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  1. To put a long story short, I currently play DayZ on my brother's steam account rather than my own one as I've not wanted to buy the game until it was on sale. Now it is on sale, if I were to purchase DayZ on my own steam account would it be possible to have my whitelist/account link transferred to this other account?
  2. Link to character: https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-1645/ Link to twitter: https://twitter.com/DrDyspnea
  3. Will the smartphone item be free on the item shop as more or less everyone has a smart phone nowadays?
  4. Early Childhood and Education Isaac Sutton was born in Sheffield to his construction worker father and stay-at-home mother. He was the youngest of 4; an older sister and two older brothers. He grew up in a fairly average household, attending school as any other child would. However, whilst growing up he was relentlessly bullied by his older siblings. Due to this, Isaac always felt he was not going to amount to much in his life. However, something that always kept Isaac going was his will to help people, and his fascination with biology. After finishing secondary school, Isaac studied biology and chemistry at his college, eventually leading him to begin his degree in medicine after finishing his A levels. Studying medicine for 5 years at university meant Isaac was a junior doctor, and he could begin working in a hospital whilst specialising. Isaac on his first day as a junior doctor Work and Personal Life Whilst specialising in respiratory medicine, Isaac met a nurse whom he married after a few years of dating. Together, they have two young children, Jonah and Abigail. In 2016, Isaac qualified as a respiratory specialist doctor, and began working at the Leeds General Infirmary in Leeds. His working life was rather typical for the time, dealing with respiratory conditions both typical and atypical. As the first wave of the flu began to spread in 2019, Isaac was at the forefront. As the flu affected the respiratory system, he was often helping patients manage their symptoms, and helping those who were most critically ill from the virus, through. Isaac on an infectious diseases ward helping a patient with a more serious case of the 2019 flu This was an exhausting time for Isaac, although it was good experience to learn. It was a particularly difficult time when patients in hospitals began attacking the doctors, although this was helped once the vaccine for the initial virus was found late 2019. At the beginning of the third wave of the virus, Isaac was given the opportunity, by a Russian doctor called Dr. Alek Vetrov, to be employed by the Russian Ministry of Health to help investigate the virus in the South Zagoria region of Chernarus. Isaac believed this would be an amazing opportunity to better his knowledge, and help hospitals back in the UK with the virus when he returns.
  5. Maybe a lore master would be able to confirm, but I would imagine there would have been an influx of refugees into Chernarus and other countries near the Green Sea during both the 1992 civil war in Takistan and maybe in 2012 during Operation Arrowhead; look at today's world, I would imagine there's refugees and immigrants up in Scotland from the middle east and that isn't exactly close to home!
  6. People die due to glitches, zombies, wolves, players etc and don't have an issue re-gearing; it's a part of the game. As long as the lore factions can obviously get their uniforms and such back then I would say a wipe is good.
  7. Low priority for the devs as this would not change the game much; would it be possible to model and code in some clothing similar to the Takistani khet partugs from ArmA 2: Operation Arrow Head? I'd love to use them for a Takistani character I have planned, and I'm sure others would use them if they also had Takistani clothes. The closest thing I could find to this in game was the white nurses dress, but it looks a bit odd on a male character still. People could even use them as dresses for female characters I would imagine. Below are some examples of what I'm on about: Like I said though, obviously this would be low priority as it would not change game-play or anything, and I would imagine models aren't quick to make; thanks for the read.
  8. Is this possible on DayZ? Even so, I'd imagine you could just do a /me or ** or whatever you call it that you're carrying them or putting them into the trunk of your car, and then have them in the back of your car, could you not?
  9. Born in Zagarbad, Youssef was bought up to resent the monarchy ruling Takistan, as himself and his family believed they were unfair rulers. He received basic education, however due to the lack of development in the country this education was not the best ranked to other nations. After school, he became a mechanic at the age of 17, helping his fathers business. Soon after turning 18, he was arranged to be married, and had 3 children by 1991. When the chance came in 1992 to help overthrow the monarchy, Youssef took arms and helped the various other militias, resulting in a socialist government being formed. Youssef took over work in his fathers mechanics after he passed away in 2002, working and raising his children. He watched the various news reports on the failed US invasion of Chernarus, and was pleased to see the country be reformed into a socialist state. During Operation Arrow Head in 2012, Youssef took up arms once again despite his wife's displeasure, helping to fight with the Takistani militia against the NATO forces using various guerrilla tactics. He used his knowledge on engineering to help construct IEDs used against NATO vehicles. After numerous ambushes and attacks on NATO soldiers, Youssef was a high valued target, also helping to lead several contigents of the Takistani militia. After the Takistani Army failed to repell the Western invaders, Youssef fled to Chernarus illegally, where he managed to get a job working in the Chernogorsk dockyards.
  10. Ludek was born in the capital of Chernorussia before the fall of the USSR. He was born to a single mother, as his father was killed as a police man during an altercation with an armed man who was drunk before he was born. Raised as a middle child, between an older and younger brother, he focused a lot on his studies, taking a particular interest in biology and chemistry. When he got to the age where he was due to apply to university, the civil war broke out. As he was old enough, he volunteered for the CDF and served until the country succumbed to the Chedakis. After he left the army at the age of 19, he had the opportunity to travel to Ostrava in the Czech Republic and study at the University of Ostrava to become a paramedic. After his course was completed he remained in the Czech Republic to work, whilst also avoiding the harsh Lopotev regime. In 2018, he decided to return home and continue to work as a paramedic. As the third wave of the virus began, he faced a few of the crazed flu victims. Ludek was relocated to South Zagoria to help in the evacuation camps. As they became over run, he decided to take his chances and leave, avoiding people as much as possible as he could not distinguish normal people from those crazed with the flu.
  11. Yo send that dude, dunno if you remember me I was that Chernorussian dude who helped you out a couple times with the store
  12. Memories from that picture (green beret dude i me), seconds before I capped the dude in the pink capris
  13. First few days on Deer Isle were especially fun since most people had pistols, shotguns, mosins and SKSes as opposed to M4s and AKs which made potential hostile situations all the more fun as you had to think more about where you're pointing to make sure you hit them first. For people who enjoy hostile roleplay it also makes them think and evaluate the situation more before they try and rob someone, especially if the person they're robbing has a high end weapon like an AR. It seems the main reason people can't find ARs is because all the ARs have been found and either carried or stashed. However most people I see in game have some kind of AR or other high end military weapon (Like an M1A or an SVD).
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