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  1. Watch Quan Zhi Gao Shou, Its a chinese anime.. Good art style really like it
  2. Just finished Shippuden , great show ending was very nice
  3. I love anime ...
  4. Really good show dont want it to end
  5. Good song

    1. Darion


      it reminds me of my favorite movie but well get through these hard times sofie stay strong

  6. better be i didn't waste 100+ dollars into the community for no reason i am here to get my moneys worth , as for the rp side i believe a FAT RIP is in order
  7. ive given up hope im just here for the free teamspeak
  8. i feel your pain i didnt get my key till the day of the beta so i was sure i wasnt gonna get in but lucky me
  9. (Game is in Closed Beta Now) This is a Standalone BR made by the guy who designed ARMA's BR Mod and H1Z1 King of the Kill 2 Wins Today Boys
  10. The 12th, so tmmrw is the last day but the full game releases on Tuesday
  11. The scariest staff member is gone Nooooo
  12. Steam or Uplay but downloading it from steam will make you download uplay's garbage launcher anyways which is what i was trying to avoid >.> Orochi for life bruh already prestiged mine with a combined weapon and armor rating of 42
  13. Any one gonna download the open beta and play , I need more people to play with I plan to actually make a thread for this since I've been waiting for this game for 2 years but i am to busy playing the beta right now
  14. You do you boo, I still love you
  15. Ill be honest todd you know i love you and the clowns and hell if i actually got in game more often i might take you up on the offer. But the last version of the clowns was my least favorite, you had some great RPers in there but a lot of the members didn't care to RP they just shot and robbed people and ended up in so many reports. After the 2015 clowns your shoes would be hard to fill but honestly i don't see anyone else really qualified to lead it other then you. I would say wait until your back bb