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  1. Mex

    Random name you remember from a long time ago

    o/ Jamie
  2. So my POV: I was running towards Myshkino Vybor military I'd say my location was a couple of hundred meters in front of my friends who said they had a guy running from them, I manage by sheer luck to literally run right up side by side with him and try to ascertain some information from him. He told me "These guys are chasing me and I don't know why." To this I acted innocent since I was the only one in range and wasn't fully sure of what was going on, then the man running who from his POV is known as Kyle told me he had around 6 friends at Myskino tents, I said that good we can put up a fight then. Before reaching the tents the people behind me tried to get him to stop several times and I could hear them but he said it was mumbled so we just carried on running. Several minutes later he decided to hide inside a tree and got found and told to stop but instead he decided to continue running again and started shouting "I wouldn't come into the field" Looping round the west side of the tents he told me that his friends were currently located to the east in the tree line. This continues until he runs north of the tents and finally tells me to go and hide in a different tree, in his attempt to hide my friends caught him and began to rob him, all the while we were rather cautious because he said he had 6 friends in the trees. After they told him to place his guns on the ground and move out of the trees he started stalling, I started moving further away to get an overview of the situation because of the beforehand mentioned 6 friends. I spotted someone in a tree with what looked like a older rifle (it had a wooden barrel) wearing a purple or pink backpack pointing a gun directly towards the friend trying to tie up the other person. The lady with the purple backpack then began running since we spotted her we had myself and 2 others to go and locate her since it seemed rather suspicious. In this time the original person being robbed decided to run off while somebody attempted to tie him up with rope. We then got the lady to put her hands on her head while we tried to deal with the man who ran off. While that was happening we find a third person in the woods looking over us once again we tried to remove this person from the area so we could deal with the original person. Two of our group moved this man further away from the situation towards some tent that was pitched up. While one of us was talking to the lady who we had hostage we started taking shots directly near the hostage. The person in talks with her had to move away to remain safe and not take a hit. The hostage was left unharmed until they began picking items up from the floor (where there was a weapon and melee weapon). I took the shot when the hostage was no longer complying to our demands and like I stated began picking things up that could pose a great threat to our lives. The hostage would have been left alone and we would've continue our RP if they hadn't starting picking up things from the floor that could harm us. The hostage died and so did the man who started firing the AK towards us who from his own POV was Kyle the original person that was robbed. There seemed to be a real lack of compliance from the first man named Kyle who ran off while we attempted to tie him up. EDIT: I'd like to point out the that disconnect in the logs is when my game crashed and it took me about 15 minutes to get back in.
  3. Mex

    The RP since 0.60

    +1 Before the patch I came back and all I saw was really boring RP, made me really miss the dayz of the good old Arma2 mod... People seem to have a tendency to act superior and anything that relates to change or something they don't like or conform to the current RP "meta" is just troll like or bad RP. Please step down from thy high horses and realise everybody is new if they truly suck they will eventually be banned or leave and you'll have a new wave of good RPers or at the very least some fresh blood. The only time I got decent RP from before .60 was when Sparky was punching me in the face because I made him a bad meal after trying to sell him a dumpling. Everything else was typical ex-military or some nationalist hating outsiders etc. Shout out to the good ole days with nice RP and clans that used to rob each other and have massive fights without people instantly screaming gear rp... Edit: Also to throw it out there, I saw a mass amount of trolly / lowkey racist comments when I was playing an Asian character before 0.60 so yeah.
  4. Mex

