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  1. Cid


    Whisper/Talk/Shout coming in 1.05.  Roleplayers raise your dongers. ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

    1. Conor


      Now we just need it to work for text visibility ranges...


  3. Hofer

Hofer, apart of the staff team again?


  1. Hofer


    Yes sir. I have returned 🙂

  2. Lyca



  • Cid

    DayZRP Phone App

    I miss Tapatalk. If they had the time and resources, great. Otherwise, I wouldn't expect anything else other than the post above. Log in on your phone's browser and deal with what we got. The mobile site doesn't look that bad anyways.
  • Cid

    • Cid
    • Roland

    Happy Birthday Rolle!

    May the trolling continue for years to come.  :trolle:

    1. Roland


      It shall be never ending. Thanks 

  • Cid

    Life is Feudal?

    Life got super busy for me and I just don't have the time anymore to try and spearhead something like this. If people are still interested in trying, I'll gladly give some advice in help out in small ways, but that is the best I can offer.
  • Cid

    Blocked means blocked

    If there is a way to change the blocked feature, this is probably the likely outcome.
  • Cid

    Blocked means blocked

    No @'s and no DM's is a fine change, but it's not the blocked person's fault if you click the show post button on someone you blocked. If you really don't give a fuck, just don't fall under temptation. Simple.
  • Cid

    BeanZ WAR

  • Cid

    BeanZ WAR

  • Cid

    • Cid
    • Conor


    Your post makes me incredibly sad.

    1. Conor


      Which one?

    2. Cid


      The radio chatter.  You know the one.

  • Cid

    Proper initiation

    Strongarming isn't so direct. Imagine being surrounded by a bunch of armed guys and one of them comes up to you insisting that you trade your weapon with his. Obviously you aren't in the best of situations, and you feel that if you say no that they are just going to take the weapon anyways. If you say yes, you trade the weapon and they let you go. If you don't, they now start to threaten your life because that was their attempt at getting what they wanted without having to resort to possible bloodshed. What happened in that report wasn't strongarming. It was direct. You were being detained, you were being told that your weapons were being taken from you. Regardless of how polite and without the fact that they didn't threaten your life, what they said they were going to do to you was direct. That's the difference. I don't completely agree with stating your demands without consequences. There are a lot of ways you can tell someone that they are going to get fucking gatted without being cliche or repeating the same ol' shtick. But if you use common sense, it's pretty easy still to tell what is an initiation and what isn't. If you are ever confused, just ask what is going on, or what do they mean, or so on.
  • Cid

    DayZRP Battle Royale

    I don't think having a server is the right call for it, but perhaps doing monthly events using the mod would be the better call to make. Voted no for the purpose of having an actual server supporting it.
  • Cid

    Life is Feudal?

    Current update to how things are going: I haven't had a lot of time all week to do what I wanted to do regarding figuring out config settings and where exactly I feel things would work good to balance on the side of being too grind intensive versus being way too easy. I think I've found a good setting and I'm doing more testing towards the later half of leveling skills (60-90) to see if it feels too much like a chore. To make things perfectly clear, I'm aiming to have the server be hard enough on the grind so that it takes some time for people to hit skills to 100. I'm learning about the mods needed so that we can have a server economy, as well as looking into how needed the ravens mod for the game actually is. The Trading Post mod will make it so whoever would be appointed GM's on the server would have access to create an ever-evolving server market, likely refreshed ever little bit (obviously yet to be determined) so that players could work on getting coin. In the same hand, this allows players to also having trading posts and create player-based markets so it's not just GM controlled. The idea of the GM controlled market is so that everyone always has a way to make money, and players can create their own trade posts if they want to control the quality of the items and the price of the items that they make. It's pretty neat. I plan on making much more progress this weekend. I'll have the config finalized by the end of the weekend and wouldn't mind doing a small play test to see how some people feel about the way it is, so that way we can garner some feedback on how skills are progressing. Everything else doesn't matter as much. I also want to have a better understanding of how all the mods work so we can get that integrated into the server and start figuring out how we want to do that. Community feedback is always accepted and if anyone has any questions let me know.
  • Cid

    Life is Feudal?

    Just to keep people updated. I'm testing different settings and figuring out what will be the best config without heavy modification of the files. It's a decent amount of trial and error. I'm working on it, I promise.
  • Cid

    Life is Feudal?

    Give me some time to figure some nitty-gritty shit out and I'll gladly figure something out and then pester Rolle for a week and a half to get the server up.
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