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  1. thank you for the suggestion administrator @Realize i would love to see the most RAW weapons i epsecially like the RAW snipers as they match the personality of my PKM mercenary character +1
  2. We're 50 years in the future since NATO ceased to exist following the apocalypse, I'm sure weapons would have moved around as people migrated, plus Nyheim isn't that far from the Russian border, I see little to no issue with there being eastern and western weapons together. Plus, it allows for people to make a choice for looks as well as practicality. Realistically, all the top tier military ARs (M4, AKM/74) perform very similarly in a firefight despite their statistical differences.
  3. irvine scout was born to parents who were avid hunters and snipers they did not live in any particular settlement, but travelled to and from anders holdfast frequently to sell the hides and meat that they all hunted irvine learned from a young age how to use a sniper rifle, for both hunting and for sniping his enemies ( drawing of irvine when he was happy as a hunter) one day irvine found his parents killed in a freak hunting accident, they were both killed by a ram that surprised them whilst they were lining up a shot on a sheep that they needed desperately to eat irvine ventured out after his parents didn't return for a few days, and he came across their bodies irvine was broken and he took his fathers winchester model 70 and burried both of his parents, feeling numb (body cam footage of mr recoil when he sniped his first contract) feeling like he had nothing left in the area he was living in, he ventured out to the rest of england and took up contracts to kill people for money and equipment...his favourite method of killing was sniping, so that the enemy had no idea that their last seconds alive were the last... eventually, irvine wound up sailing across the english channel to france, where he met a group of rag tag mercenaries looking for a new purpose, he took their offer to work for them, with hopes that one day he may catch a bullet and die doing what he loved...sniping (depiction of mr recoil final form) his friends call him mr. recoil...because that is all he feels now.....
  4. this is me when i am in this group thank you for having me @Knight
  5. i enjoyed making crack dens with you boys, sad to see the group end o7
  6. Archived at OPs request PM a mod+ if you wish to unarchive
  7. Hi @SusKobold Thank you for highlighting these discrepancies between the whitelist application and the rules on our rule page. Rest assured, it has been brought up to the relevant members of the staff team.
  8. As far as I'm aware you can make a stock out of some firewood with a hacksaw, you need to make some components out of a pipe and a hacksaw then you combine them? I haven't tried it myself so I'm unsure
  9. Scrap guns are being developed in house as far as I am aware. From what I've seen, @Misho and @Empress are working away with developing these. You can already make a pipe SMG in game, and from what it looks like a makeshift shotgun is in the works. Keep an eye on the sneak peak channel in discord!
  10. @thanosegg do you agree with Nuxramma for closing the report?
  11. Connection Logs: Position Logs: Calling in the following people to post their complete POVs and any evidence they may have: @Padlock | Maksim Ilyich Reznikov - OP @WalterTheDog | Phil Winchester - Awaiting POV If either party wishes to have a mediated talk with the opposite party regarding this report in the help desk, please contact a member of staff
  12. Hello @thanosegg, do you know the names of the 3 allies you had with you when you were searching?
  13. Summary: @Roleplayerand @Jared are at the trader in the Scrap Town, when @ImPurge and @ImChips turn up in a car. Roleplayer and Jared decide that they want the car for their own uses, and as such, initiate on the two whilst they are still sat in the car. Upon following their demands at first, ImPurge attempts to non-comply and fight back, but ultimately ends up dead. ImChips is hand cuffed and put into the back of the car, whilst Roleplayer and Jared drive him to a new location. During the drive, ImChips uses his radio to vaguely give messages about being in some kind of trouble, whilst heading north. Upon arriving to their destination, ImChips is moved into a building by the two hostage takers and is interrogated and questioned. Meanwhile, upon hearing their friend is in distress, @Deathwing and @Final Krullix head north of the trader to find and rescue ImChips, and find a house where they can hear him being questioned. Deathwing and Final Krullix storm the house, Deathwing killing Roleplayer, and Final Krullix knocking out Jared, saving their friend. Verdict: @ImPurge | No Value For Life (NVFL) - Not Guilty – As you were only outnumbered 2:1, this is not considered NVFL, as there was a reasonable chance that you could come out of the fight the victor. @ImChips | Metagaming - Guilty – You were handcuffed at the time of conveying your radio messages to Deathwing and Final Krullix, which breaks rule 3.7, as shown below. @Deathwing | Metagaming - Inconclusive – There is insufficient evidence to prove that you knew that ImChips was handcuffed at the time of conveying his radio message, and as such can not be proven to have metagamed. @Deathwing | Invalid Kill (On Sight) - Guilty – At the time of the report, the group you are in was not approved. As such, you did not have kill rights on Roleplayer when you killed him in the house, as you were not in audible range of the initiation on your friends, nor did it effect you directly. @Final Krullix| Metagaming - Inconclusive – The same as Deathwing, there is not enough evidence to prove that you knew that ImChips was handcuffed during his radio messages. @Final Krullix | Attempted Invalid Kill - Guilty – Similar to Deathwing, you did not have kill rights as the group you are in was not approved at the time of the report, and you were not in audible range of the initiation. Outcome: @ImChips | Metagaming – 2 Day Ban, 10 Warning Points @Deathwing| Invalid Kill (On Sight) – 5 Day Ban, 10 Warning Points @Final Krullix | Attempted Invalid Kill – 1 Day Ban, 5 Warning Points Signed @Cor @Queerios @PaulB
  14. As the OP has requested the report to be closed, the staff team will honour this request. /Closed
  15. This will make RP a lot more organic and smooth, rather than PLIKT having to tread on broken glass so to speak, trying to get people to leave without initiating, as that kinda fucks PLIKT over. I think differentiation between initiations of lethal and non-lethal manor is important however, such as "Leave or you will be detained" vs "Leave or you will be shot", as the latter would give the victim kill rights still, if I'm correct?
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