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  1. Henry was born in Kent in 1975 to a rather normal family with two brothers and a sister. He attended school like any normal child, but had a strong fascination with History. After finishing high school and college with outstanding grades in History, he went on to do a bachelors degree in History, focusing particularly on Medieval history, and medicine in medieval history. After finishing his bachelors, he felt like he had to do more and more research, completing his Masters and his Doctorate in History by the time he hit his 30s. He began teaching at universities in England, soon doing a small tour of European universities to give lectures and talks. When in the small country of Chernarus, he was visiting the medieval castles when all hell broke loose, and people started eating people. Months of psychological damage as the apocalypse went on impeded on Henry, until it broke him. He was convinced that he himself was trapped in some strange world where the great plague of the 1600s had afflicted mankind again, and he had to stop it spreading as well as he could. His knowledge of historical medicine lead him to also believe that he could cure it using old methods.
  2. *The silence breaks again, this time a much more brief message in Chernorussian* "Budu hledat tuto 'Lady Hope', děkuji, bratře, doufám, že brzy tento kemp najdu." *The silence then returns as he lets go of the PTT button on his radio*
  3. *The quiet of the radio would cut out as the voice of a Chernorussian man would speak out in English, sounding out of breath and distressed, the quiet groaning of another man heard in the background* "If anyone is listen, I need help. My friend has been shot and I need a doctor. We are in Grishino, but we are able to relocate if there is anyone who can help. I have patched him up the best I could but I think the bullet is still inside him." *He then repeats himself in Chernorussian before the radio cuts off and goes silent*
  4. Venob0ss

    Increase the damage of smaller caliber ammunition

    +1 would be interesting to see people having more guns than just military grade stuff like M4s AKs and things alike, could make combat between people with smaller calibres more interesting too. If people want to look less military and and more civilian then that would definitely be a plus to them if they're carrying pistols only without a long gun, or maybe an SMG like the PM73, MP5 or CR61.
  5. *A man speaks in Chernorussian, in a particular dialect that a native would recognise as one from the Novigrad area. Anyone who was not from Chernarus or had not lived there long would not understand the man or find it difficult to understand. After he finishes speaking, the radio and background static cuts off.* "To all ethnic Chernorussians in the South Zagoria area; be wary of a large group of Russians seeking out Chernorussians, presumably to harm them. I have also heard word of lies being spread of the CDF and NAPA, and that a group has been harming ex-members of these groups. The last I have seen of these Russians was in Kabanino, heading East towards Stary Sobor. Stay safe."
  6. I was wondering if there is any sort of changelog or developer's log on the forums now that the DayZRP server has its own developers for the workshop and such, and I think it would be good to know which changes have been made.
  7. As the title says, I'm unable to find S1 in game, but I can find S2 fine. When I try to join through the launcher using the parameters set so that the IP is that of S1's, my game freezes on launching and nothing happens and is just stuck on the DayZ loading screen. I've read other threads with the same issue but none of them had a solution which worked for me. Also I've tried joining through the forums, normally I get the steam server window opening with the option to join game, but when I click it nothing happens and it just says "server not responding", and sometimes on the odd occasion it asks for a password, I type the password in and then my DayZ goes into a loading screen for a few seconds and then returns to the main menu.
