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  1. Dimitri Irons was born in Zelenogorsk, South Zagoria, Chernarus. He grew up in a stable home with both his mother, father and only brother during the end of the USSR. Living in a fairly decent sized home he had everything to live for with his father funding his university trip to the United Kingdom to study English Literature. During his time in the United Kingdom he heard the news that both his mother and father had been killed by the Chernarussian Movement of The Red Star during their occupation of Zelenogorsk. A few weeks had passed after his parents murder and Dimitri eventually returned to South Zagoria to fight with the CDF. He saw some of the most fierce fighting between the CDF and the Chedaki with his younger brother Vladimir by his side. During the war Dimitri saw everything that he worked so hard for in the United Kingdom disappear before his very eyes as he refused to leave the front. When on patrol one morning his squad was ambushed and Dimitri was hit by shrapnel in the stomach which resulted in him being removed from the front, whilst in the hospital Dimitri was notified that his younger brother Vladimir had been killed in the firefight. (Heavy work in progress)
  2. Scouser

    I'm Back Baby

    Logan ain't coming back anytime soon fella
  3. Scouser

    derNils random pictures

    Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened
  4. Scouser


    I can't breathe
  5. Scouser


    God I love this guy
  6. Scouser

    TS problems

    Na I'm on my computer that I have always used. I haven't updated anything either. Guess I just need a new unique ID
  7. Scouser

    TS problems

    Right I am a little bit confused at the moment as to why I can't change channels or even poke people on TeamSpeak. It keeps telling me that I have insufficient permissions which is odd because I have never had a problem before. Any ideas on what's going on?
  8. Scouser

    Urrrrrrm Hello ^_^

    It's been awhile? Wow Mark disgusting behaviour
  9. Scouser

    Urrrrrrm Hello ^_^

    I would like to think that you're referring to your old forum name and not mistaking me with Randle
  10. Scouser

    Urrrrrrm Hello ^_^

    Yes Mark
  11. Scouser

    Message to the Pagans (Private Frequency)

    *Shawn picks up his radio and begins to transmit* Damien oh Damien, can you hear me brother? * A loud whistle can be heard, followed by a pause* I'm not dead * Laughs* I knew keeping this frequency would come in handy some day *Shawns radio goes silent*
  12. Scouser


    Okay, thanks for the reply
  13. Scouser


    I'll keep this short, on my profile its saying that I have Ads disabled however they're still showing up for me Is this a problem with the new website or I'm I doing something wrong?
  14. Scouser

    The Division - Survival.

    Xbox just gone fucked up by posting a release date
  15. Scouser

    The Division - Survival.

    Underground is boring and repetitive in my opinion