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  1. Cid




    1. Oliv


      I remember that

    2. Cid


      Me too.  Was super fun.

  2. Cid

    New Beta stress test

    And that's kinda the thing, really. Bohemia's real mistake was realizing that the goal that they wished for this game wasn't possible with the "Arma 2.5" engine. Instead, they pushed out DayZ amidst the hype from the mod, which I think now they realize was a mistake. Now that the base of the new engine is complete, it's only a matter of time before DayZ gets to a place where it should have been all along. I don't think it will take nearly as much time as we are used to, and hopefully there is still a chance to rebuild the overall community for the game. On topic, the features they are putting in are really going to start fleshing out .63 for when it hits stable. I can only imagine what the build after will have in store and I'm just overall super excited that the game seems to becoming more and more enjoyable again.
  3. Cid


    Every time I see someone freaking out about ERP, I just imagine them saying that cooties are gross and they just don't want icky girl or boy cooties.  It's kinda entertaining.

    1. Brayces


      I think a lot of people associate ERP with cringy RP. Sometimes, people think of how awkward it would be to text type out sexual acts to another person. Specially when their exposure has been...

      Person A: *touches ur [redacted]*
      Person B: *is turned on*

      In the form of trollRP or similar awkward ... Terrible ... RP situations... 

       And also, some are just not comfortable with it.

      I know that I wouldn't do any ERP, mostly because I am not comfortable writing in such a manner let alone writing in such a manner to a friend of mine who I am not in a relationship with. It crosses a personal border for me, one that I'd prefer to only explore with my current partner if I wish to explore it at all. 

      But for those who do like to explore that avenue, more power to them! Go have fun in PMs, messages, VoIP, etc. 😄 No one is stopping you from doing so in private!

    2. Cid


      I think you are right.  I know someone recently that I can't immediately remember off the top of my head (and am too lazy to quickly check) used the example of trying to hold hands and basically couldn't understand the thrill of that style of roleplay.  I mean, for starters there is a lot more to a relationship than holding hands and going to fuck in the woods or slurping on each others faces in the middle of a populated area... which is where the cringe and the stigma comes in.

      Building a relationship between characters, going through your ups and downs, sharing personal memories between just you and the other party... creating a bond that is worth more than just finding someone your character wants to bone and then marry a week later.  That's where the highlight of that style of RP comes in.  I can't even exactly call it ERP because it's not ERP.  ERP is 'erotic roleplay'.  Most people won't find that part of the experience erotic, they'll just find it rewarding for their character.

      Not everyone is willing to do that, nor is committed to roleplay enough to even start to think about roleplaying such things.  That's all fine and dandy, not every single person is going to find that style of roleplay enjoyable and I accept and understand that.

      I just find it funny when people get all icked out.  It reminds me of a 5 year old getting confronted about their crush and telling their parents how much they hate cooties.  Puts a smile on my face.  I don't mean it in a condescending way either.  It's just a funny thought.

    3. Brayces


      I think Intimate RP is probably a better way to describe the style of RP you're talking about. Where two players engage in a IC relationship between their characters and sometimes there isn't even banging occurring. That style of RP I would be more comfortable with, tbh.

      Just RP'ing out a relationship between two characters in which small acts like holding hands or hugging are much easier to work with and much more fulfilling. 😄 To me at least, than just straight banging. 

      But, still some people will find issue with that kind of RP. Ah well, to each their own I suppose! 

    4. Eagle


      Let's start having parties like the Romans.

    5. ShaneKOS


      ERP is vile

  4. Cid

    In game Premium poll

    Skins worked in the past, though those skins didn't necessarily give you extra inventory slots... but even that is a huge stretch on advantage on my opinion. Being able to pay for a starting set of clothes (i.e. Shirt/Jacket, Pants, Shoes, non-protective hats. No backpacks, no vests, no helmets, certainly no weapons) seems like an alright perk to be able to have for coughing up a little dough to help support the server. I feel the same way for the group skins. Modded clothing will surely be a thing and if people can find something or have some uniform for their group already at spawn (holding to the same ideals of no pay-to-win advantages) I think that would be perfectly understandable. Having the group leader able to purchase or having any member of the group able to purchase a uniform would be cool. No to spawn points. I'd like to think that even if that was done, certain spawn points wouldn't be able to be chosen, but it still goes to show a problem for NLR and firefights as well as incredibly fast-tracking to gearing up. That is paying for an advantage in my opinion. Question 4 is certainly interesting. In one hand it does promote playing, but it also promotes rushing to specific locations, watching people run from chopper crash to chopper crash to try and bank on premium items for the forums or for in-game. I think it would be much better if there was a way to balance the spawn rate of it map wide and make it a really low chance of spawning. It promotes exploring everywhere around the map and more generalized looting than just chopper crash hunting. For all we know, none of this might be able to be done. Bohemia's description can be taken quite vaguely and this might just all be spitballing for the sake of spitballing, but if we can do something similar to back when mod was relevant I think we can make it work. It's worked before with very minimal issue.
  5. Cid

