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  1. Darion

    The Savages | Strict Recruitment

    Can i have the thread transferred to @Wong.
  2. Darion

    The Savages | Strict Recruitment

    Lol im still like wtf till this day
  3. Darion

    The Savages | Strict Recruitment

    Le gasp is that my bestie who i murdered brutally ina barn
  4. Darion


  5. Darion

    S1 - Zeleno - Kos - 23:36 - 3/30

    Talked to them decided to drop the report. Was a misunderstanding and such.
  6. Darion

    S1 - Zeleno - Kos - 23:36 - 3/30

    Server and location: S1 - Zeleno Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 23:36 / 3/30/19 Your in game name: Darion Dailey Names of allies involved: N/A Name of suspect/s: N/A Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/A Detailed description of the events: I was running through Zelano and was limping due to dehydration, so i stopped to get a drink at the pump and refill my water bottle. Then suddenly I hear the magic pop of a gun and I am dead! No initiation, no communication.... nothing.
  7. Darion

    'Member Thread

    Miss you to bb *Goes to back to lurking* @Jasper
  8. Darion


    Welcome Back
  9. Darion


    Can not wait to see this shit on Saturday!

    Fucking Hype

  10. Darion


    Allow me to weeb out for a second.

    SPOILERS - Season 3 Episode 23





    1. I love Bakugo and he is best character of the year. His design and growth are executed in perfectly that makes him the perfect rival for Deku.



    2. 2nd best fight in anime imo in terms of animation and emotion and how well it captured their relationship.

    I could go all day

    1. Gaylaxy


      Worst fight 

    2. APositiveJade


      Shutup Galaxy, darion knows what he's talking about

    3. MrPanda


      The fight scene in Barn Yard is still the best...


    4. Aiko


      +1 I agree with this weeb wisdom.

  11. Darion



    1. Darion


      Watch it..

  12. Darion


    Thank you Marijuana for unlocking my creativity and allowing me to make a profile I am content with ?

    1. Mademoiselle


      Yes! Power rangers!

    2. Darion




  13. Darion


    We hit affiliate on twitch! Hypeeee

    And we are live with a new webcam ? come see my ugly mug 



    1. Watchman


      Good shit my man

  14. Darion

    Darion's Stream

    Live in 5
  15. Darion


    Starting the strum 

  16. Darion


    Going Live ❤️

  17. Darion


    Live on Twitch!

  18. Darion

    Darion's Stream

    Going live
  19. Darion


    Shameless plug! 


    1. Honeybee


      Eeew, it's you. Nobody wants to watch your lame streams, neeerd.

    2. Darion


      @Honeybee I expect a follow from you

    3. Honeybee


      Always, dad ❤️


  20. Darion

    Darion's Stream

    This is where i will post when I go live! Would love to have some of you to stop by.
  21. Darion

    Coming out of retirement?

    Im the only one who matters Space
  22. Darion

    Official Fortnite Thread

    You would of got shot and been like Fuck Pleasant And a 2v3 that turned into a 1v3 build battle real fast. Went on to win this solo in squads got the replay to prove it. http://plays.tv/video/5afa6bf775d1a4d9ae/1-v-3-build-battle
  23. Darion

    Official Fortnite Thread

    Had to do them dirty http://plays.tv/video/5afa6a2fa80a9b3dfc/quick-headshot
  24. Darion

    Official Fortnite Thread

  25. Darion

    Official Fortnite Thread

    Out of the Big three BR's Id have to vote Fortnite > H1z1 > Pubg. Now i say this because pubg honestly has no tactics its a arma clone of call of duty, played the same way as DayZ pvp and clunky as hell. H1Z1 is just broken cause they care more about skins. Fortnite is just way more intense, art style is great, gameplay is smooth, and it is fast paced and takes a lot more mechanical skills then PUBG. If you can't build you will lose 100% of your games and takes a lot more team coordination then any of the others and it honestly shows on how the player base has already surpassed Pubg's. Plus there is a reason marvel and other companies like to partner with fortnite. So yes Fortnite is the best BR out at the moment. *Sits down* Disagree? Then change my mind. By the way Epic Games account is ApeGang.exe
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