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  1. Yes. It'd be noticed. You'd have to move your mouth. Instead of trying to get away with everything, we should all try to make it the best experience possible for both, not just for yourself. This means sometimes allowing the other to call for backup (creating a hostage rescue situation), and sometimes willingly muting your TS. You do this because it is fun. Stop thinking only about yourself. Stop thinking about the fact that you might die, that the robbery might NOT be succesful for once. (Not directed at you Wookie). This. This soooooo much. That's what role playing is about. Creating a story between your's and another's character. If that story involves a hostage situation, firefight, or your character simply being left robbed and alone, then awesome. It shouldn't be about just you or your sense of pride in "winning". Winning should be about furthering your character's development and how those situations you let play out shaped your character.
  2. Based on the joking nature of the OP, yeah. But, I have seen ideas role played like this in settings much more unfitting than DayZ. And who knows? Someone might see this and go "damn, that's a great idea! I'm making my character a robot right nao!"
  3. Not to burst your bubble, but as far as I know, DayZ is set anywhere from 2010 to about 2014, depending upon whom you talk to. Realistically, that type of technology won't be around for a while. Mostly, to me, it sounds like a way of meta-gaming and basically grasping for an RP reason to be able to ID people without actually having to get them to reveal their identity themselves. I'd say don't do it. It's much more fun to play a realistic character with human limitations.
  4. It doesn't seem that the OP is complaining so much about the lack of RP during robberies, but rather that the large amount of robberies that occur deters the overall amount of RP on the server by making people weary of one another. I, personally, agree with that sentiment. When I originally joined, I looked forward to grouping up with other survivors, battling off hordes of zombies. And that still occasionally happens, but I have more and more begun to avoid people just because I fear being robbed. My character doesn't travel in a group or belong to a clan, so when he is robbed of all his belongings, it puts his life in severe danger. The mentality of "winning" definitely needs to be discouraged to an extent, and the idea of good role play and character development needs to be encouraged more. I absolutely agree with Reacher there.
  5. She loves all varieties, even satsumas. EDIT: Sorry, Slip.
  6. Loud and unruly gremlins hate smurfs.
  7. I'm addicted to it now. Not having read the books, I had to wiki the story behind this song and it only strengthened my addiction.
  8. It's still in production. Just check around Halloween, as it's not typically carried all year round. Always have to store a few boxes every year.
  9. Awesome. If you ever head this way, be it Jacksonville, Tally, or Panama City, send me a PM if you remember. It'd be awesome to see a fellow survivor in concert!
  10. I like it. And I see you're from Savannah, Georgia. Do you guys ever play around the Tallahassee, Florida area?
  11. I think a 10-15 minute respawn timer is a great idea, and that's coming from someone with extremely limited time to play most days. I wouldn't make it any longer than that, though. Seriously, nice thinking, OP.
  12. I feel ya. I have a 1 year old. I couldn't imagine twins. I've been wanting to pay this camp a visit for the past two days, but just haven't had the time to actually log in and travel there. But, it's looking like tonight will be the night. No work tomorrow, the wife and baby just went off to bed, and I have coffee to keep me awake after a long day. Hope to see you CDCR guys soon!
  13. Definitely going to try paying you guys a visit later today if I have time. This is awesome, and I love the initiative you guys are taking.
  14. mrtoothpick

    Need new pc parts -- any help?

    With a few of my graphical settings turned down just a bit I usually get about 50-60 FPS outside of cities, but inside cities it'll drop down to around 45. It doesn't usually drop much lower than that, though.