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  1. Before everything, Theo Bell used to be a P.E. teacher at a U.S. school. He was tasked with accompanying the school's students during a cruise trip with his wife Sarah, who was also teaching in the same school. After the ship was beached due to the gale, he scrambled to gather the students and hold out till help arrived. Unfortunately, his group and Sarah's was separated during an attack by the infected. After a few days, he found traces of the other group, eventually reaching a gruesome scene. His discouragement only became worse after he himself lost control of the teen students in his group after most of them they panicked and ran off in random directions. Having resigned himself to a terrible fate, Theodore roams Chernarus in hopes of finding his wife (whose body he didn't see amidst the carnage) and reuniting his class as best he can. Theo is not a man of violence when it concerns surviving. Being in a generally good shape, he prefers to outrun or outmaneuver any threat, though in the past he was forced to apply violence against infected people. He is a man with a mission, and he is not keen on putting his life at risk while his wife or students might still be out there.
  2. I've met 2 people so far in SA, 1 helped me on sight, the other shot me while I was eating beans. If I had to guess, though, I'd say no, not many people might be RPing, but at least the KoS levels might be a little lower than other standard servers.
  3. Name: Серафим (Seraphim) Age: 35 Height: 175 cm / 5'8 Weight: 80 kgs (176 lbs) Hair: Black Eyes: Green Pre-Outbreak Profession: Teacher (Berezino), Hunter Demeanor in Three Words: Benevolent, acute, nostalgic
  4. It is, of course, not necessary to penalize your characters. After all, these skills are precious and handy and necessary in this world of survival. The reason one would want to do this is if he personally has a thing for dramatic character progression. Being unable to cure a friend is that drama exactly. Our characters can realize their inexperience, their limited skills, their incapacity to be able to do everything and having to take precautions so that they won't have to encounter such obstacles! Or they will become motivated to learn, share and experience new paths. Of course not everyone is into heavy role-playing that much. This could, reasonably so, be considered too much, and not integral to appropriate role-playing. And I really do this because I have already played a lot in the past (in various pen-and-paper games) as characters who eventually realized they were not really prodigies, but quite ordinary folks. It kinda sticked with me
  5. We all assume a role, be it a doctor, a former soldier, a hunter, a wandering bandit or simply a civilian trying to survive amidst the apocalypse. But is it logical that each and every one of them knows how to handle a firearm? Or start and monitor a blood transfusion safely? Or being able to fly a helicopter? This is where self-imposed 'penalties' come. Depending on the role you all have personally chosen to act, have you made your character unable to do certain things? A lone hunter/woodsman, for example, may not be able to recognise the correct medicine for his raging infection. A civilian, naturally, may have never held an AK-47 in his life before. Of course, gameplay-wise, you are able to do all of these things. But, if there was some kind of skill distribution system, and you had to abandon one skill (like medicine skills) for another (like firearms or pilot skills) what would you choose? What would your character know to do well, and what wouldn't he?
  6. English, Spanish, Greek, Ancient Greek, Chinese, trying to learn some Italian with some tapes.. :B too bored to continue at a good pace, though!
  7. Thanks, everybody, for the warm welcome! While I play DayZ I'll try to acquire a bit more general experience on Arma and its mechanics. Trying out Harvest Red seems like an excellent idea, and later on I might also hop in some player-made campaigns too.
  8. Hello. The way I see, to roleplay is to essentialy discard your personality and adopt another one. You stop being you and adopt the viewpoint of another individual, who has his own thoughts, feelings and opinions. It is experimenting with different personalities, trying to figure how they would act in a given situation. How would a doctor react to a robbery? What about a man with kids somewhere waiting for him? It is very difficult to successfully rp because, it is hard not to see ourselves in every action the character makes. It is hard to think like a doctor would because most of us are simply not doctors. But the essence of rp is just that, expanding your imagination and getting into the shoes of someone you have no connection or relation with. As for the roleplayer templates, I think I'd actually probably use a 'voice' often. That's partly because of the many pen-and-paper games I've played, where actual acting, full with talking and conversations is required to progress the story many times. As for meta-gaming, well.. That's a real temptation, no? Thankfully DayZ has no stats, so meta-gaming is kinda limited, I think. (If stats and levels and exp were involved, metagaming would be a real issue!) Well, if the situation requires meta knowledge to avoid serious accidents, it should be ok. But yes, this is a rp server, so metagaming is a last resort in my opinion.
  9. I'm an old roleplayer but kinda new to dayz Glad I found a zombie apocalypse simulator rp community, hopefully I'll settle here and call this place home. Looking forward in meeting you fellas.