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  1. First and foremost I want to apologize for what happened, it was a genuine accident and my intentions were quite the opposite of what ended up happening. We had Exio hostage, but his friend hadn't complied so I shot and killed his friend. Because of this all the zombies in the area began running at us, and fuck me were there a lot. I only had a shotgun with a few rounds so I was trying my best to keep the hostage from getting mauled by the zombies. My buddy instructs him to get into the back room of one of the airfield buildings. He gets in the room and shuts the door. My friend then opens to door to get in too but one zombie runs in the room and starts mauling the hostage. I was outside the room still dealing with the zombies and see a zombie attacking the hostage, who I assume has his hands up, so I shoot the zombie in an attempt to save the guys life. I take on shot, killing the zombie but the bullet goes through the zombie and kills the hostage as well. Obviously it was an accident, I didn't think that the bullet would go through the zombie and kill the hostage as well who at the time, might I add, was wearing a plate carrier. Again, this was an honest mistake as I was trying to save the hostages life, not taking it.
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  5. Well that just reinforces our claims that we thought we were getting set up on? Also the title being "RIP Jackels" of the PM is kinda goofy.
  6. Joe Dewski POV: Not much to say, I had been killed up in Sitnik I believe and respawned in Kolembrody. My friends came in their car and got me, while they had stopped to give me food and supplies we spot a familiar car that one of the gang said we had initiated on earlier that did not comply so we initiate on it again. To our finding after some conversation it was the same guy, I spot 3 people up the road and try to go get better eyes on them when I turn around the hostage was dead. I would also like to point out that @Milo and @Atrix17 are lying in their POV's. I did not run away when you two initiated, in fact you barely initiated at all. You two ran up on me in my car, then proceeded what I'm doing. When I stepped out of the car and took my gun out, @Milo raised his gun and shot at me before any initiation was dropped. After @Milo shot at me, then he proceeded to initiate in which I dropped him for. You can clearly hear in the second video at the timestamp I have linked below @Milo I believe is talking about how he will take the points for doing so, and he is fine as long as we don't make a report. Last I checked you can't just shoot someone because they pull out their gun @Milo. @Milo talks about this from about 0:55 till 1:50
  7. Yes, haven't had that much fun on dayzrp in a while.
  8. The firefight was not just going on by the ATC, it was fairly spread out all over the southern parts of the airfield. about 10 minutes before we killed you I had just killed other people near south mound which is only about 200ish meters away from south barracks.
  9. Joe Dewski POV: We were in an active firefight on NWAF that had been going on for over an hour or two, to my understanding it was 503 that we were fighting. They had taken our boy hostage and we came to attempt to rescue him. Shots start flying and bodies start dropping. After some time of fighting we hear some shots on the other side of the airfield and go to inspect thinking it may be more 503 attempting to flank us as they had previously attempted before. We end up at South Barrack and we see this guy on the road talking with Lumen. Someone starts shouting over the comms that they recognize him as an enemy and recognize his voice. I assume he is the one trying to flank us so I shot him. I would also like to point out that the OP broke NLR. He had traded with @Bobby an hour prior on the airfield and decided to come back anyways. You can clearly hear in his video that individuals in his comms are talking about the fight, yet he chose to comeback into the area while the fight was still on-going. Rule 3.4 clearly states "When your character dies you lose all memories from the situation that lead to your death. You may not return to the general location where you died for at least 1 hour after your death. You also cannot get involved in the same situation that lead to your death, even if it has moved to a different location or 1 hour has passed. Situation is considered the same as long as any side has active kill rights. Server restarts, crashes or other OOC events do not affect these restrictions or time limit. This is known as "New Life Rule" (NLR)" The individual very well knew the fight was still going on, and in the direct area of the airfield, yet still chose to run back into the situation after already being killed. OP was killed again for being in the group that we were in an ACTIVE firefight with, and decided to report as an attempt to bend the rules.
