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  1. The Commercium - Active

    Lewis getting mad salty fam. Thread looks dope af. Best of dizzles ma nizzles.
  2. Basoon's Stream [Online]

    This stream is awuful Basoon. jk luv u best stream
  3. [Toorrik's Media Thread] 100% wholesome family videos.

    Suppose its time I updated this thread even though the video is nearly half a year old. More will be coming soon... probably. This video was inspired by someone very speshul to this community. [video=youtube]
  4. [GAME] What grinds your gears?

    When all your forum notifications are from threads I made in the staff section.
  5. The Game

    The game
  6. There are no logs. They are currently broken.
  7. Was fun almost hearing all of Deadplex's incoherent shouting the other night. <3
  8. The Game

  9. Bye lads

  10. Leaving with the rest of the lads.

    Then in x amount of months we will have the "Too many Russian groups" discussion all over again. Its a vicious cycle of repression, depression and dictatorial leadership that keeps taking us in this cycle. tl;dr, I have no idea what I'm talking about 8/8 banter something something m8
  11. Bye lads

  12. Please deletes

    o7 Deadplex
  13. Leaving with the rest of the lads.

    Remember that road lead us here. That road, despite how many whiners want to QQ, that road was paved with gold. Its not always the best idea to build over the road with a MASSIVE SUPER HIGHWAY DULUXE.