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  1. Ocean

    New Permadeath rule

    I've been in favor for a Permadeath rule a couple months after I first starting playing DayzRP. And I must say, it's exciting to see a lot of people changing their minds who were previously against it. I think enforcing some kind of rule that is being discussed would help change the mind set for a lot of people, the RP would get much better. The problem I used to come across was that all the enemies I made after a while end up becoming your friends or guys you say hi and bye to as you go through the same town. There is only so much you can RP with someone whom you've both killed each other a few times only to see them come back from the grave. And if the OOC hate will become even worse because of this rule, then that's just due to the fact of immature, non-serious, selfish Roleplayers. If this rule causes some people to not want to play anymore, I think that's fine. It's about time the serious dedicated roleplayers get their chance to shine and create the story arcs that have happened in the past. I believe if this is implemented, we will see the mentality change for many of the players. Also, to combat PVPer's just creating a new character every time they die... wasn't the rule that you MUST have a character page going to be implemented? So if you gotta take some time to write up a character page, that should slow down the random PVPer's
  2. Ocean

    Election Day

    The Canadian Immigration site has crashed. I'm scared...
  3. Ocean

    What was your most peaceful moment in DayZRP?

    Especially when we would just travel the north in actual OOC days.
  4. Ocean

    DayZRP 2016 trailer contest results

    This is definitely the best one. Most professional quality wise, and covers ALL aspects of the game and our servers for all different players. "I guess they wanted my hat" and it's funny too.
  5. Ocean

    DayZRP becoming stale?

    When will people understand that it's all just up to themselves. The game is boring to you because a) you have been playing too long b) you got yourself too comfortable with the server and lost all apocalypse feel c) you expect everyone else to make the rp interesting for you I still see plenty of new people loving the rp because it's new and exciting to them just like it was for many of us. And many old people stating these past days have been one of the most fun/exciting times they felt on the server. A lore wipe wouldn't do any good for the long run. Maybe the first week would bring some spark back to the servers. The fear has less to do with others and more about your own perspective on the world around you. Come on people, it's a video game. Playing it for two years it's gonna get stale for you just like most games. Unless you put real effort into your ideas and roleplay like some guys are to this day.
  6. Ocean

    Ads on the website

    I wanted to keep it on but even when I didn't block it, they still were blocked. So I just disabled them. I wouldn't like to have them between threads though.
  7. Ocean

    NLR change suggestion

    My whole time playing on these servers i've never seen the problem Rolle is talking about being prevented by the NLR. When someone dies by the hands of another there is always someone else who knows. This information Is then communicated to the person who dies, and they end up hunting that person down anyways avoiding them because they feel scared of them. The real problem is that people don't permadeath. But their is no solving that because it's only a game.
  8. Ocean

    BeanZ cleanup

    I lost two.
  9. Ocean

    Would you go to Mars?

    I would accept as of right now in my life. Nothing is stopping me to. Just don't know if I actually got the balls to go.
  10. Ocean

    Standard Chill Rust Server [Offline]

    Yeah, that would be good enough. Even if some randoms come onto the server, if they see a few of us playing a certain way I think most would play along to our rules. Or if we have enough people who wanna do this for fun. Could we possibly still get our own server? Do it ourselves.
  11. Ocean

    Multi-Turn 'Round Robbery

    That's hilarious. That's gold.
  12. Ocean

    Standard Chill Rust Server [Offline]

    I got the game and only played it a bit on some random servers. I'd be down to learn the game more and have some fun with some others in the community. Lets try it!
  13. Ocean

    Enforced Medical RP

    I love that you created this thread. It really opened up a lot of discussion between a lot of people. I liked your idea conceptually, and it is making me think of my own solutions or suggestions. Don't feel attacked from people's replies, everyone is just posting their opinion. Some people just have a harsher tone to their opinions which is fine also. Also, if you do feel you have been attacked, it is possible it was a lack of communication which usually happens through text. Although you were just making a suggestion and wanted feedback. Some people get annoyed when people compare roleplayers to pvpers which isn't a true comparison.
  14. Ocean

    Enforced Medical RP

    At this point it is just a matter of opinion then, not an actual problem. I don't get my character involved in fire fights, in-fact I have never been involved in a fire fight and killed someone. But this quote "and having people tell me to avoid yada yada" actually sounds really cool to me. I WANT their to be more hostilities and fire fights. I WANT their to be more places for me to avoid, and more places that may risk danger to my character. This will instill fear into my character which is what I want. I think camp-fire RP should actually be more rare then it is. Since we are playing a game, and cannot play 24/7 it is assumed when we are logged off, our characters are sleeping or relaxing at a camp/house. The times you log on is like the times you watch episodes of a TV show, that's when all the action happens. No, their shouldn't be constant fire fights, but I don't honestly think their is enough. I'd much rather have fire fights then people getting tortured as well. Peaceful RP and Torture RP should be the most rare in my opinion.
  15. Ocean

    Enforced Medical RP

    So the issue here seems not to be realism, but the fact people don't like being attacked every couple hours by the same people they had already defended off by killing? Is it done to travelling groups at different locations or groups of people in settlements in the same location? *EDIT: After reading some past posts the specifics seem to come to light. If we actually want to see results from this thread, specifics will have to come out and be gauged more accurately. Sometimes when threads like this are made, it seems to propose a server wide problem that may not actually be occurring, but one, or a few instances that have a lot of background that may explain it all.