  11. That was gold, but your mosin was empty forehead.
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  13. Takeda Dewmori was born in the early day's of the sixties on the island of Shikoku, Japan. Coming from a historical feudal Japanese family, he was raised on traditional Japanese values. His family tree being connected to several famous Samurai, he was trained in the art of swordsmanship and war. As he grew older he was sent to school and he was an excellent student. He went to med school and became a surgeon, steady hand. He began work at a hospital becoming one of Japan's top surgeons. Wealthy people from all over the world that would need heart surgery would come from all around the world for Takeda to perform on them. One day he was notified that he had to perform surgery on an old high ranking Yakuza boss. Takeda was nervous but was confident in his ability to succesfully perform the surgery. It was time for the surgery and the patient died on the table. The Takeda was disappointed as he had never lost someone on the table. He went home that night distort but noticed two all black cars parked down the street from his home that he had never seen before. As he walked closer to his home he noticed a man in a black suit approaching him from behind, Takeda knew something wasn't right, and reached for his Tanto and cut the mans guts open. Takeda knew it was not safe for him anymore in Japan as the Yakuza would hunt him for failing the surgery. He packed his things and moved the a country he knew the Yakuza had no connects in, Chernarus.
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  15. Yes, I can take 3 second clips out of context as well and make it look like someone is breaking rules, haha very cool.
  16. Hello, me and my homie Azamat ( @Sassy-chan) will be stopping by your trucks
  17. Yes, I can confirm that after I put up my report and before he put up this report, @cjackson821 had attempted about 3-4 times to get me to drop my report.
  18. There was a situation where Jackals and Wolfpack were together in raiding a base in Chernogorsk. They were NOT against eachother
  19. PoV: I don't really have a PoV to add as I wasn't involved in any of this. After I was KoS'd by @cjackson821 I left my discord. I was in the channel, but the only people unmuted in the channel were @choccymilkboy27 @Dustup @Apollo and @Undead . They heard me shouting "I'm getting shot at I'm getting shot at! I'm going to die!" Once I died I left the channel and went to the helpdesk, where @Aiko showed up to help me find out who and why I was kos'd. This report has a lot of baseless claims about metagaming my death to who I assume is because of @Joe . There is absolutely no proof in the evidence provided in the video that suggests it is me talking to @Joe or @Joe is talking to me. There are some further metagaming claims that leads to the death of two wolfpack members. These deaths were carried about by my approved group members who used their rights after finding out who murdered me via an IC investigation. I'll let them explain that in their PoVs. I'd like to ask the OP why he decided to put up this report as the metagaming in question is not in his presence. I'd also like to ask the OP how, as he claimed in his PoV, that he knew the information was metagamed or was this another baseless claim. I'd like to address the claim that states my fellow Jackals members "refused to even roleplay." As they will address in their PoVs, they narrowed it down by process of elimination and dealt with it how they saw fit. There was roleplay involved in your deaths. My group mates already knew what I was wearing because of prior times we had been rolling together, it's not hard to remember what your friend is wearing. Also they knew I was waiting for them outside the base on the hill because I had already relied that information to them when I had logged onto the server
  20. Don't put words in my mouth. I never stated that there was no situation in Cherno, I knew there was a situation in Cherno but you were claiming that there was a firefight going on in Cherno, which there wasn't. I also stated I didn't see anyone in the compound, and that doesn't change the fact I never shot at the compound.
  21. Server and location: S1 Wolfpack base Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 03:40, 2/12/2019 Your in game name: Joe Dewski Names of allies involved: N/A Name of suspect/s: Alex Shelby, Ivan Belic Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/a Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: I was sitting outside Wolfpack base waiting for my friends and some wolfpack members to come to the base. I wanted to test the range of my winchester since I hadn't used it in years and was shooting at a zombie 800-900m out. About 5-10 minutes passed after I stopped shooting and I start getting shot at by people from the wolfpack base and killed. I attempt to talk it out in help desk, but the individual had an attitude and a half and attempted to pin it on me so oh well lmao. The red dot is me, the black line is the bullet travel, the blue dot is the target, and the orange dot is the wolfpack base. As you can see my bullet was going no where near the base, it was not going over them it, it was not even going in the same direction as the base.
  22. In the part I highlighted, if you read, it says clear as day "OR THEIR ALLIES refuse to negotiate or open fire on hostage takers." When I raised the question about who they were and who you were, did you refute that you were apart of the MC? Did you refute CJ saying you were with the MC? No, you didn't. This is a RP community, and there is no way for me to know if you are out of character in their group or not. The MC is a well known group in game that is vocal about their hatred towards the Jackals, you did not say anything otherwise in game about those being YOUR ALLIES that killed 2 of my friends, or you not being apart of the MC. I'm confused as to how I am to blame at the lack of your roleplay? Also when you shouted I got it on "Go Pro" you had nothing in your hand, and I believe you didn't have any such thing on your bag either. Again that does not change the fact that having a "Go Pro" is powergaming.
