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  1. My dog gets put down tomorrow.  Sadness. :(

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    2. Skinner


      I'm really sorry to hear that Cid. Losing a pet is tough, they're family. I can only suggest that when you're feeling sad and missing them, just try to think on all of the good times and the fond memories, the goofy things they did and all the joy. Remember not only did they bring joy into YOUR life, you both brought joy into each OTHER's lives. So it's not all sad, it was a good life, a happy life because of you.

      Oh and I have it on good authority that all dogs go to heaven. B|

    3. Cid


      Oh, it was a great life.  No doubt about that.  There will be a period of sadness, but to know that she isn't suffering anymore is a much better feeling of watching her barely move, to not moving at all, till a slow end.

    4. RedSky


      I couldn't agree more with the last thing you said @Cid Sorry to hear about it.