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  1. Nik


    eh archive for now big man no one plays atm, if activity picks up on the server or with the boys we'll come back /archive
  2. Nik

    The 5.0.3 [Open Recruitment]

    -- User was Warned for this post --
  3. Nik

    The 5.0.3 [Open Recruitment]

    Nah whack how you gonna say people should act like adults when you making titles about people in a report vid what a noble leader id follow him to the end But really honestly who hurt you? Who damaged you enough to where your gonna talk or shade someone like that, someone whose never said a word about you I don’t know man but I’m here for you, my pms are open if you want to talk about it
  4. Nik

    The 5.0.3 [Open Recruitment]

    thanks for the rp today boys, cant believe you let me go until next time!
  5. Bobby got me Livonia what did you get me @Hollows
  6. Nik

    Wolfpack Base Request

    looks good to me
  7. Nik


    uh https://gyazo.com/93642b5f2c0aa126599c98604a71ad5e I think a few people getting this discord acting up for a bunch of people
  8. Nik


    I will attend if there’s still room
  9. Yea I hit you with my m14 and told you to shut up because you said “I got that all on go pro” when Blake killed your friend after he emoted going unconscious Cool backstory on the camcorder thing but you never said any of that lmao you shouldn’t lie in a report, you got mad when your friend got tapped and that’s when you first mentioned you “got it all on go pro” not once before that did you say anything about making a documentary BIG YIKES will post a more in depth POV soon, don’t know why I wasn't called in also why haven’t you mentioned that you and dewski talked it out in help desk with an admin present telling him that it was cool and all, then waiting a whole day to report? What’s that about
  10. Nik

    Kameníci || Closed Recruitment

    I swear you guys are 75% tree 25% person had lots of rp last time you were around, good luck boys
  11. Nik

    The Wolf Pack Media Thread ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

    Wow song choice bangers Ty for the rp
  12. Nik

    G19's Even Shittier Edits

    Darkie so fire
  13. Nik

    Jackals Media Thread

    Listen this is our media thread you ruleplayin baitin goober
  14. Nik

    Jackals Media Thread

    Don’t attack me if you have an issue you can see me in my pms sorry I exposed Bobby, he’s cool ic but a real goober oocly
  15. Nik

    Jackals Media Thread

    I hate @Bobbyon a personal level
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