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  1. Dew

    New mods suggestions (September 2019)

    Wow not like SOME PEOPLE have been recommending this for the past few months or anything. Not sure why you didn't do this sooner, seems people found interest with other things. It's good stuff though that you are adding this shit, maybe it will increase server population.
  2. Dew


    come on son, yall cant get rid of me that easy

    *Would wipe brow*

    1. Dan


      miss u

    2. ShanePVP


      love you hunny xx

  3. Dew

    Green Dragons

    You know what the fuck goin on some GD shit u herd me
  4. Dew

    OREL (Recruitment Open)

    PC is busted, homies lost interest. /archive
  5. Dew

    Base Building Limitations

    I 100% agree with this statement right here. Although my PC is currently busted, I stay up at nights having nightmares about attempting to roleplay with people while starring at their 3 stack high wooden walls like I am playing Rust.
  6. Dew

    OREL (Recruitment Open)

    Updated some objectives.
  7. Dew

    Fail RP at Pulkovo - S1

    This is simply not true, but I'm not gonna sit here and go back and forth with you about this. EDIT: Also you mention all your friends had guns out but one
  8. Dew

    Possible Mods to add

    The simple truth is that, MMOI is one of the most used mods in the DayZ community. The owners of the mod are on top of their shit. Everytime there is an update for DayZ they immediately push an update for their mod making it compatible with the newest update. They also always announce when they are pushing an update for their mod so that the hundreds, maybe thousands, of servers that use their mod can be aware of this and can push the update on their server when they make their update go live. Yes MoreGuns have in the past pushed updates out of the blue and caused some issues for our community, but at the end of the day having custom guns on our server out weighs the 2 to 3 hour down time that we have had maybe twice that I can remember.
  9. Dew

    Possible Mods to add

    I mean Trump's Wall is probably the worst possible server you could use as an example, it's been laggy since the day they made the server. Trump's Wall uses a million and a half different mods that aren't meant to be run together. Compared to servers like MTAS, USONIA, and TheNEST which are equally popular and much better run, they rarely crash unless it is a scheduled restart or an admin is restarting it and all 3 servers have much more mods than DayZRP does.
  10. Dew

    S1: KOS and Metagaming 2019-08-24, 20:14 - Zelenogorsk

    I'm not sure to be honest, I was outside the barrack by the time the guy initiated on me.
  11. Dew

    Fail RP at Pulkovo - S1

    They all had their weapons out, and when Brandon initiated I tried to run to cover but the man to my left on the road immediately raised his gun at me trying to line a shot, I simply turned and shot at him. Right when the initiation happened everyone began aiming guns and running for cover, none of the initiated on party complied.
  12. Dew

    Possible Mods to add

    The servers were alive for 4 years before the item shop, I don't think it is that important. EDIT: We can simply not put MMIO items on the item shop.
  13. Dew

    S1: KOS and Metagaming 2019-08-24, 20:14 - Zelenogorsk

    Pretty straight foward POV once again: I walk into Zeleno Military to look for some pants, I run into a man calling me brother inside a barrack. I tell him I'm not his brother and that he shouldn't call me that. He gets annoyed that I don't accept his attempt at being wholesome, I tell him to move out of my way and stop talking to me so I could leave. He initiates on me, I go super focus try hard mode and try to kill him, get ghost bullets and die. The metagaming accusation is simply false, I was double micing from the second you ran into me in the barrack, my guys knew exactly where I was and were directly outside the compound as they were going to come loot as well. I'm not sure if they heard the initiation or what but they immediately made their way to the compound once they heard the shots. Once I died I went quiet but at that point they already knew what was going on.
  14. Dew

    Fail RP at Pulkovo - S1

    It's a pretty straight forward POV: We walk into Pulkovo and are immediately greeted by people being very sketching circling @Blake and I. I ask what is going on and why this dude is circling me, he then asks me for my name and why I'm here. I tell him I am from these lands and that I heard shots and came to see. He then tells me him and his friends are on a top secret mission and that I shouldn't disturb them, I say okay whatever. Brandon shows up we initiate on them for being suspicious and we wanted to take them in for questioning about what their top secret mission was, they don't comply, people die. Not sure what is fail RP about that.
  15. Dew

    Deer Isle = Separate Active Character

    Yeah, that would be interesting!
  16. Dew

    OREL (Recruitment Open)

    Thank you for your feedback my friend, I'm sorry you feel that way. For one I can guarantee you we do not "Rob people" and the attack on the Kab settlement is completely justified through IC intel and previous hostilities. Other than that thank you for the kind words and I do hope we run into each other in the future.
  17. Dew

    OREL (Recruitment Open)

    Welcoming @YungBrandonRP to the unit
  18. Dew

    DayZRP 19.8.1

    10 hotbar slots no matter what and quick reload? @Kerkkoh is the goat
  19. Dew

    OREL - Unit Kanec Media Thread

    "It's a bird, no it's a plane, NO IT IS THE OREL OPEN UP"
  20. Dew

    S1 Zelenogorsk Meta Gaming

    I never claimed to go into the room his body was in, I walked into the compound and was looking through the barracks windows and noticed it. I then went into the barrack in which I ran into you and then we came outside of it to speak about what happened. At this point it feels as though you are attempting to knit pick for reasons to get me banned, I'm not sure why, but I would appreciate it if you calmed down. It's really not that serious. If this situation really bothered you that much I am more than willing to speak to you in discord.
  21. Dew

    S1 Zelenogorsk Meta Gaming

    That doesn't change the fact that I was already in the discord comms listening to him and was getting on anyways? Also @Apollo was involved in the situation in the channel listening to Dusty while in the area. My mistake I thought it was @tosstheball, And I did see gear on the floor in the room that is why I decided to go into the barrack and ran into you.
  22. Dew

    S1 Zelenogorsk Meta Gaming

    POV: I hear Dusty talking over the radio, it sounded like something was going on by the way he was talking. Dusty says some more things and then his radio goes silent. We assume Dusty was taken hostage and go looking. I knew he was last at Zeleno Military so I walk up. I notice some off things like a ton of dead zombies by a barrack and notice a bunch of gear in one of the rooms. I then go towards the front of the barrack and run into @tosstheball and begin talking to him so not sure what he means by "I was out of range." After speaking with him he informs me that there was a guy who got killed in there, I immediately become suspicious because the timing is simply way to close together and he is in the barrack where the things and body were. His other friend pops out the wood work and I connect the dots and assume they are the ones who killed Dusty. I attempt to kill one but have ghost bullets so I immediately retreat and reload my mag. They push me trying to kill me, I kill 2 and the 3rd one kills me. Diamond kills the last. There was no Metagaming considering Dusty was double micing the whole time until his death. We simply went to go investigate, connected the dots and assumed we found the killers, and we assumed right.
  23. Dew

    Invalid Kill - Green Mountain

    Havel Martinek: I walked up to GM, chatted with these guys. He said he was Russian so me and Sassy were going to detain him and question him about his allegiances. Sassy initiates the other man in black immediately shoots at Sassy which throws me off and I shot the guy in front of me. I want to apologize for what happened, I completely fucked up. When the other man started to shit I flinched and just clicked on my mouse and shot you by mistake. I apologize again, I don't want you to think that our RP is just shooting people. Hope you understand that it was a mistake, it us up to you if you wish to pursue a ban on me.
  24. Dew

    OREL - Unit Kanec Media Thread

    Detaining some suspect Meeting with some COBR and CDF about current state of South Zagoria
  25. Dew

    OREL (Recruitment Open)

    Jeez that might be the fastest approval I've ever seen. Thank you so much!
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