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  1. The "alternate universe" excuse conflicts with a lot of RP though. For example, why would anyone rob anyone else for food? Food can be found in very plentiful supply. I haven't died since I logged in from hiatus over a month ago, and I've been at light green Energized/Hydrated/Healthy the entire time. If you're going to use gameplay as an excuse to claim it's just the nature of an alternate universe, then you also need to consider that canned food and clean water are plentiful, guns can be found by the dozen, and ammo can be found easily everywhere.
  2. The issue with that sort of logic is that now you're inviting metagaming into the mix. By that same logic, these people live in a world where a seemingly mystical force prevents them from shooting anyone until they make their presence and demands clear, and prohibits people from shooting compliant victims. How far does it go? How far do you use the fact that it's a video game or "alternate universe" to excuse unrealistic behavior?
  3. Agreed, that's why I'm not complaining about the occasional person that asks the question off-handedly, but rather the ones that find people occupying a house and then specifically ask the occupants why the door is locked.
  4. Innocent questions can still be stupid questions. It's immersion breaking nature comes from the fact that it's a really stupid question. As others have pointed out, it's like asking "Why are you guys all carrying guns?" or "Why are we being so sneaky?" Think about the situation we're discussing: You approach a house in the middle of the night, and you discover it's occupied. It's dark... There's no rule of law... Zombies and murderers roam the countryside... ...and you're wondering why the person in the house locked the front door?
  5. My first goal is always to point out the absurdity in character and hope they catch on. For example, if they ask me "why are you running around with a flashlight?", I reply with "Because it's dark and I can't see." Hopefully, when they hear that, they think "Oh, right. I have my gamma turned up." And maybe even realize that their character should be practically blind. Unfortunately, I worry that it goes right past some people and they just sit there silently wondering why I don't just turn my gamma up.
  6. It kind of sounds like you're saying "If you don't like something, don't bother complaining about it, just shut up and accept it." Also, some people seem to think that I'm claiming that the players that are confused by common sense and realism in RP need to leave the server or be banned. I'm not saying that at all. I'm hoping those people see this post and say "Oh, shit. I did that. I guess it is kind of silly." and remind themselves to immerse themselves more during RP. A big reason I rant about stuff like this is so people can read it, consider their own actions, and decide if any of it applies to them. Whether or not they want to take it as a chance to improve or keep doing it just to spite me is their own business.
  7. Funnily enough, two weeks ago, when the same thing happened, it went something like this: Guy: Hello? Me: Yes? Who is it? Guy: Me: Woah! What the hell are you doing!? Guy: Why is the door locked? Me: Because I'm in here. Guy: Don't be a smart ass. Me: That's a good way to get shot, you know. Guy: Good. It's been a while since someone shot at me. Well, you two have fun and use protection. (I was alone). So, yeah. Guy almost KOS'd me trying to shoot open a locked door after he learned that someone was inside the house.
  8. That's another thing I've noticed a lot of, and part of what I was hinting on regarding how everyone acts like it's just the friendly neighborhood apocalypse. I tend to do everything I can to be stealthy, and I'm very wary of strangers, and the hilarious part is that when I do that, they treat me like I'm acting suspicious! Yes! Yes, when you and your three heavily-armed friends walked over to me, surrounded me, and started dancing back and forth on your toes, I got a little bit anxious! Why did I run away at first? Because I saw three heavily armed guys suddenly change direction and come charging directly at me across a wide open field where I was the only obvious destination! Why am I the rude or suspicious one for not trotting up to say hello to you?
  9. I've received a bit of in-character flak for that, too. People will ask me my name, and I'll respond with "Why do you want to know my name?" and they'll act like I'm being rude because I don't spill my full name and daily schedule to a complete stranger. My character tends to be a loner, mostly because she's been burned by strangers in the past (and robbed by them, as you can imagine). If she's walking through a field and she sees you suddenly turn and make a bee line towards her, she's going to be on guard, because you're literally diverting your path to go intercept her, and she's not sure why. Then you come up, and you're all friendly, but you're asking a lot of details. "What's your name? Where are you going? What were you doing? Would you like some company?" All very strange questions coming from a complete stranger in the middle of a total collapse of society. It's the same reason why I will absolutely break into a full sprint if I see a group of a half-dozen heavily armed guys come running towards me across a field. Otherwise, you're suddenly completely surrounded by strangers that are all doing the FPS dance. I'm much more likely to stand my ground if the entire group realizes how intimidating they look and decides to send a single person over to greet me. I'm not suggesting that everyone avoid everyone else, because at some point realism needs to give way for RP, but at least treat the situation like it's actually happening. "Excuse me, do you have any AK74 ammunition?" or "Sorry to bother you, but I was wondering if you saw a group of men in green jackets run by here." Something that doesn't make it sound like you're struggling to make small talk. Small talk makes sense if it's a group of people gathered at a meeting place like a trading post or a watering hole, but in the middle of a zombie-infested city while scavenging for supplies is not the place to be asking "How's the weather? What's your name?" The level of friendliness is a bit excessive. You can be respectful without treating everyone like they're your new neighbor.
