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  1. Jared

    What is the one song from any video game you can never get out of your head?

  2. Jared


    I also have been enjoying the rp from y’all since the cease fire
  3. Add this instead of making it longer in general like the other thread suggested. +1
  4. Jared

    Injury Recovery Time (Poll)

    -1 from me I think that the recovery time is fine, it’s a big enough handicap as it is when you get lit up and become the easiest target ever. I understand that it doesn’t make sense that after getting shot up you can sit and wait for 5 or so mins that you can be ready to go. But at the end of the day this is a game and isn’t real life, if you want to roleplay out your injuries go ahead. If this was to be added I think that making it so that morphine and other pain meds helps reduce the limp would be a nice implementation.
  5. Over the past week I’ve had a great time RPing with @Bill Duke @OxeN @Wong @Xehara and @G19RP even though it seems to always end in gunshots... Going to be interesting to see if we can bring Kab back to what it used to be.
  6. I don’t think there’s really a need condsidering this is an apocalypse. I would rather not see a knight in shining armor walk through kab... -1 from me
  7. Alright I talked to @G19RP and I understand how he found us. Can you please close the report!
  8. Server and location: S1 Between Kab and Stary Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2019-03-17, 21:00 Around this time Your in game name: Jack Dalton Names of allies involved: @OxeN Name of suspect/s: @G19RP and 3 others Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): I have a video Detailed description of the events: So I was between Stary and Kab on the road with Awimba, I run into G19's boys and decide I want to take them because of the previous day we had a couple situations with them. I end up initiating on the two of them and kill one for shooting at me, at this point in time Awimba not wanting to ruin relations leaves the situation... I take G19 towards stary field trying to get away because of his friends that I thought he might have. I tell him in the field to tell his boys if we take shots I'ma kill him, he then proclaims to not have a radio when I know for a fact he is talking to his boys in ts. I tell him that if hes lying to me about the radio I'ma kill him at the tree line once I search him. So we get to the tree line I search him for weapons and a radio which he responds "no to just a knife". We keep on heading to Prude lake which is when I give him food and drink. We keep on heading towards Devils Castle when I set him down in a tree line to start questioning ect... Maybe 5 min later we start taking shots I get hit and G19 gets killed by his boy. I take cover and open fire on one wounding him, then turning to the next and killing him. Then I turn back to kill the other... After I get situated I go back to try and save G19 and realize he is dead... I believe this to be Meta Gaming for two reasons. 1. I told G19 to tell his boys that were on the way that I would kill him if they shot at us which is when he said "I don't have a radio". So I tell him that if he's lying I would kill him. This makes me believe that he decided to refuse that he had a radio due to him not wanting to get killed after I searched him. 2. Secondly I know for a fact that his boys couldn't have followed because I was watching and he had "No Radio" so there was no way they would be able to find us due to Oxen telling me he saw his boys in stary after we were long gone. Now if G19 had a radio I would understand a little more that the could have possible found me but he didn't after I searched him. Overall I find it very sketchy how they found us so quick when they had no way of knowing what had went down if he had no radio... This picture is route we took:
  9. If you’re not wearing green give me beanz
  10. Jared


    All I’m saying is that Wong stole my pic from FFL media thread so ima need some compensation...
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