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  1. Batok

    Make blood / heath only regen by using blood bags / saline

    No homie i didn't mean you can't say anything i didn't word that the best, but i am saying this is a video game not real life, so it is mainly for fun now while roleplay does edge closer to realistic styles of gameplay the mechanics of the game shouldn't be altered in a way that simply won't make the game itself enjoyable, but i didn't prove your point no matter what happens i will never be scared to die in any video game, i know how to handle situations to save my own life and if i fail well i simply hit respawn but if we want people scared to die and all that good stuff let's make after i don't know three deaths is a PK i like that idea
  2. Batok

    Make blood / heath only regen by using blood bags / saline

    Iam sorry but i refuse to compare a video game to in real life situations stop comparing the two, i want to personally enjoy a game that is already broken, i am not afraid of anything in this game, i already avoid zombies i like that they are hard and when i do get shot i role play pain all i see is people trying to stop hostile roleplay that is all this will cause because we want this game to be something it is not
  3. Batok

    Make blood / heath only regen by using blood bags / saline

    you think hording guns is bad lol, imagine not being able to find saline bags and bloodbags
  4. Batok

    Make blood / heath only regen by using blood bags / saline

    Honestly i feel like the stamina is more of a problem at the moment, we are playing a video game health regen will always be unrealistic but when you go and try and fuck with it to make people scare to be hostile is pretty wack, this game is already broken as it is with alot of different issues, not trying to be a ass but this is not the best of ideas, and trying to compare the healing to COD or Halo is extremely over exaggerating, not a terrible suggestion though just think it would make people not want to play.
  5. Batok

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @Eagle was fun my man like always best leader, @Wong was short but still same as always @Lego you already know fam always a blast, @Xehara thanks for the shoes @HDragon had a blast my man in that shed, @Kai goons for life
  6. Batok

    Real life picture Thread

  7. Batok

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Had a blast with @Eagle @Wong @Jared @Bounty I will find out the truth btw xD at the two guys I had to do missions for me and Kab was fun, and to all the GD's always fun my boys @YungBrandonRP @Thrash and the rest you already know
  8. Batok

    S1 - BadRP/Powergaming

    Ok I will wait a little longer no problem and thank you
  9. Batok

    S1 - BadRP/Powergaming

    Hey are the logs messed up right now because if so we can kill this to make it easy for staff
  10. Batok

    Real life picture Thread

    beanz fam
  11. Batok

    Real life picture Thread

  12. Batok

    S1 - BadRP/Powergaming

    it will be 1080p soon
  13. Batok

    S1 - BadRP/Powergaming

    I will be uploading a video of the firefight: Pov me and Elliot was looking for some pants for him at the NW airfield when he tells me he is being robbed at east admin building my dumbass went to the wrong one at first but literally 60 seconds later he said bro they cuffed me and took all my shit fed me human and left, I then shortly after trying to find these guys hear them shoot, I thought I killed one but I think I knocked him out and then continue a firefight with the 2nd to which I kill the guy I knocked out orginally I believe he died this time and got killed by the 2nd guy in a weird fight.
  14. Batok

    S1: OOC/BADRP - VMC 3/15/19 09:44

    This can get dropped i really just wanted to see his pov of the situation, but hey man go on the forums and find some tips on roleplaying they got some really goods onesbfrom great rpers.
  15. Batok

    S1 - Invalid Executed - Kabanino - Daytime (Unknown exact)

    Why are you being toxic about it you were probably getting executed by the other group no matter what for the past incident and yes you were warned to watch your mouth, and what was it you said to a guy with a gun to your head " you guys have bad aim" or something like that and no he actually didnt try to hit you with the first shot this is kinda sad i had good rp and laughed about losing the fight but obviously you have other issues with these guys. My pov is we seen some guys sneaking at the green two story acting weird so i w approach them reconized two of these guys and talked about what they were doing through a few minutes of rp one of my people reconizes his voice and said he was the one the shot i believe eagle and someone else in the back, so we hold him up, hostile rp starts we rough both him and his friend up when he asks to fight a one on one i accept the fight, and we got at it for about 10 minutes he wins the final slug fest and i pass out.
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