  8. Enjoyed roleplaying at Kabanino, loads of people came in and they were all sick other than me and a few other people, then some cannibals came along so that was interesting
  9. Cenek Jahod was born on the twentieth of April, 1977, in the Zelenogorsk clinic. The warm April air comforted Cenek at his birth, as he was a rather early baby. This meant he was underweight and was frequently cold due to this. His father was a member of the Red Army in Chernorussia, as back then it was a part of the Russian SFSR. Cenek was the second and last child of his parents, his other sibling being an older sister. By the time Cenek turned five, his father had to leave to fight in the Soviet-Afghan war, against the Mujahideen. He returned after being wounded heavily, being handicapped as he lost both of his legs to an Improvised Explosive Device. Cenek's mother slowly drifted from his father, eventually divorcing him. She tried to persuade Cenek to leave with her, but he declined, feeling responsible for looking after his father. Years had past and by the time he was twelve, Cenek was intruiged with the army. His father slowly turned his brain into his own image, moulding Cenek into a young man who wanted to tackle the world with the Red Army. Of course, by next year the collapse of the Soviet Union would come, soon after his father passing away due to complications during a surgery. Cenek was left alone, his mother living in Novigrad, him in Zelenogorsk still. The only actual family he had close by was his sister, who was working in a Takistani Embassy in Elektrozavodsk. He moved in with his sister into her apartment. Despite the poor living conditions he had to live in, he enjoyed being with family again. He attended school as a normal child of his age would, graduating with a diploma aswell. The day after he turned 18, he immediately enlisted to join the Chernorussian Defence Force. Through weeks upon weeks of rigorous training and he finally was where he dreamed he would be. A fresh Private, Cenek set out to do great things during his time of service. In the early 2000s he was one of the soldiers to be sent to ease the civil unrest due to the ethnic tensions between Russians and Chernorussians. By the time the Chernorussian Civil war started, Cenek was a Corporal after serving more than ten years in the 22nd Mechanised Infantry battalion. During the civil war, Cenek was a part of the force being assisted by the US Marines in Operation Harvest Red. Cenek's Battalion was one of which to find one of the many mass graves across the nation. Seeing these monstrosities, Cenek personally vowed to do everything he could to stop the Chedakis, growing a strong hatred against communists, after discovering a mass pile of dead young children, burnt to charred remains. Upon the war's end, Cenek finally was able to take temporary leave after being injured in action, taking a bullet to his left shoulder. After healing, he was enthusiastic to get back into the line of duty. Cenek was also invoved in the United Nations Peacekeping force in Takistan, helping occupy Zargabad. Upon the war's end, he returned to Chernarus. He had served to army to an age of thirty seven, still being single and childless. He had hoped by now he would be married with children, but it seemed now was not the time for this. By the start of the infection, Cenek was posted at the airstrip at Balota. When a large amount of infected had arrived at the air strip, Cenek was left in charge of a small group of soldiers tasked with protecting a small group of civilians at a nearby camp, who were awaiting a flight which had been delayed due to the infection. In this group was an Australian oil rig worker who had recently come off the oil rig nearby to Chernarus and was awaiting a flight home. However, the military at Balota were eventually overrun, leaving Cenek and the men under his command scattered. Upon finding a large group of infected crowding near a shipping container with yelling coming from within, Cenek dispatched the zombies and opened it, to find the same Australian man, called Lincoln. They scrounged up as much supplies as possible and left Zelenogorsk. The two travelled together, Cenek offering Lincoln protection, as he did not speak Chernorussian and was not accustomed to fighting. Eventually, they set up a camp for several months; however, due to dwindling supplies, they had to venture back towards towns and cities to start stocking up again.
  10. Matyáš was born in a rural area of Chernorussia, his father owning a small farm. His father taught him everything he knows about agriculture and the rural life, including farming crops, tending to animals and basics about hunting wild animals. He became reasonably proficient in these skills, taking his farm over once his father died due to lung cancer in 2009. Once the apocalypse started, Matyáš believed he would be safe at his farm; however, the farm became a target for bandits and robbers, albeit it being a small farm. He lost his mother during a small attack, in which raiders set the fields and his house on fire. In order to survive, Matty took the car and drove as fast as he could to get away. Now he roams between cities and the wilderness.
  11. Hi, I'm Venob0ss. I played in September last year, but stopped due to other things that got in the way. I'm hoping to start playing again, if I haven't lost my whitelist for inactivity, this time with a lot more effort and activity, as I have 2 or 3 months of no school, and spare time to fill with roleplay. Some of you may remember my past characters. I'm also the one who suggested the character page system
  12. I use a random name generator unless I'm planning a character that's tied to someone (Eg. a relative like my old character, Noah Audley). However, I got the name Cenek Jahod (My current character) from some Czech youtuber and the surname came from a random name generator.
  13. I managed to fix the microphone problem. Want to say thanks to everyone who helped out!
  14. **Static on this open frequency is broken with silence. The silence then is met with a Chernorussian man speaking. "Hello? Is this thing working or not? Damnit...Lincoln, I think these batteries are dead!" He shouts away from the radio. An Australian man replies "Try giving it a smack." The Chernorussian speaks "Bah, screw it. If this thing is working, and if anyone can hear me, me and my friend Lincoln are looking for these people who call themselves 'LIFE' or whatever. If anyone has any information as to where these people are, please respond as soon as possible. If anyone wants to find us, we are at the place that we were told 'LIFE' usually is at. That camp ground outside of Novy Sobor." **The man stops talking and all that is heard from this moment is the crackling of a fire
  15. Me and my friend (Lincoln Archers - Edwardou) Were at North West Airfield at the time of this occurance, and haven't actually been on the coast for days. We're actually still at Vybor Military base after playing today
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