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    No you.

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    Gimme like two weeks. kthx

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      you better be on a break bud!

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    It's alright boys, we all still call them CH's anyways.

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    He hit the fucking OWA.

    God I love wrestling.

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      damn good match, Omega finally got the win

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      Can't wait for the inevitable title match after Okada probably has a title match with EVIL.

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    Good talk.

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  3. COMPLIMENT the person above you

    Thanks! You have a pretty mesmerizing avatar yourself.
  4. COMPLIMENT the person above you

    I'm only doing this because the game forces me to. ur cute
  5. I know @Malet has already said something regarding this post, but I felt the need to say something as well, because this post pretty much made my day. We are doing everything in our power to make sure that we remain to be a group. There is a large majority of people within the group that don't want to go anywhere, but right now we have to work really hard on us and making sure we have our own eggs in a basket before we can start filling up the server again. Once we get us figured out, we can start making up for everything that has happened IC (hopefully) and continue to be a purposeful and hopefully not hated United Nations. There are a lot of dedicated people in this group, @Skinner especially. He does not want to see the group fall. No one wants to see the group fall. We aren't going to fall. We just need a few days. Thanks for the words of encouragement.
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    Another weeb has joined the ranks.


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      omg... he is soooooooo cute... 

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      u dam right

      I would give you beanz, but I am all out.

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      I can wait till you refresh.

  6. Dobyvatele Chernarusi (Reclaimers)

    After giving a warning to someone personally, we noticed that there was a lot of recent off-topic posts in the thread. We revoked the warning and are instead giving a warning to this thread; stay on-topic as this is not a thread to just dump random posts, videos, etc. At this point, any further off-topic posts will be warned. Thanks!
  7. [GAME]Kill-Bang-Marry

    I believe you are a RTO, so I pretty much HAVE to kill you.
  8. VDV Quarantine zone?

    This is my opinion. I've given you examples of what can potentially be done yet you respond as if it is simply not possible. When you are given all these examples - by not just myself in this thread - yet you are met with a constant response of either improbability or impossibility, it makes you wonder whether or not this is more of a discussion about something IC or whether or not this is being brought OOC. Regardless, my opinion is out there. There are things that can be done, and you shouldn't blind yourself to any of the options. Your character may not have specific options because of something, but that doesn't close out everyone else's options either. I'm sorry that you think I came off condescending. I'm very brash about my opinions and I figure it shows.
  9. VDV Quarantine zone?

    Examples, don't take it so literally. There are options for everything, things can be solved diplomatically as they have been in the past, or at the very least attempted to. Sometimes, you simply have to resort to violence. I'm not saying that is the answer; I don't actually know the answer to this completely in-character decision made by the VDV. This could be them trying to assert themselves, this could be them trying to take advantage of the helplessness of the country, this could simply be them following orders from high command, cause I'm sure there is someone above the depicted IC leader of the group. The UN has one, and I believe the CDF has one as well. My point is, sitting here and complaining about something that has been declared IC and trying to get it changed on an OOC level isn't going to do much. This isn't a situation in which the group needs to be told to stand down by the admins or risk getting chopped. This is a situation in which the individuals and groups in-character need to make a decision on what to do next about the situation. It's all incredibly simple, really.