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  1. *Adrik would pick up his radio* "I can verify, the Tsepov Family attempted multiple different times to have a sit down to avoid any blood shed, we even aided the enemy in an attempt to save Viktor's daughter." *Adrik would put his radio down and continue enjoying his meal*
  2. Dew

    The Tsepovs

    Thanks for the RP it was fun, can't wait for more interactions with the Peddlers. Updated Relations
  3. Dew

    The Tsepovs

    3rd party rats
  4. Dew

    The Tsepovs

    UPDATED THREAD: Updated Goals Updated Hostilities
  5. Dew

    The Pedlars

    Hi Shadows, Nice cock, oh fuck I mean group wtf who said that. goodluck can't wait to roleplay with you.
  6. Dew

    The Tsepovs

    Not sure what you're talking about, but if you are talking about the situation that happened with @Nik, all that stuff was sorted IC and people walked away fine? Literally the person that was involved left feedback above you saying that she enjoyed the situation. If you want to claim that we were attempting to start hostilities, trust me we could have a while ago with Olsha, but instead have attempted to start a new story line with Olsha people instead. Instead of allowing that situation to escalate more than it could have, we mediated the argument, heard both sides, and everyone went on their ways, @FireDude, who was also there, can attest to this. Maybe if you want to elaborate on the situation you are speaking about I can give an even further in depth response, but claiming that we were acting like run of the mill thugs is quite silly. Just because some of the guys felt as though they weren't getting the respect they deserved, and started to get a little mouthy, doesn't mean anyone was baiting looking for hostilities. It's something we like to call R O L E P L A Y. It's all RP at the end of the day, no one did anything their character wouldn't do or didn't have a reason to do. We all take great pride in the fact we don't allow OOC motives to get involved IC, we walk around thinking we own the place because shit, ICly that is just how our characters are. We do own the place and we go around attempting to own anything we think can be profitable or worth something in the future through rough negotiations, intimidation, protection, or opportunity.
  7. Dew

    The Tsepovs

    profile pic hit me in the feels
  8. Who let her back in
  9. Dew

    The Tsepovs

    Welcoming @Dodge @Sassy and @Dustup to the group! Welcome back boys.
  10. Dew

    The Tsepovs

    THREAD UPDATE: Completed another goal, and added a new high priority goal.
  11. Tsepovs serving true justice, all praise Lil BB for the content
  12. Dew

    The Tsepovs

    Thank the lord, I thought I was gonna have to send Staggs nudes or something.
  13. Adrik Tsepov POV: We were in Berezino RPing with the pub people until a man named Kazamir showed up. I am quickly alerted that this guy has been talking shit the entire day about the Tsepov family, claiming we are nobodies and that we haven't been relevant since the 80's. I walk up to the individual and confront asking him what he has been saying about our family, in which he immediately insults again claiming that he act tough but are nothing but kiss ups to the military. Immediately I knew this guy only wanted problems and nothing more, so I tell the pub people not to serve and try to pull him aside to talk with him, to avoid any problems for the pub people. He tells me that he would rather stay because everyone is about to get a "headache". We stop by the fountain and continue talking, which consisted of nothing but insults and some powergaming of the group lore. He says "let me google Tsepov" and powergames the only thing that comes up is an arrest of a Tsepov member in 1985 for J-walking. OP then goes on to talk shit to 4 guys while he is by himself, but the server restarts. Once back in, I ask him again to come with us in which he refuses claiming he needs to watch over his sick friend. I tell him not to worry about his sick friend and that the pub people are taking care of him, again he refuses so I initiate. I tell the OP to put his hands up, instead he ignores my demands, continues walking across the street, opens the door. This is not my first rodeo, I knew what his intentions were to run in the pub and attempt to either use the pub people as meat shields or bunker down in the room. He then goes on to take a step forward and that is when I shoot him down. The initiation was very clear and the demands were to put your hands up, instead he opens the pub door that I told earlier to the pub people to keep close to avoid a situation like this, I would rather have him did instead of him trying to use the pub people has collateral. Now to talk about his video, I'm not sure if it was lag or the OP has edited the audio of the clip but around 0:57, you can hear some type of inaudible thing I say Insinuating either lag on his side or audio editing. In the video I have linked below you can clearly hear and see that I initiate and he continues to walk across the street and open the pub door completely ignoring my demands. The initiation was clear and the demands were stated, instead of putting his hands up the OP takes a few more steps towards the pub and opens the door. This clear dismissal of my initiation only proves that he was not in compliance to my demands and therefore gunned down before he could attempt to use the pub as cover or the individuals in the pub as meat shields. Personally, if 4 guys were to raise there weapons and shout at me to put my hands up, I would freeze out of fear and put my hands up, not continue to walk as if nothing was happening and open a door to a building filled with civilians that are clearly hunkered in there for safety.
  14. Will post POV when I get home.
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