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  1. Sadly, this group doesn't meet the requirements to stay active. Your days have well since passed and the roster only shows 3 members. If at any point you find the 5 members for the group, feel free to message a moderator or up and we can get this group back on the road again. But for now... /archiving
  2. It's not an exploit, it's just really fucking annoying sometimes. It's a core part of the game, and in some points it's really useful for roleplay. Being able to see your character is really nice. We've tried FP only servers to no avail and we will never be able to completely squash 3rd person, especially in PvP where people can take advantage of it most. It's a game mechanic that we can both love and hate and realize it's not going anywhere.
  3. Archiving at request - if you wish to bring it back feel free to contact a Moderator + to bring it back from the dead. /RIP
  4. Archiving this group as per request. If you would like to bring her back from the dead, contact a Moderator or higher and we can fix her right up good. /closed
  5. This has been a problem for a very long time that a lot of people in general just seem to avoid. I don't need a long post to cover what I want to say because I've probably already said it in threads past, but people need to roleplay realistically to a point, and just getting up and rinse repeating after firefights, tortures, and executions is downright Bad RP.
  6. I believe this is exactly the attitude that I was just preaching about. Stahp it. There is still opportunity for a draft to show. There can be plenty of good ideas, but not all of them can always be used. Their idea might be just as good, if not better. We just don't know yet. Just because your idea wasn't used, don't put down other potentially good ideas. Please don't be sour about it. @Tony It's not necessarily you that is attacking them, but there are people in this thread that are just downright sour about an idea not being used when they have no idea what the other story and ideas are. Give it a chance, is all I'm saying.
  7. This. That way the people who want one idea to be pushed can actually see if the idea is even better or not than what is already on the table. It's a much easier solution than trying to attack the LM team for not putting an idea, albeit a good one, immediately on the table.
  8. I don't agree with the fact that a really good idea is being completely being brushed away simply for the fact that it might take a little bit more effort to get a lore wipe out. As much as I want the lore wipe to be like... yesterday, I also want the lore to be as brilliant as it can be. Not saying that what the Loremasters have right now isn't good, even great for that matter, but to simply say no because it requires some more work is a little distasteful. That being said, perhaps it's best that instead of scrutinizing the Loremaster team that we wait for something actually be shown and see which idea is honestly the better at this point. I can't blame them either for wanting to get what they worked on at least to a show-able state before their work is also completely swept under the rug because an idea might be better than what they have on the table already. As good as this idea is, we have no idea if it is even better than what they currently have done. Give them some time to show their work.
  9. Most experienced text roleplayers on the server do short emotes and sentences while moving and break out the real shit once they have a chance to sit still and emote/type longer sentences. I wouldn't mind a breaker, but I don't think it is needed.
  10. I never called you Winslow anyways.

  11. It was done in the mod days with the radio item. As long as it is starter gear I don't see why we couldn't do it that way again. Certainly worth considering, and personally I like having an actual item rather than the current phantom radio.

  13. I'm just going to... you know... Bye!
  14. It was the same way with The Unnamed, we just didn't give in to the bitching and complaining and kept going our merry way. People struggled to find us but that was the way we wanted it because that was the style of group that we had. I'd like to think that we did it pretty well seeing as a group that pretty much contributed nothing to the server atmosphere rather than consistent great roleplay managed to get Group of the Year. Still not sure how we managed that, to be honest. Getting back on point - we avoided places that most people go to get roleplay such as Novy, Stary, Kab, GM, Vybor, etc. because we ACTUALLY valued our characters lives and knew that those places were pretty much a death march. One of the many ways to roleplay not only fear but true value to our characters' lives. To be honest, all of this seems a little off-track to the true purpose of the thread, but I figure I would throw in my two cents on this particular matter. Everyone falls victim to playing it way too safe sometimes. Happens to the best and the worst of us. I prefer to try and stay consistent as possible when approaching others, always erring on the side of caution. Typically I would act relaxed if I have full control of the situation and if I have friends around me, but if you were to catch me off-guard or alone in any situation one of the first things I try to do is raise my gun in preparation of something happening. As someone else has pointed out in this thread usually that is met with an equally bad reaction and things tend to spiral slowly out of control from there, but it makes things a bit more authentic and people should be a lot more understanding in situations like that; they are being cautious, no need to spit in their face because they are taking things seriously. Genuine character fear is something that I hope returns with the lore wipe. I personally would take it to levels of Bad RP if certain interactions that happen now happen as the new lore kicks off, but that is a completely different discussion. I believe my main point here is that not enough people fear, and when I say fear I don't mean shaking in your boots kind of fear but more of caution and security. Be more mindful of your character, don't hide behind the rules because they need to initiate first or they can't kill you right away. You have no idea what they hell is going to happen to you, rules or not. Act it. Show it.