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  1. William arrived in Chernarus as part of the initial UN mission to provide aid in the stricken nation. A green but eager nurse, William signed on to the mission with the hopes that he could make a difference in the world. On his arrival in Chernarus, William was immediately thrown into the thick of it, with his first assignment being a field unit near the Capital. William worked to assist the other Medical staff in their research and treatment of patients and slowly watched as individuals grew sick and were escorted to a secure location. While the rest of the country slipped further into anarchy, William worked, safe behind barricades and defended by a NATO contingent. One evening all hell would break loose. A group of angry locals assaulted one of the guards, shots rang out, however the guards were overwhelmed by the throng and they began to loot the field hospital. The remaining staff tried to flee and in the pandemonium William was knocked unconscious and left for dead. He would awaken several hours later, head throbbing, mouth dry and stomach empty in the looted husk of his former sanctuary. Scavenging what he could he set out to try and find help.
  2. Thanks for bringing me into the fold, I'm stoked to meet everyone else.
  3. Noms

    Need a GUID or SteamID reset? Post here!

    I need my playerID & GUID reset I input both of them wrong i.e. converted it wrong. // Voodoo: GUID Reset
  4. Thanks, hopefully I can link up with them or others with similar goals.
  5. Hey there, dropping in to say hello, I'm super excited to have found a community of like minded DayZ players who see the RP potential for this game. The general mindset of the majority of the community doesn't really allow for any kind of meaningful role-play on public servers so I think it's important to have a space where RP can be "enforced" so to speak. My character's name is Thorstein Antonsen, and I've concieved of him as a sort of diplomat with a bit of wilderness sense, who isn't totally prepared for what happens when social order breaks down. Thorstein was part of the Red Cross aid team that arrived in Chernarus and his job was to serve as a liason between the uninfected citizens, most of whom probably had infected loved ones, and the Red Cross workers most of whom had little to no grasp of local customs.
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