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  1. Cid

    Life is Feudal?

    Current update to how things are going: I haven't had a lot of time all week to do what I wanted to do regarding figuring out config settings and where exactly I feel things would work good to balance on the side of being too grind intensive versus being way too easy. I think I've found a good setting and I'm doing more testing towards the later half of leveling skills (60-90) to see if it feels too much like a chore. To make things perfectly clear, I'm aiming to have the server be hard enough on the grind so that it takes some time for people to hit skills to 100. I'm learning about the mods needed so that we can have a server economy, as well as looking into how needed the ravens mod for the game actually is. The Trading Post mod will make it so whoever would be appointed GM's on the server would have access to create an ever-evolving server market, likely refreshed ever little bit (obviously yet to be determined) so that players could work on getting coin. In the same hand, this allows players to also having trading posts and create player-based markets so it's not just GM controlled. The idea of the GM controlled market is so that everyone always has a way to make money, and players can create their own trade posts if they want to control the quality of the items and the price of the items that they make. It's pretty neat. I plan on making much more progress this weekend. I'll have the config finalized by the end of the weekend and wouldn't mind doing a small play test to see how some people feel about the way it is, so that way we can garner some feedback on how skills are progressing. Everything else doesn't matter as much. I also want to have a better understanding of how all the mods work so we can get that integrated into the server and start figuring out how we want to do that. Community feedback is always accepted and if anyone has any questions let me know.
  2. Cid

    Life is Feudal?

    Just to keep people updated. I'm testing different settings and figuring out what will be the best config without heavy modification of the files. It's a decent amount of trial and error. I'm working on it, I promise.
  3. Cid

    Life is Feudal?

    Give me some time to figure some nitty-gritty shit out and I'll gladly figure something out and then pester Rolle for a week and a half to get the server up.
  4. Cid

    Life is Feudal?

    Let it be known as well it is now possible to have different community created maps as well as mods apart of the server. There is a mod that allows you to actually utilize the economy (copper, silver, gold coins) with the trading posts that you can build, as well as the ability to send ravens that I believe can be shot out of the sky and attacked (don't quote me on that last part, but the ravens themselves actually exist). There is so much more options for roleplay now that the game has developed a lot more.
  5. Cid

    Life is Feudal?

    1x rates make me sad, I would agree increased rates would need to be a thing. But, if you get too high, people are making royal armors and high quality weapons within days, which personally for an RP server isn't great for health in my eyes. It would be balanced properly to make the early grind easier, but make the later grind (90-100) still something that needs time to accomplish. At least, that is my opinion.
  6. Cid

    Life is Feudal?

    Not rushing it would be a good start. I was apart of the original team and the server was built fast without the proper thought needed to actually run the server for long-term. I don't think rules were a problem last time, and if I remember correctly we had a separate 'whitelist' to play on the server, but it was more a minor application. Keeping a separate whitelist or application to the server would probably still be fine, though most LiF RP servers don't have a whitelist and are easily accessible. Really, just more preparation and planning for the long-term rather than having the outlook of, "oh, this is DayZRP so this side project will only last a month or less" is really the only thing we need. Dedicate interested parties to become staff members specifically for the LiF server and perhaps do some advertising outside of this forum. That's how projects live.
  7. Cid

    Life is Feudal?

    Though I don't know exacts to the wipe that happened on our last LiF server, I do know that in most roleplaying communities in Life is Feudal, wiping semi-regularly is a normal thing. Communities such as DayZRP will have iterations of a particular lore that will last for years as long as things go smoothly, Life is Feudal is simply not a game in which things can go so well in the long-term. As rewarding as building a fortress or a town is in that game, keeping a finished product for a long time makes things go stagnant very quickly in Life is Feudal. I'm obviously not guaranteeing success if we were to give it another go, but if we were and things did seem to go smoothly, wipes would likely have to happen much more frequently than what you are used to in the DayZRP counterpart. In my many hours in Life is Feudal, I have never seen a roleplaying community go more than three months attached to one set of lore.
  8. Cid

    Life is Feudal?

    The game was pretty buggy in the past, but in it's current state I would say it is in a better state than DayZ bug wise. A lot has changed mechanically from when this game was last played until now.
  9. Cid

    Life is Feudal?

    To be fair, rates can be adjusted if people so choose it. I personally wouldn't want to make things, "easy" by any means, but making rates so that they aren't obnoxious is 100% possible.
  10. Cid

    Life is Feudal?

    I asked @Roland about it and he seemed pretty down as long as there was community interest, so here I am, getting community interest. A while back we had a few attempts at a Life is Feudal server, and they were pretty fun and different for roleplay. We had interested community members be the staff for the server, creating lore and handling events as well as related reports to rule breaks on the Life is Feudal server. It was pretty fun and a lot has changed about the game. I was hoping to see that there were people interested in potentially giving it another go. Poll is above. Leave input below.
  11. Cid

    Ping limit?

    Is this a permanent thing? I hope not. Probably a question for an admin since they would know more about the situation. EDIT: In the case this is brushed over again, after @Zanaan put an answer, is there any plan to remove the ping limit after there is some future server stabilization? Thanks again.
  12. Cid


    Full Metal Alchemist is a pretty good anime for a beginner watcher. Would also recommend Attack on Titan for beginners as it doesn't have a lot of the typical anime stereotypes, but just enough to still realize that you are watching an anime compared to some kick-ass, drama filled TV show. If you want to be completely overwhelmed and just take anime for the absolute ridiculous shit that it is, watch Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. You can't get much more anime than that show. The title does the show justice. If you can handle Jojo, you can handle just about any anime in terms of ridiculousness.
  13. Cid


    Big sad. Real talk though, season 3 part 2 is literally perfect.
  14. Cid


    Who died? I wasn't looking.

    1. FalkRP


      9 boys or something 

    2. Eagle


      Some angry OG's shot up a base.

  15. Cid

    Flaming and hypersensitivity

    You can articulate things in a way that allows it to be critical of someone without being a complete dick about it. Obviously, this situation breeds from something I don't completely understand because I don't know the intricate details of what exactly happened earlier in the day, but I know plenty of people that have worded things in certain ways, myself included, that have gotten the point across without having to cross that boundary of flame. I also personally feel it's not so much about whether people are too sensitive or not, but more about just not wanting shit-spewing in the community in general. I see no issue with that.
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