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  1. lococableguy


    Where was this?
  2. Javad Karimi is an Iranian Revolutionary Guardsmen who was working at the Iranian Embassy in Chenarus when the outbreak broke out. Himself and the 30 other Embassy staff members were scheduled for a emergency evacuation back to Tehran, however the helicopters would never come, and all forms of communication were lost. Because of this, the Iranians had been held up in the Embassy, bravely surviving for over a year, fighting off hoards of zombies. Javad never wanted to kill anyone and wanted to only serve his mandatory 2 years of service in the Iranian draft, however he now knows he's one of the unlucky few stuck in this zombie ridden hell hole. Several staff members died off during zombie attacks or infections, and the rest of the staff are desperate to get out. Now in 2019, supplies are running short, the nearby houses and buildings are empty. Javad has lost hope in any rescue from Iran. Time and supplies are running by and Javad knows he's going to die if he stays contained in the Embassy. Today he starts a new chapter. He's leaving the protection of the Embassy walls to go out to the wild streets of Chernarus. He'll use his military background to get by and eventually get out of the country. He can only think of what his family in Esfahan is thinking without him there, and the vast uncertainty of the status of their son.
  3. dawsonpark

    Can't message you for whatever reason, but if your serious submit the application.



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    1. Brady


      Oooo someones got a new recruit

  4. Hello friends, I stopped playing DayZ for a while which meant my time on RP dwindled. I used to have lots of fun, mostly getting robbed, but I want another go at it for old times sake. Just wanted to see what are the big groups to watch out for, who/ what should I know. What areas are good bad and have high traffic? Rule changes and such, or any quick updates anyone could inform me of would make my time coming back much easier. Thank you for any help, and I look forward to bringing back this feisty Iranian to DayZRP!
  5. lococableguy

    Whitelisting and new people

    Well thats just obvious nonsense, I created the thread to see funny responses and if someone wrote that I would die.
  6. lococableguy

    Whitelisting and new people

  7. The title says it all. I want this post to be on some unwritten rules that exist in the community and when playing DayZRP. I think this can benefit new members in bettering their roleplay / behavior in game, and on the forum. If staff agrees, maybe some of these "unwritten" rules can become set in stone. Post any you know below, and feel free to debate others, agree with other's unwritten rules, or maybe even propose some new ideas!
  8. lococableguy

    Whitelisting and new people

    I think we just have a LOT of new players that just need to play a bit more before they realize that the unwritten rules of DayZRP.
  9. Had a great session yesterday with @Stellaboy. We first were roleplaying unarmed Jewish students and had some very funny encounters with several people in Stary, Kabanino, and Staroye. Got lots of complements on the humor we both gave, and hope you all enjoyed it. Later we decided to be cannibals and messed around with a fella named Mason. Messed with him a lot before leaving him without killing him. Glad to be back in the swing of things in RP, and to see the community thriving!
  10. Within one school, there are many buildings
  11. Any Rutgers New Brunswick students that are fellow RPers? Figured I would ask considering this is a 40,000 person school. Comment here I'm pretty curious.
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