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    Welcome Back
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    Darion's Stream

    Live in 5
  3. Darion

    Darion's Stream

    Going live
  4. Darion

    Darion's Stream

    This is where i will post when I go live! Would love to have some of you to stop by.
  5. Darion

    Coming out of retirement?

    Im the only one who matters Space
  6. Darion

    Official Fortnite Thread

    You would of got shot and been like Fuck Pleasant And a 2v3 that turned into a 1v3 build battle real fast. Went on to win this solo in squads got the replay to prove it. http://plays.tv/video/5afa6bf775d1a4d9ae/1-v-3-build-battle
  7. Darion

    Official Fortnite Thread

    Had to do them dirty http://plays.tv/video/5afa6a2fa80a9b3dfc/quick-headshot
  8. Darion

    Official Fortnite Thread

  9. Darion

    Official Fortnite Thread

    Out of the Big three BR's Id have to vote Fortnite > H1z1 > Pubg. Now i say this because pubg honestly has no tactics its a arma clone of call of duty, played the same way as DayZ pvp and clunky as hell. H1Z1 is just broken cause they care more about skins. Fortnite is just way more intense, art style is great, gameplay is smooth, and it is fast paced and takes a lot more mechanical skills then PUBG. If you can't build you will lose 100% of your games and takes a lot more team coordination then any of the others and it honestly shows on how the player base has already surpassed Pubg's. Plus there is a reason marvel and other companies like to partner with fortnite. So yes Fortnite is the best BR out at the moment. *Sits down* Disagree? Then change my mind. By the way Epic Games account is ApeGang.exe
  10. Darion

    The Kingdome* of Severograd

    They shall come again :3
  11. Darion

    The Kingdome* of Severograd

    It was the best of times twin
  12. Darion


    Yuh know where to find me if you ever need me! Otaku land with my loli collection or fortnite <3 Hope you dont leave to long and Snap me if ya need to talk bb I gotchu
  13. Darion

    Computer giveaway

    Herro a wild Darion appears
  14. Darion

    Death of Quinn [Open Frequency]

    *Darion Picks up his Radio* The Gremlins will miss her she was family Nicest person Ive probably ever met. All the ones disrespecting her will have a rude awakening when I hear your voice in person *Laughs* Most of yall probably mad she didn't love you back. Ive never seen her once go and kiss anyone let alone fuck them. It was all you thirsty kids who ran up to her forcing your nasty ass lips on her. *He releases the PTT and tosses the radio to his brother*
  15. Darion

    Text RP Events

    Character Name: Darion Dailey (Pumpkin King) Character Age: 20 Does your character have any physical shortcomings? No Does your character have a mental disability? Schizophrenia Does your character have a specific disease? (Diabetes etc.) No Does your character have any phobia? Fear of Wolves Does your character have a love interest? Yes in a relationship with Kat (He is looking for a Pumpkin Queen so he makes mental notes of all possible candidates) Does your character have any addictions? Nope Does your character do any drugs? Marijuana Is your character overweight? He is very fit Would you like your messages to be strictly serious or would you like a comic relief comment from time to time? Both Anything else that we might have missed that you'd like to experience in game? Darion's Schizophrenia has been around since he was a child cause his mind to degrade over the years to the point where he see and hears illusions of pumpkins talking to him. He thinks he is their king and them his loyal subjects. But with that you can be creative make him hear wolves or girls even the rightful Pumpkin Queen i am really up for anything