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      sup dew

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      Too soon but really funny

    3. Tom
  2. Dew

    False Report?

    Lets be real here man, If you wanted "realism befitting the apocalypse" you wouldn't be playing a South LA Mexican gang member in Chernarus. Please don't hide behind a "realism" argument. Really I don't care though what character you play because personally I don't play DayZRP for realism, or DayZ in general.
  3. Dew


    Apologizes for being inactive lately, will begin playing a bit more and get this group back on track rather than whatever the fuck my guys have been doing lately.
  4. Dew

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    Respect for the avatar.

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      Rate you for even knowing him @Dew

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      I'm from BK guy, obviously I know him.

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      da graveyard is a bop

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      That's facts bro, All black slaps too

  5. Dew

    Černaruští Zdejší [Selective Recruitment]

    I'm actually hyped to see @DeeBlack making a chernarussian group. I had fun times with Zbor back in the day.
  6. Dew

    Failed Robberies Thread

  7. Dew



    @BorisRP you good bro?

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      hes trying to get support

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      ^^ #borisforstaff

  8. Dew

    S1 - BadRP - Possible Metagaming- 2019-04-02

    Joe Dewski POV: I was at NWAF north of south barracks when I ran into Rakish and whoever he was with. I rped Rakesh and his buddies for a bit and they were going to go to Novya, and I was headed there anyways so I started to go with them. As we went farther north @Shroud appeared and that threw them off so began running. I tried asking them what was going on but they continued running so Shroud and I decided to chase. We followed them to the tree around Bash and lost them. We decided to go towards Novya looking for them and I believe @Jasper spotted them by Toplinki. After that we rallied up and initiated on everyone there, and let go those who we had no problems with. I was dealing with 3 other hostages so I can't really speak on anything that happened with @Jackfish. Towards the end of the situation I decided to take over the hostage RP with Jack and Oxen, I accidentally killed JackFish during this do to a bug. I already spoke with JackFish OOC about it and he was fine. Other than that I have nothing to add.
  9. Dew

    S1 Green Mountain - Invalid Execution/RulePlay

    I'm not going to sit here and have an essay writing competition with you. Majority of the things you've said in these replies are irrelevant to the report. Also please stop trying to say that we simply said "if you lie I will kill you" it was drilled into his head from the moment we took him hostage all the way until you 2 arrived. We knew already in game that you folk are deceiving based on conversations we had with "toys" of yours, and Eagle. Since you seem to have a lot on your mind about this situation that isn't really relevant to the report, would you like to speak in discord? Also @Roman would you like to speak about this in discord as well?
  10. Dew

