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  1. Thank you! This can be marked as solved
  2. Alright, very cool. How am I supposed to join?
  3. So I have seen some roleplay servers etc. using the 0.63 version of the game. Is dayzrp also doing this or is dayzrp still in 0.62?
  4. Yeah sorry for the late reply, it has been answered.
  5. Hahahaha :DD Oh my the puns Possibly, I need to investigate
  6. Okay, thank you very much! I appreciate your help!
  7. Sure! As it says "Settlements may only be attacked by other factions and only once a day per faction" Does this part include players too who are not in any faction?
  8. Yeah I saw that, thanks anyway. Does rule 14.4 include individual players or just factions?
  9. When what where? Wait can you elaborate, is this an actual rule or something that I can't touch it unless I am in a faction? I didnt find anything in the rules so I would like to know before I do something stupid haha
  10. Nothing really worked for me, even though the paper and pen were both pristine
  11. elgiri

    The Brotherhood's open radio comms [Open Freq.]

    *raises his radio and begins to talk* "Hello? Is this thing working? I suppose it is.. We had quite an adventure don't you think? I really enjoyed it. Until I got STABBED in the back.. I am looking forward to meeting again.. Oh and say hello to Jack, I really liked him. Left you a little present at the gate xoxo." *Transmission cuts*
  12. Its not working for me. Anyone got the same problem? It really ruined my rp story haha
  13. Well if you get killed then you obviously can't thats all I know thanks bye
  14. Thanks mate Ok I can tell you that it wasn't your settlement so no worries.
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