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  1. Hey, I walked in the video give me beanz It turned out awsome, thank you @Watchman
  2. You walk on thin Ice my friend I'd love to meet you IG Welcome to the Community man, I hope you enjoy your stay! SLAVA CHERNARUS!!
  3. Livonia Death Race starting!

    Driver Perspective: 

    Drone Perspective: 


  4. Welcome back! Prepare for awesome stuff that's happening with the upcoming lorewipe, it'll be epic!
  5. Welcome Back! It's always nice to see old players returning enjoy your stay
  6. This is amazing! Too many russian flags for my taste.. first
  7. Tbh i love the new update. I don't think the Car parts have something to do with the update, i found them in every single shed before the update. Same with the Nails, it has been 70 nails per box before that /moved to Community Discussion
  8. Yes, yes and yes! Passed out 2 times while trying to get out of a car. +1
  9. 18:47:24 | Player "Crim" (DEAD) killed by Player "Bryan" with GLOCK-19 from 9.95783 meters First Blood!
  10. Gina's eyes.. best eyes in DayZRP
  11. Team Name: 2Guys1Gun Player 1: @Tysdal Player 2: @Bryan
  12. "Voj. Dimitri Stepanov"
  13. Welcome to this fine Community! Good luck on your Whitelist and enjoy your stay!
  14. Hi Predatxr. A lot of people are waiting for the upcoming Lore wipe, that is why the population is down abit at the moment. It has always been like that shortly before a Lore wipe so don't worry, the server will explode again (A week ago we had 80 + 20 man Q)
  15. Dead Russian. I like it. Take my Chernarussian BeanZ
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