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  1. Cid

    The Unnamed - We Are Survivors [HARDCORE IC RECRUITMENT]

    Always trying.
  2. Cid


    LiF is probably the worst example to use, seeing as that side project was bred right in the middle of the multi-month DDoS. By the time we could actually get any control over that project, the damage was honestly already done. But I understand where you are coming from.
  3. Cid

    Energy/Water Rework

    I have no idea what you are all talking about eating so much. Last multi-hour game session I had on the server I ate a total of once when I logged in, maybe one more time when I found a random can of tuna on a zombie. Somewhere between 3 and 4 hours of gameplay without getting hungry? Eat a little bit more when you are just getting into the white icon of the hunger, and probably spend less time sprinting around everywhere and you won't have to worry about food, really. Even jogging is fine. I do agree however that there should be less food around. It would be sorta hard to find "less clean water" unless you decrease the spawn rate of water bottles and canteens. Wells are everywhere and I don't really think we need to be taking wells out of the game. Maybe decrease the spawn rate of the aforementioned by... 10%? The food though, geez. Food is fucking everywhere. Too easy to find, specifically cans. I can go through a town, find 5-6 cans of food, and then kill the zombies around for another 3-4 cans. Make that a little bit harder, please.
  4. Cid

    Should drugs give you extra HP?

    I can see where 140-150 seems like a little much in terms of HP, compared to the 100 that we are currently at. If we are focusing on small boosts, max HP bringing you to 120-130 sounds fine to me.
  5. Cid

    Should drugs give you extra HP?

    That sounds like a very interesting idea. As long as there are side effects, nothing crazy, but things like added weight/lowered stamina, increased thirst/hunger rate, etc. Nothing incredibly debilitating, but otherwise it'll just become an item mindlessly popped before PvP and I think it would be weird to watch a group of 12 people all pop pills for no RP reason. Maybe a certain item can actually restore small amounts of HP as well as have a counterpart that gives more max HP? Just get a little bit of variety in there. We could potentially lower health regen too, making that item even more valuable.
  6. Cid

    The Unnamed - We Are Survivors [HARDCORE IC RECRUITMENT]

    Thread Changes: Added traitors to the scrapbook of members. Added dead characters to the scrapbook of members. Added missing characters to the scrapbook of members. Added the character "Red" to the enemies list Changed goals. Updated OOC section.
  7. Cid

    How to save the community

    You lost me.
  8. Cid

    Will the server be back up tonight_

    The server is up. If you are searching under favorites you need to search for it manually on the community tab and re-favorite the server. Make sure you aren't on experimental and all that jazz.
  9. Cid

    Persistence Backup

    Quick and simple question for the admins, will there be persistence backups coming, especially knowing that the whole persistence issue on crashes isn't being fixed till after 1.0?
  10. Cid

    Way all the hate for hostile rp

    I can't really blame them if the majority of hostile RP they've gotten is the same ol' same ol' rinse and repeat, washed up shit, that a decent amount of people do.
  11. Cid

    Way all the hate for hostile rp

    People aren't hating hostile RP, people are hating HOW hostile RP is done currently, or moreso the lack of depth that most people/groups offer with the hostile RP. Hostile RP is great. Shitty hostile RP is not great.
  12. Cid

    A message to Wyatt and the others

    *Alexander hears the message come through the radio whilst on watch, looking to the others to see if any of the sleeping bodies would turn about to the noise. After a few minutes of watching and waiting, he'd grab hold of the radio and press the PTT.* "Roger, you may call me L.T. I'm reporting on behalf of these people as of current, seeing as most of them are out cold. I'll relay your message to Miss Lissa when she wakes, br--" *He stops at the end of his sentence, taking a deep breath before continuing.* "I'm afraid to say that this Wyatt fellow has passed away. The details are not my place to explain and I'll leave that to Miss Lissa to explain to you if she wishes. I'm also afraid to inform you that Miss Khandra is currently MIA, as we haven't had contact with her for what seems to be nearing on a week now." *There is another pause.* "That Red person you mentioned has deserted these fine people to further his own agenda. We believe him to be dangerous and would wish you to avoid contact if necessary. Miss Lissa may be willing to give you more details on this situation as well, as it isn't completely my place either, over." *He lets go of the PTT, hooking the radio to his pants and continuing his small patrol around the area.*
  13. Cid

    Way all the hate for hostile rp

    Coming from experiences of getting robbed and being the robber, I think the problem is that some hostile groups are too worried about focusing on the PvP aspects of a hostile situation compared to the RP aspects of a robbery. Some people will experience long states of quiet because the person on the other end is WAY too focused on TS chatter. Some people get the whole short robbery gig because the person involved chose a horrible time/position to actually initiate their hostilities, and when you get into the whole group warfare aspect of things, robbing someone from a rival/enemy group becomes not about the RP, but about the inevitable firefight that comes after it because before the person puts their hand up, they've already quickly given their location over TS. Add that atop the whole shitty cycle of people not straying from the whole basic torture + execution cycle, and hostile RP can get really stale really fast. And don't get me fucking started on the whole shitty bringing memes and shit into RP. Yuck. I could also add the entirely unnecessary 'shit talk after a person dies' stuff that happens that I see all the time in PvP montages. If it is still the case that people can hear shortly after they die, this doesn't at all help with the salt shit. There is no way that you can convince me that the kind of shit talking that people do IC after they kill someone is legitimately IC. It's not. You aren't fooling anyone. So there are a lot of factors that I feel are the problem. I also wish that those taking the criticism don't immediately refer to, "lol he's salty" kind of an attitude, because although some of the criticism they take is clearly that, most feedback to hostile groups gets pushed aside and not taken seriously because of a few bad feedback apples.
  14. Cid

    Post your battle stations

    Making memes?
  15. Cid

    DayZRP Seasons / Chapters / Episodes

    That's why I also mentioned things like events. Entries aren't the only thing that has mattered, there have been very few events that have helped get this knowledge to people in-game. As you said, most people don't read.