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  1. The Game

  2. Make Da..Chernarus great again mah bois!
  3. The Slowchat Thread

    Yo, is this still a thing?
  4. Sup, I'm back.

    Haha I remember that pig the only thing I can draw
  5. Sup, I'm back.

    Thank you all for the war welcome Feels great to see so many of the old people here Let's see how long I'll stay
  6. Sup, I'm back.

    Hey man welcome back.... You may notice ithe influx in people and servers haha Thanks man Yeah, feels almost like the first Psi wave :'D
  7. BeanZ WAR

    Well, 47?
  8. I like 0.60. I'm back. Where are the Dogpigs?? <3
  9. Weekend update

    Feels like we are going back to the old days... I like some of the changes. +1
  10. Silo and Chow's newest DayZRP video

    Awsome video.
  11. Hey guys, I'm still alive. Just wanted to say that i miss you all! <3 Kill all Dog-Pigs!
  12. It's a great mod and only people nearby can hear you. If you watch PSI's Takistan series you can see it in action with more people Involved. Bringing this in is a great idea IMO +2
  13. Date camo tho.. Only thing I can see is a floating gun.
  14. Down to One

    I have to say, it was worth the couple of hours I had yesterday so I'd say it's not a waste of money