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  1. *Batok hears the message and face palms* " Why the fuck would you say what your fake name is, at this point you want to die, I won't be able to save you this time silly girl" *He puts his radio down and takes another swig of his whisky staring at the beach as the sun rises*
  2. Response: It is important to note that this is where we get our IC cannibal knowledge. Heard in the video below, Scar is watching one of their members eat a body, he then goes to confront them about such behavior IC. The video listed in a doc shows a guy running around listening to another guy in discord saying he seen me eat somebody, ".That is a flat out lie", also you will hear someone else state"Do you hear them laughing" talking about kuru which would be meta gaming. Response:There is zero chance you can call this a firefight between us, your group member HDDragon mis-id’s one of our men. We never roleplayed with you in this situation, and one of your guys RDM’s one of ours. It was not a three-way firefight AT ALL and should not be listed as a hostile encounter for this day. Along with this, our men were able to find Vali and identify him based off of previously being in the same groups as him whether or not it’s Pamyati, or Green Dragon’s this can be seen in this clip: https://plays.tv/video/5cd51fec701bca5bda/hdragonbtw, by the way how do dead men talk? I am mind blown on this you literally have dead members calling out somebody. Response: It seems that this is a common occurrence, if an RP situation is not comfortable, then say in OOC that you are uncomfortable with it. We cannot prevent it from happening unless YOU let us know that it’s not okay. And later on when you did tell us that you were uncomfortable about it we fixed it. She did go ooc which can be proven in logs and somebody said "to bad" so it was out of the question, but thankfully Jackzrp killed the marriage himself. In this situation, the lads initiated on the Chedaki members located at the well in the center of Pushtoskha. The initiation was extremely clear and only directed to the Chedaki, the rest of the people were civilians that we were protecting from mis-id’s and invalid kills by placing them in a semi-safe location and having them put one hand up. At no time were those individuals other than lego ever initiated on. However, about halfway through the encounter Lego decided it would be in his best interest to start shit talking Eagle’s character one of our associates along with saying Slava Chedaki and rooting for the people we were actively fighting for their benefit right in front of us. So at that point he was initiated on. This was a report and Eagle was found guilty for it and I have no idea why you would have felt offended but ok you can come up with anything I guess. But Eagle did in fact start the shit talking in the video and couldn't take the shit talk back, Now "At no time were those individuals other than lego ever initiated on" So he was held up before he started shit talking Eagle? Like in the video you can clear as day see there were other people held up? Response: As far as I have been told, there were many witnesses to the actions who were able to identify what happened, also I believe JimRP was present, his ooc asking was just to be sure she didn't break a rule. I am not to sure about many witnesses my dude, as Elliot was sniping them, Jimrp might have ran into Lego but did Lego admit to killing them? Norway, Vegas, Thrash, and G19 were RP playing a drinking game with well over 15 people on the roof of the supermarket about 40 minutes into the game, Norway got Batok to essentially admit to being a cannibal to the entire group, this prompted some tension along with the increase of fear of initiation in the RP. The reason for doing this was a desire for more RP to be placed into these kind of scenarios to hopefully benefit all parties. However, once it became clear to us that if we initiated now there could be an opportunity to negotiate and end to the war since we had effectively found them at a position of vulnerability where we could take the majority of their ranking members present without a fight. However, literally as Norway had stated their intention to negotiate, HDragon and multiple other members of Funeral Parlor opened fire without care for their hostages or any RP that could have happened. As a result, after attempting to negotiate a cease-fire and FP repeatedly denying any chances to work for a peaceful solution, Batok was executed in accordance to the rules. Sunny pulled a weapon and was killed, and Xehara was able to escape when one of her men traded his place as a hostage. I actually decided not to report this situation, I died while cuffed I tried talking to Norway he told me to shut up to which I did and he sprayed into me, now lets get some facts straight Norway tried to give demands but your boys also tried to push Vali and kill him but they failed and all of them got wiped, you cannot try to make peace while sending people out to kill, it literally will never work like that he has every right to defend himself to people trying to push and kill him, if you were trying to negotiate you would keep your men back on standby. I also never admitted to being a cannibal, I never once said hey guys ya I admit I eat people, again you are lying. Now Vali and Norway did end the fight in voip with there own internal rp, Vali sparing Norways life who was extremely hurt in that fight and actually knocked uncon by Vali, they both ended up surviving and ended up walking together and talking about personal ic stuff to one another, which this would counter the fact Vali didn't want to negotiate he just had no choice to defend himself against others trying to rush him during the negotiations, position logs would be best to prove the situation. As far as the power gaming/ metagaming and all those other rule breaks you clamed on Lego, make a report on it if you feel like there was a rule break. In this situation, Norway was speaking to the entirety of funeral parlor and taking their feedback on how to improve things. At this time the rest of our group was rallying up at Green Mountain and deciding on whether or not to make it a trade hub again. After a while we came to the conclusion that perhaps we should stop fighting and settle down and make a trade hub if we ever want to get approved. Norway tells Funeral Parlor that our new plans were to settle down and start a new RP hub and end the hostilities. Norway then left the discord and continued the RP with the rest of the lads. G19 and Dexagon had to relog due to a frame bug issue and whilst the were doing that Funeral Parlor used OOC information gained from their OOC conversation and went to GM with the soul intent on initiating. They ran up on Norway who killed five before dying and G19 killed the other 4. Norway was in our discord the entire time, he only muted to talk to you on teamspeak, now Norway told us to come to GM and roleplay with him, so we did I just decided to even the odds that day with all of the bullshit we dealt with from you guys and hold up Norway. Norway also never told us he was trying to stop fighting and you guys have not stopped fighting at all. Norway killed two people and G19 killed 3, "fp members involved, Me, Luna, Hunter, Lego and David King, non-fp member was Dad, he lived". As far as Norway taking feedback, I didn't hear to much on that but again that isn't his job.
  3. I also will respond to his responses on the google doc as well, there are some issues that need to be discussed
  4. No interest in dropping the report, he has his or their responses, I would like to add @Roland I left this between me and @ScarRP but not only did he have someone else post a POV he also copy and pasted it not being able to come up with his own words, my problem with this is again, he never took our feedback seriously or again really has no idea what is going at all, I can't take this seriously anymore especially when this man says the people in his group are a bunch dogs lol, call me a liar scar but I know the truth not only with that but this rare rule break as well, end of story homie I am using words from my own mouth nobody else's, now he gave his pov editing over my evidence so we can go off of that, keep in mind Scarrp never used his own words being a leader of the group.
  5. Everytime I run into the UN I had great rp from them, they suspect me of things but don't act on rumors , but keep it up bois best UN bunch I have seen IMO.
  6. Ya it is East i made sure because i am East
  7. I feel like perma bans ruin a community more than help a community to be honest, only perma bans that should exist to me should be cheating, I feel like lengthy bans really do teach people, I can only imagine what the perma ban list looks like, so many good role players gone for some shit that really didn't hurt anybody, but hey we all have different POV'S on things.
  8. @Shroud your a god tbh
  9. I am going to mix the map selection up to both dm and skirm @Mexi
  10. we have 6 ppl rn lol but I can do that yea
  11. @Shroud lol join then
  12. It is us east as well
  13. So I rented a server to play with friends and people in this community It is a skirmish 5v5 duel server/ Deathmatch if anybody wants to play, it is called The Dome and the password is Dayzrp to make it simple, I am not promoting and if rolle would like I can change the server name to Dayzrp.com IP:
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