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"Rule #1."

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  1. Ender

    • Ender
    • Cid

    Rule #1

    1. Cid



  2. Cid

    • Cid
    • Pussy

    Dude, like half of the Unnamed RP just got fucking swatted.

    Time to create a separate DayZRP canon?

    1. Pussy


      Shhh... What they don't know won't kill them 😛

  3. Cid


    I believe today we reached the pinnacle of DayZRP.

    1. Terra


      Nah... there is always more bs to come... dont you think? 🤣

    2. Cid


      There is BS, and there is BS that brings the community to a point where if this shit sticks that a second DayZRP canon is going to be created by the community.

    3. Terra


      Sadly, you are not wrong!

  4. Cid

    Re-instate the LoreMasters

    Of course the Loremasters couldn't get very well involved, seeing as they had no actual power. It was never a role that full trust was put into, such as Gamemaster, or even Moderator. I think if Loremasters were given a bit more trust and a few more tools, they would at least be able to do so much more without the hamper of needing a GM by their side to do anything. Create one-off characters for random events in which they use RCON to announce, etc.
  5. Cid


    That feeling when people get banned and everyone but the person banned suddenly feels targeted.

    1. LouieRP


      hmm, interesting can you clarify in detail? 

    2. Cid


      I personally don't get the paranoia you all have, especially from being an ex-staff member.  I know how that shit works and I know the thought process behind making staff decisions.  It legitimately confuses me.

    3. LouieRP


      It's not paranoia if the owner publically states that a specific group of people are disliked and are only here because of Jim. 

      It's not paranoia when you get your first points of flaming ever to be an aggravated punishment of 20 points then it getting reverted to 10 for two months. (Even though the reasoning behind the points was a meme) 

      I don't think there is any paranoia here my guy. 

    4. Clarence


      You realize they can't voice their opinions because they're banned.

    5. Mexi


      Step away from the community for a bit and play other games then, let the 'heat' you have on you calm down.

    6. Eagle



    7. Cid


      I mean, I don't mean this disrespectfully, but if it has really gotten to the point that being, "the only reason you are here is because of Jim" you likely got to that point yourself.  The only one that group of people has to blame is themselves.  I can't speak for the second point you made because I don't know what the comments of the flame was or such, but there usually is more to a situation than just aggravating points because staff feels like it.

      If you find yourself in that sort of situation, most people change or reflect on their behavior / actions or realize that this isn't the place for them and go elsewhere. 

    8. Shane Is Dead

      Shane Is Dead

      tbh it'd be lit if the roles were reversed be interesting to see

    9. Cid


      What do you mean, Shane?  Life if people like Louie and so on and so forth were in staff?

    10. Shane Is Dead

      Shane Is Dead

      ye but what i want more than anything is the old rules back and a lenient staff team take me back to 2016

    11. Cid


      I'd personally like the old in-game rules back as well.  I think they were much more supportive for creativity purposes.  Can't say the same for the leniency though.  I think staff leniency was the worst thing to happen to this community, in my opinion.

    12. Shane Is Dead

      Shane Is Dead

      well at least we can agree on something

    13. Cid


      Oh yeah.  I think the fact that we have to designate how much of safety features we want on our character page is absolutely mind-boggling.  I miss the days of cannibals groups, groups such as the Irish, overly-nationalistic groups, etc.  Granted, back in the day I think people did it much better than all of the recent groups branded as such, but regardless one of the reasons they were allowed to flourish was because they could be that much more creative without breaking rules.  It feels like you have to jump so many more hoops to get to that point now.  It's still achievable, but it's not because of sheer IC creativity.  You have to go through more OOC processes than you do IC, which I believe is wrong.

      See, we can have conversation. 

    14. Shane Is Dead

      Shane Is Dead

      when it gets to the stage where you have to tab out and check someones character to see if you can be hostile or whatnot its just fucking ridiculous and a joke tbh

    15. Cid


      Fucking preach.

      It's a better alternative to not being able to play like the old days, but it shouldn't have gotten to this point period.  Someone does a 10 second robbery?  Report them, that's how the system was to work; to punish those who fucked up and did it wrong.  Don't have to punish everyone because somebody does Bad RP.

  6. Cid

    I’m back

    Oh wow, that's a name. Hi Mitch, welcome back.
  7. Cid


    This is the best holiday that typically doesn't even last 24 hours!
  8. Cid

    DayZ 0.63/BETA Discussion Thread

    There is currently something that they are trying to fix before they give private servers access to switching to 0.63 exp. No time frame given to how long it will be, but they said that they are working on fixing it ASAP.
  9. Cid


    Hey babe
  10. Cid

    [GAME] Whats the story behind your username?

    My prominent mod day character was Cid Owens, who I eventually twisted and turned into some creepy sadistic monster come standalone after the Unnamed disbanded. Everyone called me Cid, so it was pretty easy to just stick with Cid. I also enjoy a majority of the Final Fantasy "Cid" characters, but that isn't the main reason why I stuck with it. Before though, god... I was Namuthewhale when starting on the server, which originated from me and a few friends registering on League of Legends, and we all wanted similar names. All of us had names that started with "N" and ended with some sort of animal. I chose a whale, and somehow came up with Namu.
  11. Cid

    Permadeath Rule (Read it all)

    As long as there was a way to properly track deaths on the website (via character page or something of the like) I see no reason to give this an appropriate test run. I think it would be an interesting turn for the community and truly bring back fear in some capacity. There is no reason to fear anything as most have become complacent to the environment around them, but having to actual fear for your life when it comes to players and hostile interaction is something that there is a distinct lack thereof in a majority case. You're right. People won't like this idea. I hope in some capacity though it is given a chance. Narrowing it down to player-specific deaths may help people understand a little, but personally I am doubtful.
  12. Cid

    • Cid
    • Ghost Of Pado

    Here I am, thinking about bringing back my Boku no Hero Academia theme for my profile, and you already have the theme for this season on your profile.

    I'm watching you, Pado. o.o

    1. Ghost Of Pado

      Ghost Of Pado

      *he would throw down an axe at his feet*

      fight for it Ciddy boi

  13. ==PRE-CHERNARUS LORE IS WIP== Terry spent a large majority of the outbreak outside of South Zagoria. In the early days, Terry took refuge with a Chernarussian man, who at the time seemed homeless - even before the outbreak. This man helped teach Terry all of his basic survival skills. Though Terry had handled guns before, it was simple play at a shooting range compared to actual gun maintenance and so forth. Cooking, camping, fishing, proper hunting - all skills that he never had a chance to learn, let alone perfect in his growing years. His parents were always too busy with work; lawyers, jumping from client to client, always traveling, always nose deep in their papers, always busy with one phone call or another. Though there was always a distinct language barrier between the two, this man became more of a family figure in the eyes of Terry. This made it so much harder when their camp had been raided, his now close friend injured and on death's door. Upon his passing, Terry took it to himself to continue their trade and what had kept them so well despite the hard times. He traded with various different Chernarussian outposts and settlements throughout the country, improving his reputation with locals all around the Miroslavl area. Looking for new horizons, Terry has expanded his trades out into South Zagoria, and is looking for partners to be able to link to other regions in Chernarus, though he understands that it will be quite the task to be able to do such.
  14. Cid


    Waiting for the Appreciation Thread Appreciation Thread.

    1. Fenrir


      My beans supply is in poverty so...

      Manual +1 😄

  15. Cid

    Fallout 76 Thread

    Likely because Rust is more known. Also, Rust is the most generic out of the lot of open world survival building games, such as Ark, Conan, etc. They all share similarities, especially in core gameplay, but they all have different settings and such.