    My apologies to the community

    I understand why you and a lot of other individuals left. I also understand that you and those individuals are upset about the reasoning's. I also understand that doing what you did was a little over the top and not exactly the way things should have gone. But what is most important here is that I also understand that it takes a lot to own up to one's mistakes and to be able to apologize on this kind of a scale. You've done the right thing. Enjoy your break.
  6. Cid


    Well, at least they went peacefully until they didn't.


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  7. Cid


    At least they did it peacefully.

    o7 to some good roleplayers.

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    2. Galland


      What happend now?

  8. Cid

    Back at it again?

    In some manner, yes. Welcome back, old friend.
  9. Cid

    Back at it again?

    Mark I love you.
  10. During his earlier years, most people would look at Wyatt and say that he lived his life coddled by the silver spoon of his parents success. His dad came to wealth with smart investments and stock management, which in turn hurt Wyatt just as much as it helped him. His parents felt as if there was no need to go through the worries of public schooling; no bullying, no peer pressure, no stress. Though Wyatt managed to get an excellent private education, he never managed to go through the social experiences that most kids learned during public schooling, leaving him in a state of social awkwardness and a never-ending loneliness in his late teens and even into his early years as an adult. With the lack of a social life going into adulthood, Wyatt had more free-time to work on other aspects of himself, such as his physical health. It wasn’t long after school when Wyatt started to spend more time out in nature, hiking, kayaking, swimming, and fishing when he simply wished to relax. The time spent outdoors doing such activities helped him get into shape and stay in shape all the way up till now. Wyatt didn’t stop with his outdoor hobbies, eventually taking the challenge to hike the Appalachian Trail. He had the money to keep him supplied and the determination and focus to try and hike the trail. The lack of social activities as a child made him cling on to the little amount of achievements in his life, and even more so to the goals in which he wished to still accomplish. Surprisingly enough, this was where Wyatt met his first friend; someone he was able to relate with and work on getting past his social anxieties. Wyatt and his newfound friend completed the Appalachian Trail in three months, nothing record breaking but still below the typical average of most who take the challenge. Now, with something more than just his education and his wealth to cling on to, Wyatt was more inspired than ever to chase after anything he wished for. Continuing to try and separate himself from the mantle of his upbringing, Wyatt started to travel to get away from home and the stigma that plagued his earlier years. This was his time to show himself and the world who he really was rather than what was given to him. With his only friend at his side, they traveled to the likes of England, France, Egypt, Germany, Switzerland, and the list goes on. Unfortunately, his final journey was to Russia, to explore more foreign cuisines and entertainment. Little did he know what was to soon plague the world. Since the downfall of society, Wyatt has continued to travel aimlessly in hopes of finding purpose in this new world.
  11. Cid


    New profile.  El. Psy. Congroo.

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  13. Cid

    Why don't you get in game?

    I obviously haven't played in a shit ton of time, but the reasons why I stopped playing a while back basically apply now. 1. My friends don't play here anymore, so it doesn't hold as much appeal. In all honesty it could be pushed through so it isn't my concrete reason compared to the other reasons down below. 2. The rules are pretty garbage when it comes to hostile roleplay. It's been on a slow decline and instead of putting on their admin pants and telling people no proceeded with a swift kick to the face, the rules changed to make the server much more hand-holding for those who focus more on storytelling in a more passive way. As much as that fits my playstyle, the server antagonists kept on getting chopped at and chopped at to a point where being an antagonist is almost against the rules. Obviously it,s an exaggeration, but you have to go through so many hoops and bounds to even start hostile roleplay that it's not even worth the time of day anymore. 3. People stopped being creative a long time ago because of various different reasons. Dank memes became more important than dank roleplay and that's just fucking sad. There are still gems in this community and everyone is capable of decent roleplay, but it just doesn't happen. 4. The community has been a toxic cesspool for a while now and though it has moments of ups, it typically has a lot more downs. When the community is like that on a more consistent basis, you simply don't look forward to logging in or checking the website.
  14. Ender

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    Rule #1

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    • Cid
    • Pussy

    Dude, like half of the Unnamed RP just got fucking swatted.

    Time to create a separate DayZRP canon?

    1. Pussy


      Shhh... What they don't know won't kill them 😛