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  1. We All Need To Chill Out

    Soldiers should not be associated with super soldiers. They are two completely different things on two completely different levels. Super soldiers are classed with can always run long distances, feel no pain, have no emotions, etc. In a time like this, seeing plenty of soldiers would be a normal thing. UN would get involved, along with CDF forces and whatever else outside forces get involved, like NATO. All of it makes perfect sense. As Rolle and some other says, if I feel something is bad roleplay I have every right to report it. Doesn't mean the situation still can't be talked out, but a certain quality of roleplay needs to be expected here, otherwise quality will simply not exist.
  2. Any Mod lads still about?

    hello Watchers5lyfe
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    1. Goku


      "Are you that Freeza guy?" 

      "I am LORD Freeza"

      "Cool.  Ima deck you in tge shnoze. "

      "I'm sorry that's a new one"

  3. character activation

    I'm sorry I wasn't able to get to your PM fast enough, causing you to make this thread, but I messaged you a potential solution to your problem. I'll repeat it here for the sake of others who may have your problem. Your character backstory is not 300 words. As of the lore wipe, we require at least 300 word backstories. I suggest you do a little bit more work on your backstory before trying again. There have been reports of others having a similar problem though they met all the requirements. Once you meet, please try again and let us know of the results.
  4. Polaroid Thread

    Hey, that's me in the last photo. UN represent! Great photos so far, please take more of these!
  5. +1 on the RP to all of those that I met today as 1LT Alexander Wolf. Had fun pulling away @Sylvester Todd as well as all the others involved. Lily, Frank, the one other guy that I can't remember... sorry. D: Also a good hoorah to all of my UN and WHO brothers that I got to meet and command. Keep on keepin' on.
  6. Day 1 is over and no reports.  I'm so proud of all of you. <3

  7. Character Wound System

    Quite an exaggeration seeing as there are already plenty of groups being made/already made. If your group isn't prepared for the consequences of a potential death, you should probably start preparing. If your leader dies either everyone folds or the group sticks together and tries to assign a new leader and push through tough times. In a military situation, the next highest rank takes over as leadership and you push through. If you can't handle it on an OOC level than the group probably already had issues to begin with. Just because the leader dies doesn't mean he or she still can't work closely with the group to make sure things are still handled the way they want to be handled. If groups are targeting people they don't like constantly in an attempt to disband the group, that sounds like OOC hate and that will be handled accordingly. I understand legit concern, but this seems like pulling at straws.
  8. Character Wound System

    Be careful around PvE elements, like zombies and wolves. Don't charge headlong into towns and perhaps try and be stealthy/use melee weapons to take down zombies one at a time instead of aggroing the entire town and dumping a mag. I've never liked suiciding to get a better spawn anyways, so that point to me is honestly irrelevant; deal with what consequences you may have and spend a little bit of time running and looting up. All these problems you have with it have very simple solutions, all of which lead to being more careful and taking things a little bit slower. In other terms, value your character's life rather than treating it like 'just another respawn'.
  9. Character Wound System

    Executions still can be the end-all for any character. That is still entirely up to the person to roleplay if they feel. Now, it's time for people to really pick and choose their battles rather tahn aimlessly run into them without a care in the world.
  10. And that's exactly what I like to hear. I'm officially confident. Once again, good luck with the group because it sure is looking good.
  11. I only have one gripe, and I honestly don't think it is going to be a gripe... so you shouldn't have any issue. After seeing the radio chatter thread made by Joff, I got some pretty terrible 'bad SVR rehash' PTSD. The comments on military ID's and civilian weaponry certainly didn't help. I trust that the members of this group will RP out all of that properly and not resort to any silly //id antics. Just be thorough with the roleplay and don't make it the main aspect of this group and well, we shouldn't go back to those days. The thread looks pretty good for what it is, it could probably use a few more graphics but that's neither here nor there. Looking forward to seeing this group do good. As I said earlier, the trust is there to make sure that this group doesn't end up being a flop.
  12. I managed to gain content, at least, it feels like I gained content with the new website change.  Weeeeeird....

    1. Western

      Lost some of mine 

  13. DayZRP 5th Anniversary!

    When I first joined 4 years ago, it didn't feel like the community was only just a year old. Now being apart of it for so long, it feels like this community is 5 years old. Here is to another 5 years and hopefully by then, a finished DayZ. A man can dream. Cheers to everyone!