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  1. Nik


    Thanks for everyone who joined and cooled with us, at the moment I work way to much with my new job so with that being said I’m going to archive for now /archive this
  2. Nik


    Can I please get a response? you have been pressing me on my group thread threatening for archive twice already when I have been trying to update and fix the issue you presented to me I have replied to you through the thread and through PM's no reply on either and you left me on read so uh
  3. Nik


    Thanks homie I like to keep it in game, rarely do I spell it out for people keep it more natural but since I’ve been getting pressed
  4. Nik


    We good? Your short term goals have day 60? But we are past day 60... Is this a mistake? Yea, Zanaan just said that it and it was infact a mistake. When you state rid of the weak? When you mark people, what do you mean by this? We judge people person to person specifically, we test them in the moment by what we see fit in that moment. People always have something that bothers them so we push buttons until they show that and then we choose. I personally have bumped into the jackals a few times where they have just come in a robbed when I remember old lore jackals taking people to scar them strong or weak. Is this a thing anymore? Was I there? Anytime I'm on or Dew is on every person who taken is marked its always been like that unless there is just huge amount of people taken. For example once we had taken 11 people we picked specifically out of the bunch marked 4 but always had the rest involved in some sort. I know a lot of members also stick by that but when numbers are smaller and with situations are just not going well then it gets hard to mark someone. So substitutions are made and like i said above, buttons are still pushed and you'd be quite surprised about how many people get upset about there gear getting taken, like people get genuinely upset for what? The best hostile situations I've come across are when the hostage doesn't care about his or her gear, it adds so much more character to the person and that person leaves with everything and more. And what is your philosophy in game? Just out of curiosity? @Nik?\ I don't really know why I have to explain something that's in game on the forums on my group thread but um Philosophy is stated under afterlife briefly and throughout the story lore if you wanna check it out but Jackals in Egyptian mythology they are spirit guides for the deceased, they say that they would guide them over treacherous waters in boats or just general chaos that's going on in purgatory. Anubis is also a "Jackal" has a jackal head and everything he is always seen holding a scale with a feather and the persons heart on the other end and he comes to you in death after being guided to him, plays apart in are lore. So in the beginning of the Jackals group lore Nik is an chemical abuser, takes alot of acid and sees things like pyramids and things of the sort causing him to look into that information etc.Take it to when the infection drops Nik views the world as dead this new world being the purgatory, soulless people and infected etc. When the men took him up to the castle they tortured him but kept him alive in a way leading him to his new comrade Joe. So Nik Khaos and the people that he keeps around he believes are guides for the lost because they have already been tested and proven. I can PM you articles on Egyptian mythology if you want and I also have my personal clips of encounters with my group and there rp with hostages that I havent posted due to my audio not showing up gotta record separately.
  5. Nik


    Um yea no uniforms here guy what jasper said quite hilarious
  6. Nik


    Yea same activity has been hard to keep up as of right now but one of us will be active when the other isn’t Also welcome @Diamond!
  7. Nik


    I’ll defenitly get on that thanks
  8. Nik

    Funeral Parlor

    Nice seeing this back goodluck guys
  9. Nik

    The Savages | Strict Recruitment

  10. Nik

    The Cult of Mann (IC Recruitment only!)

    You guys like psilocybin mushrooms too? Goodluck with this!
  11. Nik


    Yea there was 2 of them from our cp not all, they were playing the alts that planned on joining the savages you know this best because you are the one who is planning on bringing them back and you have a list of there character names for your roster. You guys wore yellow armbands as well making you guys apparent as another group or dynamic. I don't think there RP is flawed at all, they wouldn't be in the group if anyone here thought that.
  12. Nik


    I'm going to make a general comment about my group and the feedback we received. The boys explained and replied to the feedback well and I'm not going to individually address each situation for a few reasons. There is a few members from the group who have decided to play alts and to play with another group that is currently on the rise in game and has been a group before on the server. That dynamic group is The Savages and it seems we have been confused for them due to our members playing alts or just playing with them in general. I wasent at either castle incident and the only incidents at the castle that I can confirm with our group were the incidents with the Revenants, which was a few fights resulting in a deal between our groups. We have many members so at times we are split so I wont say it wasn't us but I do believe these incidents you guys are pointing out were the alt characters for the most part. Savages or that dynamic being the majority at the incident, they led the roleplay not the one or two jackals that decided to play with them. If anyone feels like I'm missing something or want to tell me about a specific situation or a member doing something there not suppose to feel free to PM me. We appreciate the feedback.
  13. Nik


    Welcome to da homie @Kai
  14. Nik


    Goofing around yea not right But why do we need to be polite? we are the least polite people ingame and if any of us are polite let me know so I can remove them from the CP. We gather information from everyone there is no "right" people. Thanks for the feedback, hope to see you IG!
  15. Nik


    was fun looking forward till next time That was @Dustup he deceived us all tbh ty homie, hope to see ya again
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