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  1. Seeing hostile characters have to perma is a great idea imo. Seeing the same thing over and over is getting stale. I left once because the same thing was happening. I won't leave again cause I have hope that people can change or they can get tf out. Enforcing vs encouraging. I think enforcing should be used honestly. It's been so long since DayZRP has been created. People know what good and bad bandits look and act like. Treat em like adults and tell em like it is. You wanna play like that and treat people hostile-ly ingame? Value ur life like it's the only one. Cause that'll make it so they act wayyyy better. I think it'll result in less reports for badrp and initiations and stuff like that. Hell. I think all reports'll get reduced.
  2. There's too many people here that are always looking to get a fixin' on the means of Robberies and Hostile threats. They roll around in groups and just do what they want cause the rules say they can, so they make characters around that, and it just keeps going in a loop. I love the good RP where I get trespassed and held up cause I crossed borders into a town I'm not supposed to be in. Where I get made fun of for being American or just from New York in general. Can't help the people that want the fix. Just gotta hope they fuck up and get themselves banned or just...Hope they stop playing. Evolving server = Evolving players.
  3. Alen picks up his radio and the sound of a window being smashed open while he pushes down the PTT. "Are you fucking kidding me...I saw someone when I woke up with a massive headache running out of the station, front door wide open...I just thought he was one of you but then I saw him running into the field down the hill. I tried to give chase but by that time I lost sight of him. He takes a small gulp of a bottled liquid. "If you need anything Father I will assist you. Anything you need. You know how to contact me." Alen turns off the radio and stashes it into his back, walking out of the house he was hiding in, moving onto the next one.
  4. I enjoy seeing people who break rules get banned. It just brings a joy that is hard to replicate. Knowing the staff team do what they do best is what makes me wanna keep playing.
  5. *Alen, after letting out a soft cough, would smile as he presses down on the PTT* "Funny...I somehow knew you'd be a bad lier Boon. Sorry, but she really did try to hold me up. Got me by the neck with a little hidden knife I didn't see." *He takes a swig of something from a bottle. It sounds to be almost empty.* "Boon had the idea of letting her go anyway. I simply went along with it. I've done good by Anarchy. Gave em' shit for free cause they kept me safe and offered me help with my clinic. Even gave me other weapons when I lost mine. I knew this girl from the moment I looked at her that I was willing to risk saving her. But that's my good deed." *Another long swig of something in a bottle. Sounds to be empty now.* "I'd recommend someone go talk to Boon. Ask him about what really happened. After all...I'm a doctor. I try to do good by all people. I simply wanted to help her and in return she fuckin' put a knife to my throat and knocked Boon on his ass. Can't imagine how others would think of Boon getting his ass knocked out by a so called slave. Lorcan...Sorry man. I don't think what you do is right but expect a package by your doorstep soon as payment. After that I'm heading into the wild to live out my days. Might return, Might not. Boon ain't what he seems. I'd shoot the fuck moment I see him walkin' down a street." *A light of a match echos into the radio before dying out.* "To Anarchy. You guys do you. Keep up the work and keep ya'selves alive ehh? Won't wanna hear you guys dyin' and me not be able to help ya out. To the girl who I thought to have helped...I hope to never find you...Otherwise the Doc ain't gonna be so nice. And to...Jiffy...I hope ya make it outta this hell. To Trent...Wish ya best of luck. To all of you. Hate me or love me...Think about yourselves and what you would want. Hatred is only viral to Hatred. Like a pressure bomb. Only a matter of time till it goes Pew." "Doc signin' out. Keep lookin if ya wanna die of old age. No one gonna find ya Doc boi." *The radio goes silent as he leans back against the wall of a house with an empty bottle of vodka in hand, releasing the PTT.*
  6. Then I'd like to add that rulebreak. It's clear in the video the black cowboy hat man did not initiate on the person taking the video, as far as we can see.
  7. I'd also like to add with the guy on the inside with us, black man with cowboy hat. We did not know he was with them, so does he have to officially initiate on any of us again, or does he get the rights the 2 originally got?
  8. I'd like to call out to all the people involved that I'd like to speak with everyone on Discord to discuss in more detail what happened. PurifiedNoobs12#0156
  9. I do not know any of them directly no. I was simply there and they were helping. The black guy's name I did not know. The other guy I only knew by a first name.
  10. Server and location: S1 - Vybor Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Around 10:40 pm EST. 02:45 UTC Your in game name: Alen Fraider Names of allies involved: 1 unknown man/1 named Trent. Name of suspect/s: Unknown. Wore Black clothing and balaclavas Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): I did not have time to start recording because I got killed almost instantly. Detailed description of the events: I was in Vybor with 2 others that I met. 1 person me and Trent just met in Vybor, and had not gotten his gun license from the checkpoint bois. We talked to him for a bit when we saw 2 guys wearing black with guns out coming up to the clinic in Vybor. We interacted with them, went to go get water outside, and they initiate on all of us. I do not pull a gun and turn around, crouch with 1 hand up, showing I mean not to try anything. 1 walks up to me as he tells me to put both hands up. Naturally, since the emote wheel is a bit slow with choosing its emotes, I had to quickly try to find the Surrender emote for both hands, but he did not give me enough time to do it. I did not draw a gun the whole time, and complied the whole time, and I did not even turn toward the hostile person when he was at my side while I put my hands up. He counted down from 5 very fast and I got my hands up at 4-3 and he kept going and then shot me once in the head. I then had to respawn and log out due to my character model being wrong.
  11. Yeah enjoyed the little bit of roleplay I had today with the man in white. Thanks for putting up with my bullshit and vast amounts of random ammo I gave you guys
  12. Yeah college and all that home stuff got me with little time to play, but i'm tryin my best to love the server again.
  13. I plan on that. I'm trying to improve my stance on recording and actually putting up a report cause I have to keep reminding myself that no one is immune to the rules and that reports make differences. I just need people who know me or are just now seeing me for the first time to understand why I feel this way against hostile groups. Again, I know this doesn't represent ALL the hostile groups, but it's hard to have a positive attitude towards it when they dominate the map, and are hard to deal with knowing i've had such bad interactions with the kind for so long.
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