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  1. Small suggestion for item creators; jackets or coats that fit into the vest slot, going over shirts? This would allow for an extra level of customisation when choosing clothes for our characters, especially with winter drawing in. The coat could be left unzipped or open showing the clothing underneath as well. The jackets could have a small amount of slots, depending on the size of jacket, to act as pockets. I appreciate that this would take up the vest slot where people would normally have their plate carriers, etc, but I would imagine there are a fair few people who don't wear vests, and wouldn't mind an extra layer for the cold months!
  3. Vaska was born in April 1960. His father was a Red Army veteran who fought in the Second World War, and was brought up with typical Soviet ideals. He always had a fascination with science, growing up during the space race and when modern science was growing and developing. Vaska had a specific interest in biology, and studied relentlessly at school in science, so that he could go to university to study it. After school, he studied microbiology at university, ending up with a masters degree in it. He furthered his knowledge by completing a PhD in virology whilst he was working in the Soviet Biopreparat facility in Koltsovo. His PhD focused on the eradication of smallpox and the rising number of outbreaks of Marburg’s Virus Disease. In the mid 80s, the department Vaska worked in was responsible for the accidental leak of Marburg’s Virus whilst they were developing a weaponised strain of it. As Vaska was the most senior member of the department present during the accident, it was up to him to cover this from the media and the relatives and friends of those afflicted with the deadly illness. Vaska had organised the local KGB contingent to ‘dispose’ of the 12 people who had contracted the disease, in that they were accused of crimes they did not commit, so that they could be arrested. Once they were arrested, they were promptly moved to the biopreparat facility; Vaska and some other scientists began to carry out some experiments to try and treat the virus, as no effective cure or treatment was available at the time. However, once the 12 people ultimately succumbed to their disease, it was made sure that there was no evidence of this. During his time working and living in Koltsovo, Vaska married and had three children. After the Soviet Union collapsed in the early 90s, Vaska went on to work in high security Russian bio-labs, mainly the State Research Centre of Virology and Biotechnology - VECTOR, newly named from the Biopreparat Facility in Koltsovo. In the early 2000s, Vaska received a letter through his postbox stating that the writer knew about the incident that happened in the 80s. Included in the letter was the name of one of the twelve people who were infected due to the incident at the biopreparat facility, as well as the crime they were falsely accused of committing. He was instructed to meet with the writer, signed a ‘Mister H’. Frightened that the information could be leaked and he may be arrested and lose his family, he had no choice but to meet them. The meeting was to take place some 30 miles out of Koltsovo, in a very remote, small building. Inside the building was nothing more than a table, chair, and landline phone. A few minutes after Vaska arrived, the phone rang and he answered. The distorted voice of a man instructed Vaska to not speak, and listed extensive evidence of the incident that Vaska was partly responsible for. He finished the phone call with the simple order to await further instruction. Many years went by until Vaska was contacted in 2009. Whilst working in the VECTOR institute, he was working on treatment and vaccines for Swine Flu, which had become prominent worldwide. He received another letter through his postbox, instructing him to sabotage the work VECTOR was carrying out, slightly delaying the development of treatments, and information regarding the virus. Once Vaska carried out this sabotage, he received a large deposit of money into his bank account from an anonymous source, followed by a text message on his phone stating that they will be in contact in the future again when he is required. In August 2020, Vaska was contacted again, this time with the instruction to travel to Chernarus to meet with others who had been contacted. The task Vaska would be given was unknown to him, and the others who were there. This would be revealed to them soon after they all arrived in the country.
  4. Looks good look forward to playing
  5. Your profile is looking neat man 👌

    I like the 80's old game style of it.

    1. IosephusQ


      Why thank you kindly 😁

  6. Welcome back! I reckon things will have changed a fair bit since the mod days (not that I was around back then), but nonetheless the server is still very fun
  7. Welcome (back?)! Hope you enjoy the time you spend on the server, will be nice to meet in game
  8. You get raided in DayZ - that's a part of the game I don't think that this would make much more roleplay, but enforcing it I suppose could? To be honest I found there was a lot more roleplay when basebuilding wasn't in, and the only way you could make a 'base' would be with moredoors. I think @cjackson821 puts it best, if you don't want to get raided, don't make a base
  9. IosephusQ


    Welcome to the community, joining DayZRP is definitely different to playing vanilla DayZ, but it's certainly a whole lot of fun!
  10. Welcome back! Don't think we've met before, but it would be great to see you in game (especially if you need medical help)! I never played in Arma 2 Mod days, but I have been playing since 2015, and things certainly have changed a lot with both the development of DayZ standalone itself, and the development of the server and its mods.
  11. I'm all for base building - to an extent however. We all know of the super bases that hoard the entire Russian Armed Forces' supply of AKMs and AK74s, but I do believe that basebuilding in some aspects promotes RP. For example, some player made RP hubs could be created using some of the base building aspects. Obviously, this needs to be taken with a pinch of salt. Maybe to counteract the mega fortresses being built, have it so that community members can report bases on the forums, have them report the location of the base so that a member of staff can look into it, and deem whether or not the base should be removed.
  12. Two very hip young doctors getting down with the kids trends @DrMax @Kerkkoh Vetrov's favourite de-stressing activity after work
  13. I'm quite enjoying this lore, and I've found myself playing a single character a lot more than I have before. I love the more Chernorussian focused lore, makes things feel more authentic and realistic. A lot of people don't seem to like the politics side of the lore, but I'm a fan. I half expect them to fizzle out as each chapter progresses however, as we get further and further into the breakdown of society. This makes me think that there will be some remnants of the CLF and RAC that could form future groups that are either more or less extremist in their political opinions, which could be exciting. All this being said, I can understand the frustration of some people regarding not being able to play certain Western characters, or playing characters with certain affiliations. Things could change in the future of the lore however, and people will just have to wait and see.
  14. Congrats on approval, will certainly be interesting to run into you people as a part of HARO!
  15. This is where problems arise, the CDC is a branch of the US government, and it wouldn't make sense for them to be out in some backwater eastern bloc country to research a virus, if that's what you intended. You could always ask the loremasters if you can make something similar however, such as a member of the World Health Organisation, or apply to join HARO, which is carrying out research IC - You don't have to be Russian to join this group, but it is Russian funded IC
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