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  1. r o l e p l a y

  2. The only way that roleplay will ever change is if the staff enforce different kinds of roleplay, characters, groups, etc. A lore wipe is a good time to practice such enforcement, but the lore does not always make the roleplay. It always boils down to the player, and this community is stubborn in that fact. I voted yes on the pretense that staff actually ENFORCE change.
  3. u peepin?

    1. Aurora Sky

      Aurora Sky

      Always peeping


    2. Cid


      nay peepin

    3. APositivePara


      👀 where u been

    4. Cid


      u peepin?

    5. APositivePara



  4. Having two servers is nice and all, but it makes server pop a drag sometimes. One server or the other can usually be full, and a full server means more player interaction. Go one or the other. I wouldn't personally be opposed to having something new with Livonia only.
  5. A very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all the DayZRPers today.  Enjoy the holiday season, enjoy the festivities, enjoy the presence of your families and friends, enjoy the gifts, enjoy the food, enjoy it all!

  6. Halo 1 best weapon is pistol try and convince me otherwise.
  7. Happy 'Really Good Excuse To Get Fucking Fat as Fuck' Day to everyone who celebrates!

  8. This place is no different than a high school cafeteria and I FUCKING love it.

    1. Galland


      To bad we dont had a cafeteria at our technical high school ... we also called it a college..

      So.. enlighten me how is the american cafeteria? Like in the films? 🤣

  9. Maybe again someday. We spoiled people with that shit.
  10. Cid


    Hallo. EDIT: omg I gave you your first bean since return. I feel honored.
  11. Just spit-balling ideas, because stuff like this has been discussed in the past. 1. Maybe not forced PK on firefights, but forced PK on execution can stay. Characters being forced PK on a firefight seems kinda iffy, even if both parties agree. 2. War should also not be determined by a single firefight. War can last a certain period of time, and groups can also opt to surrender. Regardless of a surrender or a forcible loss in the war, the result always ends in the group archiving. It's easier to archive a group than it is to permadeath a character, in my eyes, and seems like more a fair option. This puts the focus more on RP, forces groups to decide between the group as a whole and it's goals/survival or the lives of the characters they've been sharing their story with. It also makes the PK more about the hostile experience of capture and execution rather than just dropping a bunch of people in a firefight and calling it an easy clap and archive of a group/characters. Regardless of the outcome, some sort of war system should be and always should have been apart of this server to bring a means to an end for conflict within RP. So +1 to the overall idea.
  12. I mean, guys, it's pretty simple.  Report the ones that are bad, commend the ones that are good.  BadRP exists for a reason.

    We don't ban super soldiers, we don't ban the loonies, we don't ban the edge lords.  We just report them if they don't do RP fitting for the server.  Same rule(s) apply for child roleplayers.

    Like, cmon.  Common sense my dudes.

    1. Lyca



    2. APositiveJade



    3. Galland


      Good RP was never an option

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