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  1. Yeeeeer thread looks great even though I’m 3rd on the roster I hate @Blake
  2. Blood is thicker then water, the phrase had been murmured throughout Nikolai's childhood shaping a future of strong family values. Growing up with trouble always seeming to find him and his relatives, Nikolai's role model was his tough grandfather Josef who by any means necessary made sure his family ate. His grandfather setting the tone, crime ran through the family slowly escalating between his brothers. Being the youngest of his two brothers Nikolai felt he had much to prove, reckless and driven the two traits didn't work together well. Seeing how his grandfather struggled, the three brothers took charge once the family business was passed to the oldest most levelheaded brother Adrik. Hard work and respect ran through the family, everything had to be earned, nothing is given. Nikolai in and out of jail for weeks or months at a time became used to the constant visits, his reckless traits made him noticeable constantly in trouble by his brothers for not keeping a level head especially with the work they did. On a job to collect some owed money for his oldest brother Adrik, things went south. An argument erupted between Nikolai and the man who owed in the streets of Vybor, things getting loud and physical. Nikolai always carrying a blade quickly drew it and slashed the man across the cheek when the man lunged towards him. Getting the money after he showed he meant business Nikolai scrambled. The streets at the time being packed the altercation was seen and the next morning Nikolai was picked up by the police nearby from his home. He would spend the night in jail only to be released two days later on bail, awaiting trial for multiple crimes. Trial never came as Adrik called upon him once again and the flu took over and swept the land of Chenarus. Plans to thrive as a family in the new conditions commenced.
  3. Living in lopatino life was typical. Going to school in vybor was interesting as it was tough. Growing up with 5 siblings made him realize that there were many people in the world and you had to make what you can out of it, no hand outs. Being a bit of an outcast nikolai resulted to using and selling drugs, usually the stronger stuff acid being one of the components. Buying bulk of something and selling it seemed to be a passion of his so he stuck with it. until it got violent selling smaller gtuns until the larger ones came in, reeling in a bunch of moey and having arms to defend the onlmade nikolai feel invisible until the infection hit. Remembering his family he sought out yegor and began trying to reconnect with his family hopefully re finding them in the lost cities of chenarus
  4. Countless people who've been in the community for years are gone for good lets be honest. Many would agree the same thing the whole community is a different vibe , the same groups are just reused over and over, way more restrictions for some while leniency for others. Servers dead now, im sure it will pick up for lore wipe for maybe a week or two then die again for a few months I mean its been repeating like this for years slowly getting smaller and smaller... sad to see honestly still have high hopes for this lore wipe though who knows
  5. Nik


    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: I was replying to him adding nothing to the conversation besides a screenshot who beansed a post Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: as above What would you like to achieve with this appeal: my points gone What could you have done better?: not responded to his unnecessary post
  6. wasent you BIG man just don't know how your defending this
  7. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: Everything I said was a matter of opinion Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Just how I felt, wasn't a troll was a truthful observation and hypothesis on how da fuh someone got away with bulling another community member with a racist video of his people dieing https://gyazo.com/aec70f4a795259d43c41391807f7ee30 https://gyazo.com/5ef4a161128548eb800444181d93daee https://gyazo.com/5f7776f613289d58f5716237a64d92bb What would you like to achieve with this appeal: For my posts to be seen and not to be censored in an open discussion What could you have done better?: not posted opinion on why targeted racism was allowed
  8. So I get 5 points for "trolling or bullying" for saying how most feel in this community these days about some getting special privilege why censor it if what I said wasn't true? its just an opinion after all Then you snip and warn me for the post so people cant see it and this guy gets 10 points for being an openly racist bully targeting another member of the community?
  9. - User has been warned for this post -
  10. bro your digging through pm's and private discords and they are screens of general statements, do any of those two examples single someone out? this isn't about making a edgy joke about someones race this is about targeted racism... they literally tagged only him after the video then deleted it
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