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  1. Cid


    Food for thought.  How many people are actually going to start fresh for this lore wipe?  Gear wise, I mean.

    Some people, it makes perfect sense for them to be geared.  Lore factions like the CDF or the UN will of course need to be prepared.  But how many civilians are going to be running around with M4's and AK's and whatever the such because either they didn't participate in KoS hour or because they ended up going big in KoS hour?

    It's nothing gamebreaking, and given the right excuse it isn't incredibly unrealistic because of all the death that would have happened within the first 2 weeks.

    Just food for thought.

    Shoutout to @evanm23 for giving me thought because he didn't want to lose his gear.  Lol

    1. evanm23



    2. Ender


      hell if i'm not dead because of KOS hour i'll probably just F11 so i can start new.

    3. Para


      I'm geared for my new char, all i needed was a pistol because that's all he can use :P no need to regear and i have no rifle so imma keep me gear ;D


    4. Galland


      even tho I am know as a loot whore I will start with a Mosin while being part of a lorefaction soo give up your M4s befor the Gov. gets them ^^

    5. Ramon


      No guns for me Sid! Only a hoodie, pants, boots, a small knife and a can of food.
      That's all for my new character. :D So yes, a new fresh start for me.

    6. Roach


      Since this lore starts 2 weeks into the infection, I would, by now, have all my gear. So I am gearing up to be ready for it. But A Minimalist gear setup since it's fairly fresh.