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  1. Born in Odesa Ukraine to a Slovak mother and a Ukrainian father, he was raised as a normal child would be just after the collapse of the soviet union. He moved to Kiev at the age of ten and made lifelong friends and became infatuated with motorbikes, soon obtaining his own. He joined a group with his friend Caleb, which sought to aid people who were recovering from drug addictions and those who could not afford medicine for their illnesses. The two happened to be travelling through Chernarus when they became trapped due to the plague.
  2. Yo send that dude, dunno if you remember me I was that Chernorussian dude who helped you out a couple times with the store
  3. Memories from that picture (green beret dude i me), seconds before I capped the dude in the pink capris
  4. Milo was born to a Czech father who lived in Germany, and a German mother. Growing up, Milo was always interested in science and eventually went to university once he graduated from school, to study Biochemistry. Within 6 years he was qualified with a masters degree in his field, and started work in a pharmaceutical lab developing drugs to be used for medicinal uses. Milo was targeted by a narcotics gang and was kidnapped after finishing a late shift; he was offered a choice to either help the gang develop their drugs in Serbia, or be killed along with his wife and two children. Naturally, as a man who cared about his family Milo chose the former, having to be smuggled out of Germany after leaving his wife a note. After a few years of trafficking and developing various narcotics, Milo ended up in Chernarus, being forced to aid the notorious gangs operating in Novigrad to develop their narcotics and produce them. Milo had no idea if his family was even alive as he had not heard from them in a long time. The years of harassment, beatings and tireless working took a toll on Milo, wearing him down. He finally achieved freedom after the infection began, however he was unable to leave the country and return home to see his family, left wandering South Zagoria looking for purpose or a way out.
  5. Venob0ss

    Should automatic weapons be harder to find?

    First few days on Deer Isle were especially fun since most people had pistols, shotguns, mosins and SKSes as opposed to M4s and AKs which made potential hostile situations all the more fun as you had to think more about where you're pointing to make sure you hit them first. For people who enjoy hostile roleplay it also makes them think and evaluate the situation more before they try and rob someone, especially if the person they're robbing has a high end weapon like an AR. It seems the main reason people can't find ARs is because all the ARs have been found and either carried or stashed. However most people I see in game have some kind of AR or other high end military weapon (Like an M1A or an SVD).
  6. Venob0ss

    New Map - Issues

    I have not played Deer Isle yet but it seems people are too used to finding high end military loot easily and being top dog with said loot; it sounds like its a nice change people having to adapt with large amounts of zombies and weapons that are not as effective. DayZ is supposed to be a survival game, so doesn't that mean it should hold some challenge to it too?
  7. Born in Harrogate to a single mum, Andrew was a rather normal child. Being slightly above the average intelligence, he did reasonably well in school, eventually coming to a part of his life where he was unsure what to do. His main father figure was his uncle, who was a member of the Royal Navy, and often helped his sister looking after Andrew when she struggled. Once he turned 18 and finished his A levels, Andrew signed up to join the RAF, training to become a pilot. By the time he had qualified, the war against terror was at its height. Andrew was eventually assigned as a transport co-pilot in 2007, flying British, American and Danish soldiers to and from important locations in the Helmand province. By 2009, Andrew had rose to the rank of Senior Aircraftman, often being the lead pilot on transport and combat operations. During the height of the Chernarus and Takistan conflicts, Andrew was relocated to the region to serve a tour in that location, staying stationed in Chernarus once the conflict had calmed. When word of the infection was spreading, the camp that Andrew was staying at was told to evacuate, leading to lots of supplies and soldiers being loaded onto several transport helicopters, one of which Andrew was piloting. However, the poor weather conditions lead to a malfunction in the tail blade of the helicopter, leading to a crash, where only him and a handful of other soldiers survived. They were cut off from any means of communication to home and the Armed Forces, being trapped in the country.
  8. Nika grew up in a rough part of Novigrad, born shortly after the collapse of the USSR to a Russian mother, and a Chernorussian father, who was absent during his upbringing. He was a rather mischievous youth, hanging around the wrong kinds of people, becoming the kind of low life, jobless goon, typical of a post-soviet state. The one prospect that Nika had going for him was soccer, which he enjoyed playing when he was young fondly. When the dead began to rise, he fled the city with a few friends, finding himself eventually in South Zagoria.
  9. Whenever I join the server I keep getting an overlay of the main menu when I join the game; it looks like this: I have restarted my game several times, rejoined the server several times. Has anyone else had this issue at all and does anyone know how to fix it?
  10. Venob0ss

    Jaysh Allah (Closed Recruitment)

    Looking forward to some hostile RP with Chernorussian lads
  11. Henry was born in Kent in 1975 to a rather normal family with two brothers and a sister. He attended school like any normal child, but had a strong fascination with History. After finishing high school and college with outstanding grades in History, he went on to do a bachelors degree in History, focusing particularly on Medieval history, and medicine in medieval history. After finishing his bachelors, he felt like he had to do more and more research, completing his Masters and his Doctorate in History by the time he hit his 30s. He began teaching at universities in England, soon doing a small tour of European universities to give lectures and talks. When in the small country of Chernarus, he was visiting the medieval castles when all hell broke loose, and people started eating people. Months of psychological damage as the apocalypse went on impeded on Henry, until it broke him. He was convinced that he himself was trapped in some strange world where the great plague of the 1600s had afflicted mankind again, and he had to stop it spreading as well as he could. His knowledge of historical medicine lead him to also believe that he could cure it using old methods.
  12. *The silence breaks again, this time a much more brief message in Chernorussian* "Budu hledat tuto 'Lady Hope', děkuji, bratře, doufám, že brzy tento kemp najdu." *The silence then returns as he lets go of the PTT button on his radio*
  13. *The quiet of the radio would cut out as the voice of a Chernorussian man would speak out in English, sounding out of breath and distressed, the quiet groaning of another man heard in the background* "If anyone is listen, I need help. My friend has been shot and I need a doctor. We are in Grishino, but we are able to relocate if there is anyone who can help. I have patched him up the best I could but I think the bullet is still inside him." *He then repeats himself in Chernorussian before the radio cuts off and goes silent*
  14. Venob0ss

    Increase the damage of smaller caliber ammunition

    +1 would be interesting to see people having more guns than just military grade stuff like M4s AKs and things alike, could make combat between people with smaller calibres more interesting too. If people want to look less military and and more civilian then that would definitely be a plus to them if they're carrying pistols only without a long gun, or maybe an SMG like the PM73, MP5 or CR61.
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