    British European Referendum

    Count the pixels
  5. i am a bambi, but i said white name invation dayz changed it to bambi and like i said it was a bit of fun I can't keep up with all the me mes you young guns throw around these days. It's a CrAzY WoRlD
  6. People joining in late 2k15 calling others bambi's Kappa
  7. you need to play more fucking brilliant shit definitely died about 5 times during that situation All work no play for Ling and Ching felt like being back in the rice paddies
  8. No dumprings for the mean trap house men.
  9. Started recording me telling the man to stop following us after he had been rude to my companions in a brief chat with him and he continued. Total clip is longer but its just him following us while we run in the woods. [video=youtube]
  10. I'd also like to point out to the staff that the POV's given by Deeblack, Zero, Speedster and Jetwells are from an approximately 40 minutes before this event even starts in Myshkino and have nothing to do with the report. I also would like to point out that none of them were within 500 meters or able to witness the events in the report, it feels like they are attempting to gang up on us with their larger numbers and discredit us and make out we are some sort of trolls who get kicks out ruining peoples games. So far they have made some very passive aggressive comments attempting to make us out to be terrible people and none of them were even there. The people involved in the events of this report should just be 4 people, Myself, Kala, Allison and Scott Merriman outside of VOIP range would be man with gun on hill. I don't appreciate being made to look like an ass. Jetwells "So, A basic summary. We made contact with the group at NWAF, let them run away. They flipped us off, we decided to surround. They ran, we followed. We let them run, we organised, moved on to find them. Found them 10 minutes later at Myshkino, Surrounded for the 3rd time. They ran, Th3inory followed, We followed. We followed to bash. We called off chase." Why are you lying? 10 minutes after what Vybor? We ran SW then SE then hid went to Stary asked about red armbands found out info and headed to Myshkino. How the hell did we do that in 10 minutes?
  11. Before I post my POV I'd like to point out that we should all notice you are talking about a chase that was almost over an hour with no initiation and well outside of VOIP range for about 85% of the chase. Secondly and more importantly I feel is that we should point out that when zero mentions we run away screaming "Lalalal, can't hear you, can't hear" as seen here; Is at the north west airfield. And when the guy who made the report claims it hes reporting us and only includes events from the Myshkino encounter as seen here; Now I cant remember the last time I even hear someone shout something that included "La la la la la" unless it was in a kylie Minogue song from the early 00's. But apparently that's all we seem to shout? When we left the NW airfield there is no way they were in the VOIP range as we crossed half a field before they decided to chase us. Before I post my POV I'd also like to state that we felt the OP was baiting us into initiating on him and stalking / harassing us he was repeatedly rude and didn't stop when we asked him to do so. Without further ado my POV: So I'm walking around the NW airfield attempting to meet my companions of choice when I roll up to the south barracks and notice a man talking, being rather parched I turned on the water pump and began drinking while my friends conversed with the fine looking gentleman. After hydrating myself to the point my stomach was completely full on the most wonderful tasting water I've experienced in a long time I hear some one reload, curious as I noticed nobody had a gun in there hands in the immediate vicinity I became to look for where this sound came from since I was aware that the NW Airfield is a dangerous place. Upon my inspection of the walls surrounding the compound I noticed a man crouched over with his face to the floor looking really down in the dumps, it may have been because he was wearing dark clothing and displaying a red armband that it struck me as an odd sight to see but as I mention before curiosity struck me like a wild Hyena out in the plains of Africa. I questioned the man as to why he was hiding behind the wall listening in on our conversation and generally seeming rather anti social, he move to the other side of the wall (crossed a broken panel) and didn't really much then he ran off. Ready to leave after such an odd encounter we head out the south east side of the compound via the broken wall and notice 3 people standing there, one female with a blue hat on the left, a male in military clothing in the middle and somebody in full pink on the right. The first thing out of these 3 peoples mouths was that my hat looked like a vagina and they began laughing like little school children.