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  1. killerpond

    Drop Bear Media

    It's great to see it from this angle, you all just sat and watched! and @FreyZ "I hope he's ok."
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      Welcome to my kingdom killerpond ^_^

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  3. killerpond

    World Health Organisation [SECURE]

    *Sitting at his desk in the Berezino hospital, Jude picks up his radio and pushes the PTT* Faith, it's Jude. I'm currently at the Hospital in Berezino with the rest of the UN. I set up a little Psych area on the second floor for peace keepers who have psychological trauma. As for being seen as a weakness... I can teach you all how to shoot basic weapons. I believe we need to be able to defend ourselves when peace keepers aren't around. Please respond with your thoughts. Dr. Jameson out. *Releases the PTT*
  4. *Jude looks over to his sleeping friends, escaping with their lives, trying to formulate his rage into words, when he silently pushed down the PTT* Flectere si nequeo superos, Acheronta movebo. *He releases the PTT and goes to sleep*
  5. Jude was born into a poor family, his father leaving before he was born, and his mother being there only in body as her mind was lost to the drugs in her system. Jude's only saving grace was school, he excelled and studied like his life depended on it, because it did. Jude was constantly in the top 5 of his class, getting straight A grades and reading about more interesting topics on the side, like Psychology. Jude hit his stride in High School, where he met his father-figure, Mr. Jameson. Mr. Jameson was the history teacher for Jude's school. Mr. Jameson helped drive Jude home from school almost daily, he then taught him how to drive, then when his mom was admitted to the psych hospital, let him move in and officially adopted Jude and when Jude turned 18 he took his adoptive father's last name. Mr. Jameson loved Jude like a son, putting him through college, getting his Doctorate in Comparative Psychology from the University of Southern California. Jude finally didn't have a challenge, that's why he joined WHO. WHO challenged him everyday and his first big assignment was Chernarus.
  6. killerpond

    Safe zone discussion

    Buddy has the right idea here @Rolle if the SZ is on the Prison island or even Skalisty island, it will die before it starts (based on my previous experience listed prior) I think that location that Buddy mentioned has all your criteria without the swimming hassle, which would mean people will actually go there and be able to bring more things to trade and other such things. +1 from me @Buddy
  7. killerpond

    Safe zone discussion

    I personally don't have a problem with a safe zone, but I do have a few concerns if you will indulged me @Rolle #1 putting the safe zone on Skalisty or Prison island is dooming it to fail. I was apart of the Northern Alliance faction where we considered the spot for our settlement. Its a great place IC for defense and for what i see you going with putting it out of the way. but that's also it's biggest drawback. No one is going to go swim, make a fire to get dry, and have to have a swim back just for a safe zone, it's just too much of a hassle IMO and when we started to move tents and such to the island our own group did not RP there due to the problems listed above.This would also eliminate the need for the "ghosting is ok in this one instance" rule, which i think would avoid a lot of problems with said rule. The zone needs to be somewhere more accessible to the camp fire RPers as well as the bandit RPers, which I'll go into later #2 I've been seeing a lot of mentions on how the safe zone will just be a place people will camp in and it not making sense IC wise for no one to be able to do hostilities. I think a way to counter this, especially with a lore reset is make the faction running it very well connected and feared early in an apocalypse IC (I personally thought of the group being a mob/mafia of some kind but I'm not sure what you have planned) thus giving an IC reason not to mess with the zone and the group. #3 I also have a concern with it being 24/7 you can have people just sit in it 24/7, which is great for camp rp but can get stale if not done well. My suggestion here is have the safe zone only "online" for lack of a better term, when at least one staff member of the SZ group is online. Maybe do an IC radio post one hour before the safe zone to let people know those rules will now be enforced in the area, giving people time to get there and rp if they wish but also not making it a place that can not be abused. #4 The zone needs to be somewhere with easily defined borders as you stated, but not so out of the way where people won't bother going to (Like the islands mentioned above in #1) perhaps somewhere up North like the compound by Stary Yar? I did see you shoot down green mountain but i believe that would be a good place as while it is near high loot areas, the compound itself doesn't have any high loot (as far as i have seen) or some where like Devil's Castle, these places all have defined walls and the SZ can be "All area within and text distance from the walls are considered safe" or something to that extent These were just my immediate thoughts from my own experience, but I may have more as i look over more comments in the thread.
  8. *The Radio crackles on, the PTT is pressed but no voice comes over for a minute or two, then Piers sighs* To the man asking about the Alliance and specifically asking about one of my old friends... Why? *pause* I took a few days to think about why you would ask about the Alliance but could never come with the "why?" *low chuckle* Well what is it that you want mystery man? I'll be waiting *Piers releases the PTT*
  9. killerpond