    S1 Green Mountain - Invalid Execution/RulePlay

    Joe Dewski POV: We were in GM and were finishing up with a prior situation that involved one of our guys being held up. After we were done with the situation we were about to head out of GM until we spot a fellow outside the compound wearing a white armband. We ask him what the armband was in which he replied to "I got cut". I assumed he was telling the truth, but @Jasper was 200iq and asked to see the wound, which proved that he did not have a wound. After that we decided to take him hostage in the admin building. Straight away after we gotten him to drop his gun and his radio we told him "If you lie, I will put a bullet in your head". I made it exceedingly clear that if he lies to us I will kill him. Moreover, at one point, we made him repeat to us what I would do to him if he lies. The claim that he didn't know what would happen if he lied is simply absurd. I'm not sure how much more clear we could have made it for him as to what would happen if we found out he was lying to us. Once we had him hostage and it was made CLEAR what would happen if he lied we continued our hostage rp. To be completely honest the hostage RP was great, I enjoyed @Roman's RP and I'm assuming he was enjoying ours as well since he was interacting and responding to us the whole time. We continued interrogating him trying to get out of him all the information we could but he kept denying being with these white armbands. Even though he should have known what would happen if we figured out he was lying. After some more back and forth I walked away for a few seconds to get on the radio and contact @Eagle since he knew who was who when it came to the White armbands. After speaking with Eagle he made it clear that @Roman's character was a white armband and that he is lying saying he isn't. After I had returned @Jasper had already got him to admit that he was a white armband, but this time he was claiming that he is still a relatively new member to the group. None the less he was still lying to us before for about 10-15 minutes straight, after it was made clear to him what would happen if he lied. After @Roman admitted to being with the group we decided to see if we could get him to lure his other group members to GM. We had been hunting the white armbands for about a week now, after all these people were marking individuals like the Jackals do. People were getting them confused with us and we had been receiving complaints in game from people claiming my guys marked their friend and made him play some twisted hide and go seek. After RPing with @Roman for about 5-10 minutes more his group leaders arrived ( @yuthee and @ScarletRose). Upon their arrival to GM, they were initiated on and taken hostage as well. I would like to clarify at this point we had been rping with @Roman for about 20 minutes, so the claim that we killed him purely to avoid RPing is simply absurd, and I'm afraid caught insulting. Upon the leaders arrival I made my demands very clear. I'm tired of people mistaking you guys for us, and I don't want this to go on any further. These twisted games you people play with lone survivors you catch are pathetic and despicable. I told them to drop the whole marking act and go up north if they want to play their games. Never did I say go to Russia once. I said go north, under the black mountains and terrorize people there, not here though. Furthermore, as the RP continued @Jasper and I started to get the vibe they weren't taking us very seriously. The RP that we were receiving from the two leaders was fairly stale and lifeless, almost as if they had better things to do and we really weren't all that. So I decided to use the execution rights that I had attained from @Roman lying to us for about 10-15 minutes straight. The claim that we didn't make it clear and unambiguous to him that he would be killed if he lied is silly. Also the claim that we killed him because we didn't want to roleplay with him is offensive. We had already been roleplaying with him for a decent while before the two leaders had showed up. If I didn't want to roleplay, why keep him there for so long and then sit there and wait for the two leaders to arrive and further RP with them as well. Continuing, after deciding to kill @Roman so maybe we could get some emotion out of @yuthee and @ScarletRose, I kindly asked him to walk forward, and riddled him with bullets as I said I would if he were caught lying. I don't see anything ruleplay or invalid about this execution, if anything I killed him to further RP so maybe his leaders would take our demands a bit more seriously. Overall, the RP we received from the two leaders was fairly disappointing. There was almost no negotiations or counter offers that took place, it almost felt like they just wanted to get it over with and leave. Even when @Jasper decided to harm them it still felt fairly stale. It was almost like the execution of their comrade had no effect on them. Truly sad, as the RP could have been so much more and we could have had a fantastic story arc if we had gotten some interaction from the leaders.
  11. Dew

    The Savages | Strict Recruitment

    Jokes aside, good luck with this Wong, hope it turns out good.
  12. Dew

    Ban Rape RP

    ERP should be banned as a whole, RapeRP shouldn't even be an option. Like on God you're playing DayZ for fucks sake, get a hold of yourself.
  13. Dew


    *Me reading that report*


    Y'all need Jesus.

    1. Rover


      Physically cringed.

    2. Major


      Why did you steal my 8th grade computer teachers glasses? 

      This requires a detailed POV yung dewsky

    3. Dew



  14. Dew

    Bad RP, KOS Robbery S1 US

    sadly no
  15. Dew

    Bad RP, KOS Robbery S1 US

    Joe Dewski POV: Bobby and I run into a guy named Steve at GM. Steve purposes a trade for my M4 for a SCAR L, I agree. Steve then tells us he wants to go to Lop for the meeting. I tell him that is too far and we should go to Push instead. He agreed, therefore, we went on our trip from GM to Push. On the way there I got more information about Steve, his group, and his base location. Upon arrival to Push we waited for his 2 other friends he mentioned that would be waiting for us there. After some more RP and waiting his friends showed up infront of the Church. There was only one there so I was confused and asked where his other one was, in which he replied with by saying he was watching or something like that. That threw me and Bobby off so we backed up to discuss and decided to initiate. The two were talking to puncture at the time since he had walked up. After that we walked a bit closer to the two and I yelled "Both of you put your hands up!" I did that and then Steve started backing up and then raised his gun, therefore I shot him. The initial two get killed, and then the third one shows up and he surrenders. We RP'd with him and then after that hostage RP we went on our way. I would like to point out that @iiPEEJii Did indeed have his gun out and after initiation he raised it, therefore he was fired upon.
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