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  1. As long as the RAC survives we're good
  2. Roman is a South Zagoria radio host born in Kabanino. He used to work from his radio station in Chernarus but now is working remotely due to the virus. It took a while to get situated, but Roman was finally able to obtain the equipment needed to operate his radio broadcast on 6/30/2020. Born into a middle class family. Roman has been working
  3. I spoke to the AP and Duke. I've decided i'm closing this report. While the warning shot could have been interpreted as an initiation, it was just a warning along with a demand to leave which they both complied to. At that point I didn't think there was an active conflict and they both took advantage of my exposure on the roof and killed me. I dont think they had the rights to kill me, but I also realize I shouldn't have issued a warning shot. Again, please close the report
  4. So a few inaccuracies i'm seeing above are: 1. I didn't shoot close to you. I dont play with a backpack and always have 50% stamina. I aimed well above ya'll and shot at the top of the entrance to the school room. There is no way possible that Groovy Blisna saw the shot as he was looking directly at the door punching it. 2. I didn't threaten to shoot you. I knew I was alone as no one else from the RAC was online, and attempting to initiate or arrest you from inside the school with several locked doors between myself and the courtyard wouldn't have worked so I had only told you to just go away, not to try it again, and questioned your motives which were apparently to get a vaccine. 3. I never returned fire, I was shot at and killed too quickly. I only ever fired a warning shot. Also I didn't hear the man in black say anything, it was only the man in grey that I had talked to. I dont think they had valid kill rights as I only told them to leave and not try to break in again, to which they didn't. If I thought you did I wouldn't have exposed myself on the school roof, with 5 the apartment buildings towering overhead. I went there to get a better look of Tender's whereabouts and was killed when we weren't clearly engaging in combat. If you want to talk more message me on discord Loco #3401
  5. Server and location: S1 - Berezino School / RAC compound Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 6/22 - 3:45 Your in game name: Alexander Naroditsky Names of allies involved: none Name of suspect/s: unsure Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): none Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): none Detailed description of the events: I was at the school/ RAC compound, sorting our loot when I heard people fighting zombies in our courtyard. I went into a third floor classroom when two gentleman showed up (one in black, other in grey), sprinted to the front door of the school and began trying to break into a locked door (no words had been said up to this point). I fired a warning shot, and yelled at them to go away. One in black fled from the school immediately, while the man in grey went into the courtyard. I yelled that this is a military compound and he should leave, and he told me that he was there for a vaccine (why would you be breaking into the building unannounced if you were looking for a vaccine?). He then said I was very 'tough' for sitting in the school with a gun, and that I should should come down and see him face to face. I told him to go away, and to not try breaking in again. The man in grey proceeded to walk away from the courtyard and towards the RAC apartments. I then proceeded to get on the roof for a better view when I was shot and killed. I presume it was from the man in black who probably sprinted to a nearby apartment. Overall, I'm not sure what the exact ruling on a warning shot is, but it was a clear single warning shot, and no attempt at a life (I had an AK101 but fired my mosin round). I did not initiate, I told them to leave. The gentleman were there in malice, ill intent, and the one in black who didn't speak a word gutted me. I think this is an invalid kill because the two gentleman did not state their intentions after the warning shot, while I did, and the reason they claimed they were there for (the vaccine), would not have warranted the man in black go into a position to kill me. The man in black's life was not threatened, he did not initiate or communicate his intention in any way. I don't believe he has defenders rights either because his life wasn't threatened, and he was initiating the hostile action of breaking into our compound.
  6. Oh shit, that was me with the gun to my head! Joins RAC moments later
  7. I have had no problem finding shotgun ammo. I have had a hard time finding those pouches though, they are impossible to find and look great on a plate carrier.
  8. Yea, at night in game sure, not IRL!
  9. As a member of a large group, every night the past few days we have been experiencing IRL overnight raids. The raids and their perpetrators are never aimed for RP, and exploit the lack of (if any) members online / base security, which is not something that would be happening at a real military base.. which is how you should treat faction compounds if you're trying to be realistic. If people wanted to gain gear via RP, by holding up a person or even the whole compound that would be awesome, but it's the few gremlins that sneak in and try to snag as much as they can while the server pop is <20. A possible way to enforce this would be to ban breaking doors between a certain time frame (given this could be checked on the logs). The timeframe I propose is 8 hours between 3:00 - 11:00 GMT. This would benefit RP because those who want to raid would have to formulate a "heist" on bases that have occupants, and create some great RP scenarios. It is just too grossly unrealistic for people to be walking through military compounds uncontested which has been the norm for days now. I saw an earlier poll was rejected proposing a ban on raids, which unfortunately fell through. I think there is a current issue that the lore factions do not leave our bases enough. From what I can tell, a huge factor is due to the fact we need to constantly protect our loot in the compounds. When we do leave, its to get more loot because we were raided the previous night. I know a ban on raids is too far, but at-least if we force people to raid during peak hours, it creates an opportunity for great RP and combat for all parties. In the past I've known so many individuals that have had their bases looted overnight, and stopped playing DayZ because their hard work went to waste... Myself included (for a while). I think all players should be protected from such malicious behavior that discourages hard work, and RP.
  10. Today at the RAC compound was great. The whole sniper interaction with multiple casualties was exhilarating, and something I hadn't been a part of in a long time. Then not to mention the firing squad style execution we performed on the spy we caught... who tried running away while being interrogated by 6 armed soldiers! Quite an eventful night and my first combat of the new season. Thanks to all the RAC guys for making it such a fun group.
  11. 8/10, cool images but not my type of song.
  12. Lococableguy


    Where was this?
  13. Lococableguy

    Plane Crash!

    So this is where all the foreigners came from
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