  10. I actually find it very bizarre that a you don't understand why a person might lock a door at night. Is that something you do on a regular basis? Just walk up to locked homes and ask the owners why their front door is locked? If you found a person in a locked house in the middle of a zombie apocalypse while bandits are routinely robbing people, would you genuinely wonder why the door was locked? Don't misunderstand me, I'm not suggesting that anyone should be punished for this. I'm not going to report people for something this small. As I acknowledged earlier, this is just a rant over a petty, minuscule detail. The practice of asking a person that's locked in a house "Why did you lock the door?" just comes off as...weird to me.
  11. That's why I don't do any scavenging at night. I don't have my gamma turned up, so I'm blind without light, but using it makes me a target, so I find a place to hide for the night. I'm also not counting situations where people just walk up and mutter "Why is this door locked?", I'm specifically talking about people that come up, find out I'm in the house, and then ask me why I locked the door. Alone. In a house. At night. I wouldn't be ranting if it were an isolated incident. I'm ranting because of how often it happens.
  12. Calm down, I actually wasn't including the encounter with you. You're being a tad bit defensive. I'm aware that your situation was different. The two situations I'm referring to involved lone individuals asking me why I had the door locked while I was alone in a house in the middle of the night. Seems like common sense why a person would keep the doors locked in the middle of the night. It's absolutely petty, and I absolutely don't care. Mad? No, not really mad. Irritated? That's a fair assessment. It's a question nobody would ever ask in a real scenario if the circumstances were the same, because the answer is painfully obvious. Hmm. Did you read the post? Because I was pretty clear that this has happened a dozen times over the past month. I've waited a bit more than a day to vent about it.
  13. I get it. This is a game. No matter how immersive it can get, people have a hard time discarding that DayZ mentality where the goal is to ravage the landscape like locusts. That mindset becomes so ingrained that some people even consider realistic RP behavior to be unusual or bizarre. When I RP, I try to put myself in my character's shoes. Play the role as immersively as possible. That means I don't use weapons my character's not familiar with, rarely sprint anywhere because it would be murder on my knees with a fully loaded backpack, and I use light sources at night rather than cranking my gamma up. There are two trends I've noticed recently that are starting to get under my skin: The use of light sources, and locking doors. Just this evening, I had some variant of the following exchange happen twice! Random Person: Hello? Me: Yes? Who is it? Random Person: ...why is this door locked? Seriously? Why is the door locked? Why the hell do you think it's locked!? This was just tonight! I've had this happen probably a dozen times in the month since I've returned to DayZ. It's like the idea of someone locking their doors when they go inside is completely alien to them... The other trend I've seen a few times (though not as much as the locked door one) is people asking me why I'm running around using a lantern/flashlight/chemlight to see. Because it's dark. The answer is "because it's dark." I'm not sure if you've ever walked around a house during a complete power failure at night, but even in full moonlight, the interior of a house is very, very dark. I'm aware that using a light source makes me way more vulnerable and visible, which is why I tend to find a house, lock the door, and hunker down when it gets dark. ...which leads to people asking me why the fucking door is locked!
  14. Hmm.. That is unfortunate. I use the F3male mod for a campaign of missions I'm building in A3. Yeah, they're bad, but it's that or nothing, so I cope. With Desolation...well, I'm a text RPer, so I guess until female models are introduced, I'll just RP a guy.
  15. I was well aware that the comment could potentially earn me a warning, but it really irritates me that you can complain about the quality of people in this community after making such a horribly distasteful comment like the one you made, and then have the audacity to actually try to defend your comment by dismissing the offense of others as if it was trivial. Your comment not only could have been offensive, it actually did offend people, and it's not the fact that you appealed the warning points that got to me. If you'd said "I apologize for offending anyone" in your appeal, that would be one thing, but instead, you were dismissive. In fact, not only were you dismissive, your implication was that people didn't get your joke because they were ignorant, as if that would somehow make it okay. You were informed that your conduct was offensive, and your reaction was to basically flip the middle finger at anyone that might have been offended, implying that anyone offended by your joke was either too stupid to get your joke, or too uptight to care.
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