    To Soup, Bruce and Piers [Private Frequency]

    *Piers rubs the sleep from his eyes, grabs his radio and presses the PTT* Max, it's Piers. if you're in trouble and need an extra gun... give me a time and place to meet you. *You hear a pill bottle open and Piers take a pause to medicate* If you and Lyca are in some trouble you have my blade... metaphorically speaking. *Piers stretches releasing the PTT, gathering his camp*
  10. *Piers slams the batteries into his radio and pushes the PTT* Francis hello? I hope these batteries work. Sorry for the lack of communication, batteries died and they're a bitch to find. Your medical supplies are in a tent on the west side of Krasnostav, I a set of trees just 50 meters from the barn nearest the hunting stand by the black house on the western outskirts. Hopefully I am not too late. *Piers lets go of the PTT*
  11. *Piers thumbs on his radio after doing his morning stretches, still groggy from a night of restlessness* Hello Mister... sorry I don't quite remember your name if you gave it. I will gather the supplies you need on my trek back to the north. When I have your supplies I will tell you the location of said supplies and you can drop off the painkillers there. I would do a face to face meeting but you can never be to cautious. I'll be in contact soon, stay safe. *Piers turns off his radio and picks up his bag for the journey north*
  12. *Piers picks up the radio and pushes down the PTT, gritting his teeth in pain* This is Piers Penn from the Roamers. I can run you some supplies by around midday tomorrow, as I myself need some painkillers after a nasty gunshot wound a while back. I will contact you when I have the supplies to set up a meeting. Stay safe. *Piers releases the PTT and puts his head against the castle wall, trying to grit through the pain*
  13. killerpond

    DayZRP Dungeons & Dragons (Fifth Edition)

    I played D&D before i had even heard of DayzRP. If people want to play I would suggest some sort Google Doc of people who would be interested in playing a Table Top RPG and who could run one. There is a really cool TTRPG that is set during a zombie apocalypse that hasn't officially released yet called Red Markets that is really cool if anyone wants to check it out. Here's the kick starter that went through a few months ago for some more info (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/159466030/red-markets) I would also recommend using the site Roll20.net as it is a great virtual table top all in browser and has a lot of character sheets from multiple RPGs to use. Good luck to anyone that finds a game through this! D&D is an amazing game to play, even with complete strangers!
  14. killerpond

    Post Election Discussion

    The thing is Bill Clinton was not running for president, he has his own skeletons as well but it's irrelevant when talking about his wife running for president. I make edits, usually after jokes. <3 And most often just because i premt the send button. I like talking with you. Wish i wasnt falling asleep in bed. I prolly shouldnt of responded and slept to begin with, but when i looked here earlier, all the cries from foreign dip shits to kill americans was really triggering me. Came looking for a fight and found you. I could hug ya ya know. <3 Oh yeah I'd still totally have a beer with you, I love political discourse, the ones crying for the assassination of Trump and running to Canada are the extreme left, do i like him, no but i don't think he should be killed. I just have to get out there and educate people about the issues, running doesn't solve anything. it was fun talking dude sleep good!
  15. killerpond

    Post Election Discussion

    The thing is Bill Clinton was not running for president, he has his own skeletons as well but it's irrelevant when talking about his wife running for president.
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