(That may be in the logs one of them was Text RP) At this point I was fed up with the shady and children attitude of the people in the area so we decided to leave. Skip past 5 minutes of trying to loot the NW tents to the northern industrial area where a man in a green military outfit and red armband walked up to us and began trying to talk to us. When we came out of the building to greet him we noticed 3 man laying down in the trees all with rifles out aimed and ready we asked why they were there he simply whistled and told them to come out like they were robots under his command. Once they came out of the woodwork we noticed that there was once again men with weapons out attempting to surround us wearing green and once again having red armbands, we decided to leave out of fear that something bad would happen. At this point they decided to all chase us after about 20 seconds. Noticing this we carried on running and found a man near a barn in Lopatino we warned him about the army of red armbands and the fact they were hunting us like we were some sort of livestock, he in turn warned us about some suspicious men in Vybor area we said our thanks and we both decided to mutually keep moving our own separate ways. After all this running my companion Kala was all ready to pass out from the amount of running we had endured already so we took him to the outskirts of Vybor to get a drink from the well. Knowing that it could possibly be the same people (red armbands) we decided it would be safest to flee while they are at a distance, we headed out of town towards the SW and after awhile cut more SE to get away from them. After climbing Veresnik hill we decided to hide in some bushes to see if we had lost them, we waited for what felt like an eternity but in reality was probably 5 minutes. Wiping the sweat from our brows we headed to Stary to see if we could find someone to ask about these men with red armbands. We found a rather wonderful young chap in a yellow raincoat who told us that it may be the French Foreign Legion or Zbor, once we told him that they sounded sort of Russian he decided it was probably Zbor. This was news to us we had no idea who Zbor were what so ever, so the kind man gave us a brief story or summary if you will about the group known as Zbor. After this we decide to head continue with our first objective of finding some equipment for ourselves and we had heard of some military tents pitched up near Myshkino this was a very long run from Stary and took us about 20minutes or more, after this long and grueling run we needed a drink once again, while we did this a man walked up to us and asked us what we were doing then promptly told us to back away from him (while he walked towards us). I ran behind the house to throw up at this point since i'd got a bit excited and drank more water then needed. He asked us what we were doing in this remote town at the time of night or something and while we were explaining we noticed someone in the trees to the ESE with a gun out and pointed in our direction. Upon seeing this we told the man we were leaving and wished him good luck because we'd had some people after us (chasing us at 100-200m for ~ 30minutes with no initiation) to that he replied "well if they're chasing you can I come too?" we replied no there might be people after us. He ignored this and followed us for about 10 minutes through a forest at night into the middle of nowhere he clearly wanted something from us or to do something to us. We got to a hill with a clearing that allowed us to see anything coming from the direction we just came from to see if he had people close by and we stopped to ask him why he was so persistent in chasing us the chat went a little something like this; Kala: Why are you following us? Guy: Why the did you run out of town like that? Jesus Christ Guy: I mean Allison: Why you following us what do you want? Kala: I mean theres a guy in the forest and you there and we're being chased from before Guy: What did you say sorry? Kala we're being chased of course we leave there is a guy aiming a gun at us in the forest in the middle of the night isn't that shady? Guy: Yeah but its more shady for you to run off. Kala: Why do you keep following us Allison: Hows it shady you're the person following us, why don't you back off buddy? Guy: Hey listen lady keep your fucking mouth shut alright Allison: Nobodies asked you to follow us whats wrong? Guy: And nobody asked you to just go running off. //What does that even mean we felt threatened so we left? Guy: I mean what are you guys even doing in this country? You're clearly not from around here. Kala: But neither are you. Mex: Says the man with an American accent. Guy: What the fuck? Mex: Don't follow us anymore yeah? Keep yourself to yourself. *man continues to follow for another 5 to 10 minutes before we lost him in the woods.
  12. Mex

    Need a GUID or SteamID reset? Post here!

    Need a reset for SA please, messed up a letter or two >.< //Red: SA GUID Reset.
  13. Mex


  14. I just buyed it last night I just buyed it now! #Hype #Nice
  15. Mex

    Altis Life RP?

    Sure that could work, but the two things are sort of entirely different to each other, rules may be somewhat the same but by no means are the two "mods" the same. For instance you would have the potential of; Cop rules Medic rules Civ rules Bandit rules Thats a rather large amount of "new" rules the current staff would have to learn, and more to the point without expanding the current staff (even a tiny bit) you would be swamped if Altis life became "popular". I personally think expanding or adding staff for it would be 200% more reasonable than just porting current staff over, but hey ho.
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