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  1. I like the part where I got beheaded Cool video though!
  2. Loving the look of this, excited to see where this drug stuff goes, I can remember some very interesting stuff similar to it last lore!
  3. This looks dope, love the trailer. Best of luck to you all, excited to see you in game!
  4. @Jackfish @SynO and the rest of the Inner Circle, thanks for the fun hostile interactions earlier, can't say I've ever been so popular to be someone's personal goal to kill @Lettuce @Niveous @Fallen_666s Things do be getting tense between us and I can see some interesting stuff coming @[email protected] @GreenySmiley Thank yous for coming to Isaac's aid when he needed it, and thank you @Rosario for this too, also for being the best Deputy the world has seen
  5. There's only space for one Respiratory Medicine Specialist here Jokes aside, welcome to the group dude! Hope you enjoy your stay with us
  6. I've been really enjoying the interactions Cordis has had with the Inner Circle so far; it's certainly stirring things up in the camp! As always, loving the stuff you do, thanks for making it interesting
  7. Follow on from @Pepsi; @Snow_ Please add an unbiased poll (Add options for yes or no for each of the mods) to the thread, so that it fits with the suggestion guidelines
  8. The Stalker Detectors mod is meant to be used with another STALKER mod, made for detecting 'anomalies' from the STALKER lore, which is not a part of this server
  9. Archived at OPs request PM a mod+ to bring it back!
  10. No no give us the choice like how you get the choice of PMAGs for M4s and AKMs as well as the STANAG and normal AKM magazine, the black AK74 mag would look weird with the wooden furniture I think
  11. God yes please, I hate how it looks when you have the full polymer/black furniture on the AK74 then have to deal with the brown bakelite magazine it just sticks out so much, there already is a black model for the magazine for the AK101 magazine, pretty sure it's identical just a reskin
  12. Does this mean people who play Pro-Chedaki and Pro-CDF/CLF characters will need to tone it down a bit? I mean in terms of being xenophobic towards foreigners in Chernarus, or the themes of the lore (terrorism from NAPA, war crimes from Chedaki and CDF)? It's a bit of a shame if they do since I quite like how immersive it is, but if it's gotta be done so be it
  13. Royal Blood tickets secured

    This is epic


  14. Moved to community discussion
  15. Archiving at OPs request PM a Mod+ to have it bought back, if interested
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