, I'm just a guy tryin' to get by. Woah but if your grand society has a vehicle or somethin you need to get runnin, you let me know and I'll see what I can do if the payment is fair. Anything with wheels and an engine I can get moving with enough time and the right parts. Good luck witcha grand society though, hope ya don't die or nuthin. See ya 'round! **Vinny places the radio in his pocket as he wipes the motor oil from his hands with a dirty rag*
  2. *Vinny is walking alone down the paved road as he hears the broadcast. The sound of the woman's voice sends a chill down his spine. He responds, his voice full of fear and disbelief* Woah what the hell? Hey lady are you okay? Taryn? Hello? Holy shit... fuck this, I'm staying the fuck away from that place. Hey yo, whoever was speaking that Russian or Chernarussian or whatever that was, ya don't gotta worry about me aight? I'm gunna stay like, way WAY outta your way okay? Yous don't gotta like kill me or nuthin. Hopefully that's enough sacrifice for everyone's forgiveness, ya know? I'm sure there's a betta way to beg "Him" for forgiveness other than bleedin' people dry right? Gotta be... **Vinny turns south off the road onto a dirt path leading into the forest*
  3. kicked (this is not your active character)

    Character page has been deleted since it was a character from a movie. /closed
  4. kicked (this is not your active character)

    Are you absolutely positive that you are using the exact same name exactly as you have it typed on your character page, including spaces and capitalization? I'm not sure if "Bill the Butcher" will even fit in the dayz client. Let me know if the end of the word "Butcher" is being cut off and I'll show you how to fit the whole name.
  5. Unable to send private messages to certain people?

    There are no known issues with PM's site-wide at the moment, so my only other idea would be to PM them each individually and see if for some reason you're just having problem with sending it as a group PM.
  6. Unable to send private messages to certain people?

    If you are not a premium member such as sponsor, donor, tycoon, etc. (commonly referred to as "as whitename") then your inbox is limited to a certain size, you will not be permitted to send or receive PM's once this limit is reached, so I would recommend clearing out your inbox of old items periodically. You should be able to see how close you are to the limit by going to your inbox. Additionally, individual members have the option to disable their mailboxes, so it is possible that a recipient in your PM had PM's turned off. However, I doubt Dew and Major have theirs turned off.
  7. The Vale of Shadows

    That feeling when you realize those nice people you met and traveled with were psychopathic cannibals.
  8. Real life picture Thread

    Pun of the CENTURY @Buddy
  9. [GAME] How famous is the person above you?

    ewww it's galaxy. 8/10. Oh wait actually he's the best CH EU, so 9/10
  10. Create the WORST group idea

    That would be cringe city m'dude, that would be almost as dumb as someone walking around being all edgy and naming themselves Skinner, holy moly that would be cheesy.
  11. A Warm Thank You

    Glad you've been having so much fun here! I know not all communities are very welcoming towards text rp. Hell, we've had our fair share of "Should we require microphones? Should textrp be banned? Is textrp badrp?" type threads and debates, but they always end with the same conclusion being reached which is that TextRP is perfectly valid and TextRpers are welcomed into the community with open arms, as long as they know they are held to the same standards as everyone else. See ya in-game!
  12. If Theres A Will Theres A Way (Open Freq.)

    *Vinny is stripping parts from a crashed police car in Gorka when he hears the back-and-forth. Annoyed, he picks up his radio to respond* Woah there pal, you wanna do some good by weaponizing the virus? For what, so we can kill whoever you got a problem with? Who exactly is "the enemy" that we're supposed to be uniting behind you to fight? Sounds like you just want your own personal army to me, but what do I know? Look, the government around here is mostly dead, but a bunch of them are probably scattered or holding out in some secure bunker. I'll tell ya this, there's a much better chance that they're alive somewhere than your mother has. She's dead, pal, let it go. Forget about virus bullets and the "new society" and worry about helpin' people who need it. You'll be a lot better off getting people to support your cause if ya prove to 'em that you're worth a damn, ya know what I mean? *He places the radio on the side of the engine before accidentally knocking it over with his elbow, it crashes to the street with a crash*
  13. Kelsey Brothers Ltd.

    I like the idea. Couple of questions I have though, how did these Characters end up in Chernarus? It sort of just pops up that they were there and wanted to gain respect there, but unless I messed it there is no set-up to how they ended up there. If this means that they are actually Chernarussian, then I guess I may have mistook the tone of the characters because they seemed particularly like they were from the UK since much of the backstory references Birmingham, West Yorkshire, and Leeds. Also, how did the other characters come to meet the characters from the group lore? Were they criminal associates? Did they meet in prison? Did they meet after the outbreak? How did they also end up in Chernarus? I don't see any reference to any of them in the group lore besides Lawrence and Tommy. It would be good to know how and when they all met.
  14. Be safe out there buddy, I'm sure it won't feel like it when you're far away from home and have months of boredom and danger filling your days and nights, but just know that there are folks back home who are thinking of you and wishing you the best, and who are honored and grateful for your willingness to stand up for your country.
  15. Passphrase

    That's fantastic, Beni. No idea how I missed that when you made it, but I'll definitely provide that to folks since this has to be the most asked question. Thanks!