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  1. I love how this is still a thing. So many years of winning gone tho..
  2. Before the Outbreak: Growing up in the outskirts of Charlotte, Bryan had a lot of influences as a teenager and got into a small gang without thinking about it. He has always been the "good boy" who tried to stay out of bad things as long as he could. When he got 20, things turned around a little bit when his best friend got killed in a Shooting. After the funeral, Bryan tried hard to find the Killer of his friend. It took him three months to find him. In the meantime he made his escape plan: "Get in, kill him and take the airplane to Russia and start a new life." Bryan drove to the Killers house and kicked in the Door and stood inside the Living room of the small house. It was 3 AM, the killer was asleep so Bryan walked into the Bedroom and fired five shots into his victim. After the job was done, he quickly changed his clothes, drowned the old clothing and the living room in Gasoline and burned down the whole house. He jumped into his car and drove off to the Airport to catch his flight. Arriving in Sochi, he took the Bus to travel to Chernogorsk where he rented a small Apartment while he was looking for a Job. He received a offer from a farmer to live at his farm, in exchange for food and bed, he had to help him with his work. The night after he moved in, Bryan burned his old ID and Passport and changed his name for his new Start. After the Outbreak: -more soon(tm)-
  3. Make Da..Chernarus great again mah bois!
  4. Haha I remember that pig the only thing I can draw
  5. Thank you all for the war welcome Feels great to see so many of the old people here Let's see how long I'll stay
  6. Hey man welcome back.... You may notice ithe influx in people and servers haha Thanks man Yeah, feels almost like the first Psi wave :'D
  7. I like 0.60. I'm back. Where are the Dogpigs?? <3
  8. Feels like we are going back to the old days... I like some of the changes. +1
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