  23. Joe Dewski POV: We were coming down the airfield from Novaya to meet up with some friends in Vybor. On our way down we spotted a decently sized group of 5-6 people at south barrack, @Undead begins roleplaying recognizing one of them. A conversation was had and we had decided to initiate on them and interrogate them since a few of the voices recognized were members of groups hostile with the Jackals. After we drop the initiation, a few of them decided not to comply and begin shooting at us. Confused to some call outs and where the hostiles were I accidentally gave Wendigo a haircut. Once the non compliers had been dealt with we take the hostages and move them into a barrack. I have been shot twice and am limping, therefore, I was rping being agitated and wanted revenge for my fallen comrades, as we lost 2 members to the resistance. Sadly, you do not see my roleplay in the video because it only picks up about nearing the end of the hostage rp. When I first entered the building I was furious and demanded to all 3 hostages that they better start talking about who those guys outside were or else I was going to shoot them. I immediately let them know my intentions and demanded that they give me a good reason to let them live. I quickly realized that @Alkis was one of the hostages, and that he has been an informant for us for about 3 weeks or so. I continue to RP with the hostages trying to figure out who the men were that shot, in which I was told that they were MC and Cartel. We have had multitudes of hostilities with MC and we have had a couple past encounters with Cartel down in Cherno. This only further agitated me because Alkis was rolling with known enemies of ours and still not providing any information. @C-J then goes on to point out that @JJRambow is an MC member. MC are a group that we have had multitudes of hostile encounters with, which have resulted in loses from both sides. @JJRambow Did not once deny this claim in the slightest. The entire time we were RPing with the hostages the only hostages that provided any type of roleplay was @Alkis and @C-J. You can see from OP's video he is not talking in the slightest, and even before his recording began, when we first took them into the barrack before anyone said anything to him about shutting up, he was not talking then either. So after @C-J told me that JJ is a member of the MC, I am under the impression that he is with the individuals who shot at us and killed 2 of my friends outside, and with the group that we have constantly been butting heads with ever since the Jackals returned. Again JJ claims he is not apart of any groups in his POV, yet when CJ said in game he was with the MC JJ did not deny it at all. Now I am under the impression I have execution on JJ because of rule 4.6 that clear as day states Approved group of the hostage or their allies refuse to negotiate or open fire on hostage takers. His allies being the men outside who opened fire on me and my comrades, He was in the same discord channel as them as seen at the end of his video. Alkis was executed for a different reason, which @Alkis and I have spoken about OOC on discord and he does not wish to pursue a report against me. I would also like to point out that when the incident first occurred @JJRambow and I spoke in the help desk for a decent amount of time with the moderation of Admin @Randy . At the end of our discussion in the help desk you said you were fine, and understood why you were executed, not sure what happened between yesterday and today. Anyways, I digress, JJ does not mention this at all in any of his POV's and has quite drastically changed his story from what he was saying in the help desk yesterday, @Randy can vouch for this statement. In the Help desk when I brought up that CJ said he was in MC, he did not deny it there either. When I brought up the whole "I got it all on my Go Pro", he did not mention once this sob story about "his character's daughter" nor does it state this anywhere in his character background. Also to my understanding it is powergaming to call your OOC recording software a "Go Pro" in game. @JJRambow you also lied to me about your friend that was executed in the street, saying that he was your good friend and you had been trying to find him, attempting to use some type of pathos argument against me to get me to apologize for my groups actions. You in your POV say that he was some random, so you further reinforce my claim about lying in the report. You claim that we were the individuals that provided badrp, yet you provided little to no RP what so ever during the hostage situation. You did not attempt to give me a reason on why you are useful, you did not deny being apart of the MC, you did not mention any story about why you have a "Go Pro", nor did you even do the bare minimum such as emoting that you are "scared for you life" as you claim you were in your POV. We are not mind readers, roleplay is a two street. If you expect to receive good roleplay, you must give good roleplay. I as the hostage taker could only do so much attempting to RP with the brick wall you had made yourself into. You were deemed a member of the MC, a group we have PLENTY of previous hostilities with, you did not prove yourself useful in any way, you did not deny being with the individuals that shot my friends, you were executed.
  24. Approve this group! Nothing but great RPer and quality content!
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