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  1. Tom Fyfe

    [GAME] How famous is the person above you?

    5/10 for the mvp only, feel like i should know you
  2. Tom Fyfe

    I know most like to kill people but...

    @Brayces is pretty on the dot, things won't change, no matter how much you dislike hostile RP, it is needed to make the stories of DayZRP progress, the rules have been set in place so as to stop people from being shitty RP'ers and help develop the story, its a very fine line to get across but when done right it can bring joy to both parties. If not done right it should be reported and sorted there, not by ranting over a general discussion page. DayZRP isn't going to have the kind, loving, hands linked ending you want it to have cause you don't want your gear to be taken, a lot of this ranting circles back to that and just that... Gear, yes its frustrating when you lose it to someone who didn't work to get it but you need to remember your playing a character react how the character would not how you as a player would. Hostile RP will always have its ups and downs but its part of the RP like it or not, it needs to be there otherwise its just nice people everywhere and who the fuck in the right mind wants to live without a little excitement?
  3. could be sooner than you think
  • Tom Fyfe

    The Blackwood Militia

    Sla Va Na Blackwood
  • Tom Fyfe

    Novaya Factory

    *Tom perks up at the thought of work* *Tom presses the PTT* "I will be in touch" *Tom releases the PTT*
  • Tom Fyfe

    Novaya Factory

    *Tom pushes the PTT* *A Smooth Texan Accent comes down the other end* "And Can one procure work from this type of establishment? Cause if so, I might know a guy" *A spit and a ting can be heard from a nearby bucket* *Tom Releases the button*
  • Tom Fyfe

    I know most like to kill people but...

    This Hostile RP is what makes the world go round, otherwise we'd all be stood with eachothers dicks in our hands singing be happy, there's a lot of things you can do to help move Hostile RP along, creating allies with other friendly groups is one, have a war start out, it leaves the ground work for stories to be filled, if you look at it from a gear standpoint yes its frustrating, but from an RP standpoint, you and/or your friends have just made an enemy/ally and from there a beautiful friendship/rivalry can begin. If something like a robbery happens you shouldn't look at it from the gear point of view.
  • Tom Fyfe

    [GAME] How famous is the person above you?

    Slagsview 10/10 very famous
  • Tom Fyfe

    [GAME] Rate the Persons Profile Song Above You

    9/10 would like a link
  • Tom Fyfe

    DayZRP rule changes - March 2018

    I like the group shit, we need more groups ig, but as someone said the noose is getting tighter for hostile rp, think you've went a little too far banning hostile rp because of a characters reason. This is how a lot of rivalries start, it helps create tension between groups, starts conflict and alliances to be forged. This is how DayzRP used to be, I have a lot of fond memories thanks to DayzRP. As of late I've found the RP very stale compared to how it used to be, and I think these other changes will make a huge difference for the RP. But don't remove one of the core aspects to post-apocalypse survival... Bandits. Food for Thought
  • Tom Fyfe


    Goodbye Buddy! Wish you all the best in your life man! Gunna miss you
  • Ozzy was a herbalist back in Australia, his business took him far and wide around the world in search of new strains of plants that he'd bring back to Australia to his hometown to grow and sell. After hearing of a super strain growing in the north of Chernarus, Ozzy packed a small carrier bag of clothes and set off. It wasn't long after Ozzy arrived that the outbreak occured, but it still hasnt differed him from his goal of finding this super strain everyone has been talking about. Ozzy met a few English chaps along his way who offered to help him find his strain in exchange for his loyalty and support.
  • Tom Fyfe

    Is Anyone out there [Open Freq]

    Tom hears a slight cracking from his radio and a voice coming through slowly after it He feels slight relief after the message comes through and presses the PTT button "Cotton, nice to hear a voice for once that isn't groaning, I only moved inland a few days ago, i didn't find a radio until about a week ago, and batteries are even harder to come by. I was hoping to run into someone before I even got the chance to use this thing. I did however come across a nice man called Ling Long at the airfield, he has took me in but has told me he hasn't seen many people about recently either, I hope everything is ok with you" Tom Stalls for a brief second before releasing the button.
  • Tom Fyfe

    Is Anyone out there [Open Freq]

    Tom wakes from his uncomfortable but refreshing slumber Staring out the window of the barracks After clearing the airfield before dozing off he noticed more creeps gathering all over the place "More creeps to kill" As he picks up his rifle he thinks "There has to be more people out there" He picks up his radio and switches to an open freqency "Hello, My names Tom, I've been walking for days and only seen a handful of people... I'm starting to think that there's no-one left, if there's someone out there, who needs help, get me on this frequency... I'll be waiting... Hoping." Tom pockets his radio, closes the door to his room, opens the window, and begins picking off the undead.
  • Tom wasn't always in Chernarus, he was just out of boot camp from the Irish Rangers Regiment, when he decided to travel to whatever country his finger landed to on the globe as a celebration for graduating, from then it only went south. Tom went over with a few of his friends who graduated with him, everyone had planned to go skydiving on one of the days they we're there for and Tom wasn't anywhere near good with heights and on the way down he panicked. Flying off course from the landing zone he planned to make his way back to the town everyone had planned to meet at for drinks after.
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