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  1. Well I met the love of my life here and many other great friends. Watched this place flourish and die, and flourish again and die like 16 other times, but here I am, still taking a look every other day or so. Congrats to DayZRP for 10 years. Shoutout to all the mod peeps because thems were the days. Shoutout to the early Standalone days as well cause those were magical, really.
  2. The obvious answer is pancakes. Every other breakfast choice is inferior.
  3. The Family from way back when, led by Joff. Such an insane group with so many different layers.
  4. You're not entirely wrong. Removing the rule would make it so everyone who does have video evidence can post it again cause they won't get themselves or their friends banned who already don't give a shit about the rule and actively metagame knowing there is no way to prove it without said evidence. Those who've been in this community long enough know video evidence doesn't just disappear or doesn't exist a majority of the time. But for the sake of being on topic, some situations are simply easier to talk about, nor worth holding a grudge about. For the most part, people will be understanding and are willing to talk out any given situation. If people are good in PM's and understand the situation and the grievances, why bother with a report? At that point you're just being petty. Though, I will admit, there are some instances in the past that were just straight to report for me. Though I don't prefer to report anyone, I'm not afraid to do it either.
  5. Video was great. Seeing the TS overlay was even greater. oof the nostalgia
  6. I've had some pretty emotionally invested characters in the past. Not afraid to admit that I've shed a few tears over characters here, elsewhere, in different games, etc. Haven't had an experience text based yet, unlike some people here. Personally I find it easier to get emotional when you actually have to act out being emotional, rather than just typing. Perhaps I'll experience that at some point or time. All of the Unnamed characters were pretty emotionally driven, so I'm sure a lot of my group bro's and sister's have had similar experiences to an extent as well.
  7. Just realized I've been in the community for 7 years at this point.


    1. Terra


      Well... we have something in common.

      you're old grace helbig GIF by This Might Get


    2. Cid


      Pretty much what I said out loud to all of my old DayZRP friends who are all about as old as I in this community.

    3. Banshee


      DayZRP Boomer

    4. Cid


      I came before the Boom tbh tbh

    5. KpopKilla


      I don't like to think about it ?

    6. Stagsview


      Hey there fellow old soul.

    7. Cid


      Stay a while and listen...

  8. @Sung

    Happy birthday, Dad.  Please come home.

  9. I love watching everyone lose their fucking minds.

    1. Galland


      What happend?


    2. Cid


      Neutrality, apparently.  Big deal around these parts.

    3. Eagle


      Safe zone?

    4. Cid


      I mean, it's been stated multiple times that it is not a safe zone, and hostile groups can initiate and do hostilities.

      Not my fault if some people can't listen.  ?‍♂️

  10. r o l e p l a y

  11. The only way that roleplay will ever change is if the staff enforce different kinds of roleplay, characters, groups, etc. A lore wipe is a good time to practice such enforcement, but the lore does not always make the roleplay. It always boils down to the player, and this community is stubborn in that fact. I voted yes on the pretense that staff actually ENFORCE change.
  12. u peepin?

    1. Aurora Sky

      Aurora Sky

      Always peeping


    2. Cid


      nay peepin

    3. Para


      ? where u been

    4. Cid


      u peepin?

    5. Para



  13. Having two servers is nice and all, but it makes server pop a drag sometimes. One server or the other can usually be full, and a full server means more player interaction. Go one or the other. I wouldn't personally be opposed to having something new with Livonia only.
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