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  1. Last time I played, I wasn't well equipped or organized but I raided a base after making sure nobody is there cause I desperately needed ammo. Yeah I had a few bullets left but not enough. I managed to get in, nobody was there, I took my stuff. Base owner comes back, he "caught me", he died. Did I not value my life there? I sure as hell did, that's why I killed him. You guys are trying to force people to make that their victims of a base raid are online which is just straight up bs because there is no way for a regular player that isn't staff to find out who that base belongs to (if they randomly stumble upon it). It restricts gameplay and fun, it only benefits loot hoarders. If you are so attached to your gear and are afraid your base gets raided, keep your loot on you and don't build a base. It's simple my man: It's not offline raiding cause I'm online.
  2. A desperate survivor would not track down the owner of some random shack he found and interrogate him just to find out what's in it. If he is desperate he makes sure nobody is home and breaks in and looks for himself, and then take whatever he needs. Forcing people to do all that and then record every single incident is just unrealistic and only benefits hoarders. Rules should be simpler, not more complicated.
  3. Time to focus on being a Cat dad!

    Thank you to all the people I got to work with over the last 15+ months 🙂


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      thank you for your service to dayzrp staff team bryan o7

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      thank you for your service, sir!

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      o7 watchmeister thank you for your service

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      You will be missed lad o7

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      From wrangling cats to just getting to relax and pet them. Ya did good mate.

  4. Comedy Central Wink GIF by Drunk History

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      Welcome to the backseat.


  5. Congratulations man. Keep up the good streams!

  6. Leopold grew up in a very small settlement in Finland. At a young age, his father taught him that the only person he can rely on is himself. They took long trips into the woods to provide wood for the settlement, either for fire or building purposes. When Leopold and his father went into the backyard to shoot at old cans, his mother always complained and yelled at them. In the end, her anti-gun attitude is what brought her to the grave sooner than expected. The small village got raided and being defenseless, she got killed very quickly. During that raid, Leopold was on his usual trips to the woods, where he took his time to look at all the cute animals he could find. Unlike his father, his interest was more in small bunnies and squirrels. Upon returning to the village, everyone was already dead and Leopold began to wander off, blaming himself for their deaths. After almost two years of living a nomadic lifestyle, Leopold found a settlement where he felt welcome enough to call it home. He joined the local security forces and worked himself up to their self-proclaimed "Special unit" where he spent his time bullying criminals and looking at cute animal pictures in his free time. One day, his commanding officer caught doing that and he got fired. Devastated as he was, Leopold began living a nomadic lifestyle, eventually ending up in Nyheim where he got recrutied by the infamous P.K.M.
  7. Namalsk was not made by BI Jokes aside, regarding your question, see the latest announcement made by @Duplessis
  8. Hello there, We are currently working on forming a team around our map developer @Kerkkoh. We plan to expand Nyheim and make it even better than it is right now. To do that quickly and efficiently, we will create a map team, that will be supervised by @Kerkkoh. What should you bring? Experience with map development Object placement (COM or similar) Ability to create interesting environments Dedication This is your chance to be the change you want to see and create your own little part in the world of Nyheim. Send us your application today! #makenyheimevengreater
  9. I never met him but my condolences to his family and his friends. RIP man.


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  11. GLHF Edit: no fishing club? I'm disappointed @Knight
  12. They are most likely gone, sadly.
  13. Hello I am online

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