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  1. Still two of your boys didn't initiate... Also why do you feel the need to cut the video down to 16 seconds are you also hiding evidence?
  2. So @ImS8tn you are lying again I posted the report 20 min after the situation and your boys were viewing in right after it went up. So you knowingly deleted it, and I even think you edited your initiation into it someway to you 2 second clip... This all just seems really fishy to me considering I never heard you say anything in game when you are standing right in front of me. I know DayZ is buggy at times but I know for a fact you didn't initiate. If staff can see logs of who viewed this report first they can prove you are whole heartily lying, because most of you viewed it and waited to post POV's until after you were pulled in.
  3. You were never 1 or 2 words into it stop lying please... The smart thing would have been for the 3 who didn't initiate to type it before hand. No one else in my group has video. I wont be posting again unless staff need something or if Mason posts his video.
  4. I just want the staff to know that only one person during this situation initiated during the whole situation and that was the guy with the cowboy hat... At no point did any of the other 3 say a word they just began to open fire on us. So I'm not sure why ya'll are claiming you initiated. Masons video should also prove only one person initiated. I would also like to push for lying in a report.
  5. I only have it to record 10 seconds but this should prove that they are indeed lying and that only one initiated...
  6. Server and location: S2 - Livonia Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2020-01-09, 00:25 Your in game name: Jack Dalton Names of allies involved: @JewRP & @VegasRP Name of suspect/s: Bridge Water Boys Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): NA Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Possibly in clips Detailed description of the events: We were outside the prison and were talking to Maverick and then someone apart of the bridge water boys threatens to kill @JewRP for no real reason. They then come outside and surround us and then one of them verbally initiates and then they all open fire on us without all initiating. I don't believe that Bridge Water Boys is an official group so I believe the kills were invalid as well as the initiation considering 1 of the 3 initiated...
  7. Steven Foster was born in Dallas, Texas. He was raised in a normal american household with his brother, sister, mother, and father. Steven growing up was very into sports and excelled at anything athletically related. From a young age Steven loved to see, hold, and shoot guns. And once he was old enough he was brought into the family business which is the reason he is stuck in Chernarus as of now. Find me in game to uncover more... WIP
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