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  1. Free Agents: Looking for a group?

    IGN: ( In - Game Name) Age: 16 Country: Duthcland English skills: 8/10, in my opinion that is. DayZ Experience: I think I started playing DayZ like a month or two after the release, so quite a while now, like two years or something? Not quite sure. Took a brake from DayZRP though. What kind of role best describes you: Yolorusher, not afraid to take my chances and storm/initiate on targets. Have you been in any clan/group previously: Yeah, I been in BlueCloud, Chernoruska Fenixove, Italian Rat Pact and a lot more, these were just the clans I remember most. Additional notes: I'm more often than not a bandit. Best way to contact you: send a PM. Backstory: Like I said, I have been out of DayZRP for a while. If someone is interested or whatever in having me in their clan I can tune my backstory to his or her group. Same goes for my In-game name. Being called Achmed wouldn't really work in a hardcore Christian-roleplaying clan.
  2. Real life picture Thread

    My whole life is a lie now..
  3. [Game] Rate the persons forum name above you.

    10/10 because FranZ is probably Frans but he wrote FranZ just like DayZ wrote DayZ instead of Days.
  4. DayZRP ArmA3 Wasteland Server

    Altis Lyf pls
  5. Computer specs for new pc

    I had a 64 gb SSD for one game (haven't decided which one yet) and windows, and a two TB hatddrive for my other shizz.
  6. Why is the remington 870 not in DayZRP?

    Meh, it misses a grenade launcher and a silencer.
  7. What do you have for breakfast?

    I do like a good self-made milkshake by the way. Just throw a banana or two in the blender, add milk like a retard y voila.
  8. Computer specs for new pc

    Get an SSD of like 64 gb, it's so amusing to just keep restarting your computer in less that 5 seconds. When I show off my PC I don't run BF3, GTA or Arma on super high settings, I restart.
  9. Computer specs for new pc

    You do understand I will be above you in life 'cause of my GTX760?
  10. Real life picture Thread

    You do realize that you are accusing a guy who can dualwield this song of not knowing music? Do really think anyone would choose your side on this? That's what I though. It only took me 1093 days to master. And I mean really master.
  11. Real life picture Thread

    Didn't even take sip of his beer, pussy! jk
  12. Real life picture Thread

    What do you know it on powder? Bass, probably. I can play it on bass AND piano. It's super difficult and requires years of training. Some people recommend it as a beginner song but they don't know shit. Pah! Piano! GAAAAY!! I know it on bass ANDDDD drums. I know Terra, she loves drummers who can dualwield songs with bass and drum. I could do a solo concert! It did take at least several lifetimes to master it.
  13. Real life picture Thread

    You know, I know how to play this song [video=youtube]