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  1. IGN: ( In - Game Name) Age: 16 Country: Duthcland English skills: 8/10, in my opinion that is. DayZ Experience: I think I started playing DayZ like a month or two after the release, so quite a while now, like two years or something? Not quite sure. Took a brake from DayZRP though. What kind of role best describes you: Yolorusher, not afraid to take my chances and storm/initiate on targets. Have you been in any clan/group previously: Yeah, I been in BlueCloud, Chernoruska Fenixove, Italian Rat Pact and a lot more, these were just the clans I remember most. Additional notes: I'm more often than not a bandit. Best way to contact you: send a PM. Backstory: Like I said, I have been out of DayZRP for a while. If someone is interested or whatever in having me in their clan I can tune my backstory to his or her group. Same goes for my In-game name. Being called Achmed wouldn't really work in a hardcore Christian-roleplaying clan.
  2. 10/10 because FranZ is probably Frans but he wrote FranZ just like DayZ wrote DayZ instead of Days.
  3. Powdermen

    DayZRP ArmA3 Wasteland Server

    Altis Lyf pls
  4. I had a 64 gb SSD for one game (haven't decided which one yet) and windows, and a two TB hatddrive for my other shizz.
  5. Meh, it misses a grenade launcher and a silencer.
  6. I do like a good self-made milkshake by the way. Just throw a banana or two in the blender, add milk like a retard y voila.
  7. Get an SSD of like 64 gb, it's so amusing to just keep restarting your computer in less that 5 seconds. When I show off my PC I don't run BF3, GTA or Arma on super high settings, I restart.
  8. You do understand I will be above you in life 'cause of my GTX760?
  9. You do realize that you are accusing a guy who can dualwield this song of not knowing music? Do really think anyone would choose your side on this? That's what I though. It only took me 1093 days to master. And I mean really master.
  10. Didn't even take sip of his beer, pussy! jk
  11. What do you know it on powder? Bass, probably. I can play it on bass AND piano. It's super difficult and requires years of training. Some people recommend it as a beginner song but they don't know shit. Pah! Piano! GAAAAY!! I know it on bass ANDDDD drums. I know Terra, she loves drummers who can dualwield songs with bass and drum. I could do a solo concert! It did take at least several lifetimes to master it.
  12. You know, I know how to play this song [video=youtube]