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    Probably the most Canadian thing I've ever seen.  Figure I would share.


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  1. I mean, I'm pretty sure what I said was clear.
  2. Chewy, why does the pancake in the end picture look like a really bad tortilla?
  3. I don't so much think that dynamic groups - the way they have been for a while mind you - have been the problem, moreover that the people abusing dynamic groups have been the issues. Not saying that this change won't work, but if it doesn't perhaps it is time to look more closely to the people who abuse it and help promote this change compared to trying to fix something that might not be broken to begin with. I hope the test goes well, I hope that a happy medium can be found and people don't end up loathing this change made. It hurts a lot of people removing dynamic groups like this.
  4. Forum Warning Points: An Alternative

    Actually, I understand perfectly. What's the difference between a support calling a Gamemaster to kick someone in-game because of an invalid name that someone came into the helpdesk to point out and a support calling in a Moderator or a Gamemaster into the helpdesk to help someone with their posting rights to help with a report? Nothing. You talk about doing manual work? Gamemaster's have to manually gather all the logs to post in a report. You know what is faster than doing that in a large majority of cases? Checking to see if someone who had their posting rights reinstated to post in a report has posted yet? Are they stalling? Sucks to be them, hit them with another warning. Is the wait due to legitimate reasons? Alright, they are hopefully smart enough to work with the staff team to make sure they get their post done in a timely manner. It's not rocket science, Rolle. Being lazy isn't an excuse. Being lazy also doesn't make a good staff member to begin with. No one is asking someone to sit in front of a screen for 8+ hours a day, sweating over whether or not this person is going to post or not. Re-instate their posting rights, give them a certain amount of time to post. If they don't, contact them like normal staff procedure in MOST things and find out what is going on, and if they are stalling, hit them hard for not only wasting your time, but lying to a staff member to benefit and try and get around them not having posting rights. I promise you, it's not rocket science.
  5. Forum Warning Points: An Alternative

    No offence, but if the staff member never follows back with the person to make sure they posted, they aren't doing their job and should be reprimanded in some way. You don't reward mistakes like that either. Not saying like staff strike or removal or anything like that, but you don't just shrug off your staff members when they make mistakes like that. Trust me, I understand what your saying, and what Brayces brought up earlier is a legitimate concern, but the excuses - for my own lack of a better term to think of - that you are coming up with is just people being lazy. Support has to call someone who can do the job for them? Sounds like normal helpdesk work to me; supports can't do everything either way. Staff member doesn't follow up with the situation? Okay, they aren't doing their job so have an admin go have a talk with them. Person tries to avoid posting the report or posting in a report? Keep his rights revoked until he is ready to post, and when he is ready contact a staff member that can help him/go up into the helpdesk. It's all easy shit to handle, but the excuses that you are using for your argument is equally as simple to fix or handle with just a wee bit of common sense from the staff team.
  6. Forum Warning Points: An Alternative

    So, they lie to the staff team, get their posting rights re-instated... and you sit there and just kinda shrug? Nah. Let them create a report and watch as they crumble when false reports happen because they wanted their posting rights. Or, if they lie to you, give them a banstrike or something. It's so simpleeeee, Rolle.
  7. Forum Warning Points: An Alternative

    Thankfully, through the power of the helpdesk, if someone really got into some shit while their rights were revoked, they should be able to get that temporarily handled and get a report posted or post in a report. You can argue with me that it might be a little tedious, but it probably won't happen much and from being a staff member in the past, I know how easy it is to flip that switch.
  8. Forum Warning Points: An Alternative

    That's pretty much exactly the point. People aren't really held accountable anymore. With staff getting more and more lax over time, the accountability when getting warned just kinda... faded. Getting warning points used to matter, now it's just a slap on the wrist until you build a hefty warning history and an admin notices. Bring back accountability; this is a wonderful way to start.
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  9. Forum Warning Points: An Alternative

    Let's be real, Mexi. Finals aren't actually finals. People have had multiple final warnings. I see final warnings as more of a meme than a serious thing. As a matter of fact, a lot of people don't take warnings seriously around here, so why should we continue to be lax? Being lax is what got us to this point in the first place, in my opinion. Continuing to be lax and hoping problems disappear isn't exactly working. Taking posting rights away, depending on the type of warning, along with taking a hit on your warning points is an easy and effective way to show someone they are being stupid and that it's time to stop. Thinking about it, first time offenders should probably not get hit with posting/status rights in the case they are really not realizing what they are doing, but on following attempts they should start to get hit. It's not hard to follow the rules. Also, calling me Caesar was cute. I like that. You're cute, Mexi.
  10. Forum Warning Points: An Alternative

    I like the idea of adding both, so chiming in I would say do it based off of how they post unnecessarily/flamed. First offence for both being 24 hours, scale upwards on following offences. We need to keep the warning system, but it's so easy to get around the warning system by simply not doing anything, that having a further - and in my eyes better punishment to follow up with the warning points would be a bit more of a wake-up call. Dick around on the forums and break easy to follow rules? Have fun not being able to do anything.
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    Can a group of people win Wooden Spoon?  I believe we have a bunch of great candidates already this year.

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