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  1. Gunna be busy planning a wedding with my furtue wife, so i gotta take some time off. I will be back, No worries.
  2. I don't know why its always, kill, kill, kill on this game. Once you kill somebody, you kill the potential RP with it. Honestly I think the rules are put in place to save the RP from people that are blood thirsty. If it works, it works. keep it.
  3. drewhinny

    How many of you roleplay as yourself?

    I played a character like myself, but I did get bored a lot of the times. Finding what you love to play is the best feeling tho. Also I did post something very much like this a while back. http://www.dayzrp.com/t-How-much-are-you-and-your-character-alike
  4. I agree with you. But i have 0 rep so that probably why...
  5. I thought we were eating them, no?
  6. drewhinny


    Make it personal...near and dear to your heart.
  7. I do agree that every experience is fun. But I think if your character feels threatened. He should do what it do, and belly up out of there.
  8. drewhinny

    No point in a tent

    I personally think it would be amazing for a group. You're right, one person cannot hold all of that food, but many people can. Plus the tent is one of my favorite items in the game. I might be a tad bias.
  9. drewhinny


    Later Chris. Hope all is well with you.
  10. drewhinny

    Leaving/Left/I don't even know, read the thread

    Nicest dude on the forums. Hate to see you leave boss.
  11. Yea I've noticed that as well. The game is what it is, I still love it. Like Hitt said maybe one day...
  12. drewhinny

    [S3] The Refuge [Currently CLOSED]

    Hey, was Sam Sweetwater your character or someone elses? Is so, what happened to the Call us what you like survivor group? It was my boys character from that group. It got archived because nobody was ever on at the same time. I was Mike Dugan.
  13. drewhinny

    It Just Took Me An Hour To Walk To The Store...

    I do this as well Newbie:"wanna hear about my life?" Me:"I don't give a flying fuck about you or your shitty life" Newbie:"oh..ok you want to trade something?" Me: "nooooooooo!" People are learning how to RP. Iv'e seen the other side of things, people just wanting to trade, no RP at all. At least some of these "newbies" as you say, are trying. If they are having fun, then who cares what you or your character thinks. Just because your character doesn't care what "newbie" has to say, doesn't mean somebody else does not wanna listen. I also understand that ur character may be a selfish prick and that makes sense to say something like that IC. All I'm saying is at least they are trying. The more people that get better at RP, the stronger this community becomes.