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    Welcome back to the community always nice to see fresh faces!
  2. His name is Jack Barns he’s 27 and is 6'4, he is from Fort Worth, Texas where he was born and raised. Jack had a fairly normal childhood he grew up as the oldest part of a family of five. During his young years he had two major hobbies, one being that he loved football and the other that he was an extreme fan of air planes. Jack attended college at Texas A&M University where he played football and took part in flight school and minored in business. After four years at school and earning his pilot license and his degree he took and internship at Boeing, after his internship he was offered a job as a sales representative for them. Jack’s life was nothing out of the normal for the next few years, he was steadily progressing within the company. Then came one of Jack’s biggest opportunities to date he scored a deal with an airline at one of Chenarsus international airports. After several weeks of talking over the phone and getting most things finalized, he was set to make a trip to Chenarus on the 6th of July. Him and his colleague Zach were sent to finalize the deal in person... When they arrived, everything was normal and they were set to have the deal done by the 11th to get home in time for Jack’s Birthday on the 13th or so they thought. As Zach and Jack awoke to the terror that was beginning to happen, they found themselves stuck in a country not knowing the language or anyone other than the people they had come there to meet. During the madness over the next couple days Jack and Zach got separated never to see each other again stuck in a foreign land...
  3. Hi everyone glad to be back apart of this community again. Not sure if I know many people here still, but I'm still excited to get back into all this again!
  4. firelordjared

    [2e CIE] French Foreign Legion [Recruitment:Open] [Active]

    Nice to see this back in action. Always was interesting running into FFL in New Paris.
  5. firelordjared

    Summercamp at GM - KOS - S1 - 2:50 / 13.3.2017

  6. firelordjared

    Summercamp at GM - KOS - S1 - 2:50 / 13.3.2017

    Im just dat sniper guy Q_Q
  7. firelordjared

    S1 GM Summer camp. KOS, Meta, Ruleplay

    Grab at what you want, I started talking to Danny outside the settlement he ran in to just get to Pat to get a gun ect... Rule: 1. He was outside when we made contact. 2. We did not attack the settlement or any of its members, therefor no rule break. 3. I only used kill right after the settlement guards, Danny, and Pat went on a active hunt to kill us, this was outside the settlement. There is way to much grey area here to punish me for RDM from what I believe.
  8. firelordjared

    S1 GM Summer camp. KOS, Meta, Ruleplay

    -User was warned for this post-
  9. firelordjared

    S1 GM Summer camp. KOS, Meta, Ruleplay

    -User was warned for this post-
  10. firelordjared

    S1 GM Summer camp. KOS, Meta, Ruleplay

    We didn't initiate in the settlement... We were outside there IC check point. They have literally blocked off all the entries except right beside the bridge...
  11. firelordjared

    S1 GM Summer camp. KOS, Meta, Ruleplay

    My video shows the whole thing but I will spill the beans for ya. POV: I initiate on Danny and Pat, I start lagging, Pat Complies and gets ran away, then DC's so my guys leave him. Danny pulled a quicky on me and sat down and stood up an ran. I proceed to my master impersonator status and act like a guard until Marshall tries to talk to me and he recognizes my voice. He gets side tracked I think or he thought if he killed me it would be meta. We continue a hunt around looking for my guys which I thought would be gone by now, lmao. Little do I now Stoneface is sitting up on the hill acting super suspicious, deserves death for that. We walk back down the the camp and I notice Paks there but don't say any thing because I don't know his character. Pat tries to get an angle and raises his gun to kill me( I thought at least, considering who the fuck aims a weapon at some one to look at them better that close). I dodge behind a guard and avoid the bullets all ninja like. Then they both try to approach me on other sides, I begin to split the middle of them doing almost a 180 like a fucking boss, I spray Danny down (RIP Friend why couldn't it have been Roger... or Post) I then dodge all the bullets like Neo turn back around to kill Pat (Sry BBY) and dash through the trees assassinating two floor 11, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! I think both my guys deserved death considering how easy it is to avoid GMTC and f11, lmao but for some reason my guys stayed around. I don't know how it went down in there, if you gave them RP or not, but we were no where to be found and ya'll had 15+ guys, probably could have took them hostage and created more RP down the line considering every time we meet we just PVP. I know it sounds pretty hypocritical of me considering I just killed 2 people but it was a 1 v 15.
  12. firelordjared

    S1 GM Summer camp. KOS, Meta, Ruleplay

  13. Sorry fellas seems like staff want you banned, I tried...
  14. I'm going off to college and I don't have time for this rn, have to move in ect. Consider you 2 lucky, all I know is that you guys wont last long if you RP that way, I'd like to close this. If staff want to fuck them over go ahead but I wont be posting video because I don't have time. Sorry for wasting your time Terra, have a good one.
  15. Server and location: S2 GM Camp of Curious Wonderful People Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Server time: 13-01-2017, 04:30 Maybe Earlier or Later no Idea Your in game name: Jack Barns Names of allies involved: Elliot Henry Name of suspect/s: Butch Lockwood and his friend don't know name... Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): I got some video Detailed description of the events: We are in camp, 3 guys are being assholes to me. I call one of them retarded on the way out, so Cowboy threatens me. I chase them away with Elliot, then cowboy guy turns around and shoots behind him towards us (Attempt KOS, also same guy who threatened me so we open fire on them). Elliot catches one, and kills him, after I shoot the cowboy 3 or so times he goes uncon. I proceed to bandage him (I get the successful bandage in chat then cuff him, he then proceeds to suicide when I wanted to RP with him (NVFL). Cowboy was Butch Lockwood